What are you doing for the next hour?

Every now and then I get weird impulses when making videos.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  I mean that sometimes an idea just pops into my head from nowhere, takes hold and I have to follow through with it.

The idea I had the other day was “How long could I make a video that people would still watch?”  I did the lead-in video one day, essentially asking two questions:

  1. How long do you think I’ll go?
  2. How long could you tolerate?

The funny thing was, almost everyone drastically underestimated how long I’d go.  Quite a few were thrown because they think everyone has a ten minute limit on YouTube.  I actually have one of the original Director accounts that lets you go for longer than 10 minutes.  They stopped giving this freedom when too many morons posted full TV shows and movies.  But they didn’t take the privilege away from anyone who already had it.

So make yourself comfortable (if you dare) for a 51 minute rant from Mr Angry.  I was absolutely astounded by how many people watched this all the way though.  I did make an effort to make it entertaining and worth watching but still, 51 minutes… that’s a marathon.

The funny thing is, I only stopped because I thought the battery was going to run out.  I actually could have kept going for quite a while.



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10 responses to “What are you doing for the next hour?

  1. tomorrow, dude…..I don’t have enough time or enough beer tonight.

  2. shadowshian

    saw it when you first posted in youtube. it was good and the audio problem i had was the cursed creative drivers that didnt agree with 3d studio max doing rendering, me reading the news and listening on your video. so im going to rewatch it now that ive fixed that problem

  3. 51 minutes…

    Too long for me, but it must have been a satisfying rant.

  4. I have to say that was well worth watching. Sort of. I did watch it all. In fact, so much so that I’d recommend you be awarded the “Lemon Mirangue Pie” award for perserverence… It’s like a gold award, but is a bit softer, and a whole lot sweeter. And I should be awarded the Victoria Bitter Swilling award. Because that journey was at least four cans long…..

  5. And the fact that I had six cans whilst watching has nothing to do with it….

    BTW, aren’t you commenting on the blog anymore? I can’t recall the last time you responded to a comment on this site…..

    Naughty Mr A….

  6. Robert

    mmh pie 🙂

  7. Gruntski: It’s truly a marathon, I wish I had a way to reward everyone who sat through it with lemon meringue pie. And your point about replying to comments is well taken, I’ll try to be better from now on.

    Shadow: I think the size of the file causes problems on some systems

    Range: I don’t hold it against anyone who finds it too long.

    Robert: Pie for all!

  8. Matt from the water place

    I watched this, but only because you said you mentioned me in that other comment. The lesson is that you don’t have to be good, just appeal to people’s vanity. Now that people know that you know that I knew you at a work, I will blackmail you and make untrue comments on your true personality, unless you pay me the entire $4 you expect to make from your partnership sell out. LMP

  9. The haters in the comments section are like Lemon juice poured on paper cuts. Annoying as all hell, but no lasting damage.

    The lovers in the comments are like Meringue, soft fluffy and sooooo sweet.

    But it’s the silent subscribers that are the meat Pie of the operation, providing the sustenance and the views and the subscriber clicks to keep the whole thing working.


    Trying too hard? Yeah. I know. sorry.


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