An important message about the US presidential elections

Sometimes really strange ideas come into my head.  I’ve read so many stories about how the US electoral system has very little to do with actual democracy that it’s getting scary.  The system of delegates and the electoral college creates a situation where you can be forgiven for thinking that the way individual citizens vote is all but meaningless.

I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories but when a system is so deeply flawed it gets easier to believe some of the more outlandish claims that float around.  Which may be where the idea for this video originated.

I was planning to do something completely different but this idea got into my head and wouldn’t go away.  So, as I usually do when I get weird voices in my head, I let them out and this video was the result:

The biggest trouble I had with this video was my hair.  I wanted to have a “slick” look so I put about a bucket of “product” into my hair.  And my damn hair still wouldn’t stay flat!  The only real result of the mountain of crap I used was my hair feeling like crap until I washed it a few times.



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8 responses to “An important message about the US presidential elections

  1. E0157H7

    Where is the “Fox News” badge in the lower right corner of the screen that I have become so familiar with when these sorts of messages are normally relayed to me? I am confused and scared. But not to worry! I am confident that the moron hive-mind and the hopelessly messed up politics of my beloved country will make the right choice for me. Thank God for status quo ball scratching and apathy.

  2. I actually LIKE the hair. It’s always nice to switch things up and try something different every now and then.

  3. lizzy

    I see you’ve read about “Superdelegates,” then. It’s just another fun function to make sure that the people can’t ever take control of the Democratic Party ever again after the popular revolt in the 1960’s. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to see here. Your vote counts somehow. Really it does. Move on, now.

    Except mine didn’t. I voted early and absentee, which meant that my vote for Kucinich didn’t count, because he dropped out of the race a week and a half before our official state primary **sigh**

  4. E0157H7: I’m freelancing for Fox 😀

    FBC: My hair is something different every day

    lizzy: superdelegates are just one of the things that freak me out. I live in a country where it’s still pretty close to “If you get more votes, you win”

  5. I would take your advice and vote for the candidate with the best hair, except for the fact that I figured out a long time ago my vote is a meaningless waste of my time. This whole electoral college thing cancels out everyone’s vote — I mean, this was one of the first things we learned in elementary school social studies class, so why are people still getting all worked up and crazy over the election? I’m seriously baffled about this, it’s not even funny to me anymore. Why should we bother to vote? When I try and talk to people about this, they just look at me like I’m nuts. I feel like the ship is sinking and I’m the only one screaming about it.

  6. Please send me the pill. I recognize that pill. It’s called “Enditol”. Cures every little thing.

    WAIT! Better idea! Send a whole case of them to the electoral college! Might want to send some to the Supreme Court too, just in case we go that route again. Oh, and the whole state of Florida will need to get on Enditol too. Better get busy there Mr. Shadowy Controller Dude!

  7. Wendy: The hair guy dropped out! Thank god! Romney was a fucking disaster waiting to happen. And that fucked up speech he made when he drooped out? The guy is scum.

    David: I can see the marketing of Enditol being a major success!

  8. Nick

    I wish Ron Paul could be president 😦 of course the powers that be gave him zero coverage and his campaign is pretty much considered a joke at this point by lots of people. Meanwhile you have Mccain and the other evil fucks up there.

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