Valentine’s Day cuteness

The dominant reaction to this video from regular viewers on YouTube is “that’s a really weird thing for you to do.”  Hey, don’t box me in, bitches!  You never know what I’ll do next.  Although it never occurred to me as I did the video, I suppose it’s fair to say I’ve never done a music video before for a cutesy love song.
There’s a logical explanation for this unexpected action, honest.  Essentially, anyone who’s watch a few of my videos is likely to have heard my Angry Aussie theme song (or at least part of it – it’s the lead-in for Angry News bulletins).  That music was done for me by an Indonesian born, London Bred chap who goes by the name of NSG Music. 
NSG is a musican/singer/songwriter/producer of prodigious skill and he’s just finished self-producing his debut album “Working Class Superstar”.  He gave me a copy of the album and asked me to spread the word.  I spent a little while listening to the album and there was one track that seemed perfect for a Valentine’s Day video.
I messaged a few other folk on YouTube who provided some chunks of video that I edited into the video you see below.  Incidentally, this was way more work than I usually put into editing.  I think I pushed my editing software way beyond its limits and it crapped out on me several times.  I stayed up until 3am finishing this so I wouldn’t miss Valentine’s Day.  That probably sounds insane (I won’t argue) but I would have been so frustrated if I’d left it unfinished I wouldn’t have been able to sleep anyway.
Without further ado, I present “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” by NSG Music featuring Miss Kaz.
As I expect several request for information from my more libidinous readers, I’ll tell you now that the gorgeous and talented young lady you see lip synching and dancing in this video is known as BabyPorridge online and you can see more of her here.
I also can’t resist posting NSG’s own Valentine’s Day video.  The perfect counterpoint for the cuteness of my video – just right for people who really fucking hate Valentine’s Day.


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5 responses to “Valentine’s Day cuteness

  1. your blog cracks me up.

    …and has been for a long time!

  2. It doesn’t take much to creep me out but Jesus H Christ, that first one takes the cake.

  3. adubyailkinson: Glad you’re enjoying things here 🙂

    Qelqoth: why am I not surprised that this freaked out someone with a goth sounding name? 😉

  4. Zany Maiden

    I LOVE that song soo much!! *dances along* 🙂

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