Angry bloopers

I frequently get asked if I have any good bloopers. People assume with the volume of videos I make, I must fuck up a fair bit. They’re right. People also tell me they think it would be funny to see me get angry when I screw up. Funny is a personal judgement but I think the answer to that one is also yes.

Take for example the video I recently posted of kangaroos on a golf course. I opened that video with a pretty cheesy slapstick comedy joke revolving around a sign for a scenic lookout. Gimme a break – I saw a sign that said “lookout” and I couldn’t resist. It reminded me of an old Far Side comic.

The thing is, it was a fairly obvious and simple setup but I had a bastard of a time gettign it right. See for yourself:

Many thanks to my long-suffering girlfriend who was my camera operator on the day. Her sanity saved me when I was really losing it by reassuring me we could come back the next day. How did I respond to her calming influence? By saying:

Yeah, let’s get the fuck out of here… FUCK THIS SHIT!”



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8 responses to “Angry bloopers

  1. Haha! This is awesome. You know, this is the first time I have seen you angry in real life! This is precious.

    So, any bruises?

  2. I was indeed genuinely angry. And my worst injury was possibly a bruised ego from being unable to do something that seemed so easy.

  3. It isn’t that easy, I can see. When one knows there is an object that will cause injury it is not easy to knowingly walk into it!

    Maybe you started walking too far away from the sign?

  4. E0157H7

    I had a solid hour of that today. If you’ve never seen a person so enraged by a hard drive that he’s nearly chewed on it, then you have not known me personally. You’d think that plugging two cables into a little box and then starting up a simple program would be as easy as walking into a signpost.

  5. Achelois: The “too far away” observation is spot on.

    E0157H7: I feel your pain!

  6. Jim Amos

    Mr Angry, I regret to inform you that you have a classic case of ‘Fear of objects’. This fear is only compounded by the fact that you attempt to shove your face into said objects.

    I would suggest explosion therapy, whereby you film yourself walking into all manner of other objects. Eventually you will see that the anxiety is reduced.

  7. Sadly, I spend much of my day walking into objects.

  8. Haha. Gotta love those road signs. I’ve seen myself run into power poles, over cars… always when walking backwards or sideways and talking to someone. Seems I am not alone. I don’t believe I walked into any road signs yet though.

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