Melbourne awesomeness – the best street art in the world

One of the great things about working in the CBD of Melbourne is the diversity.  Lots of great place to eat, great places to shop, an interesting array of people.  And some of the best street art you’ll find anywhere in the world.  Here’s some examples that I shot on a recent lunch hour.  Everything you see in these videos was in just two alleys, about a two minute walk away from each other.

Music in both videos is from NSG’s debut album, “Working Class Superstar”.



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6 responses to “Melbourne awesomeness – the best street art in the world

  1. this art was probably created by ‘hippie’ like people that you are so quick to dish trash on…no?

  2. great vids – i’m off for brekky and a look at some fine walls right now.

  3. chemboy

    Hey. I’m a big fan. How bout you check out my blog. I used one of your videos about the wireless router in a segment called electronic news! Mabey if you like it you’ll put it on your blogroll. Check it out!

  4. ed: Not evenemotely possible. Hippies are stinky things that sit around all day taking bong hits dreaming of images like this. This was done by ARTISTS – people who go out and actually do things.

    vett: we are spoiled for both good breakfasts and great art walls.

    chemboy: thanks for the support, I’ll check out your blog

  5. dude, I know graffitti artists and i gaurantee you, they take the biggest bong hits of them all ….lol…
    (not that i would do anything like that of course…

  6. If only all graffiti was so good.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who think that their crappy unimaginative tags are in the same class as they visually pollute.

    On another note, I was in Melbourne last month and I was blown away by how much it has improved since I last visited back in the mid 1970s.

    I still hate those fucking trams and the ugly overhead wires that go with them though.

    Sydney has been resting on it’s laurels like some sun baked bimbo who doesn’t realise that it’s not enough to be born beautiful.

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