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How to make Muslims angry

One of the best things I’ve gained from blogging over the last two years is learning from the diverse perspectives of other bloggers around the world.  It’s one thing to read a journalist reporting on what life is like in other parts of the world.  It’s quite another to get first hand accounts.

Like it or not, one of the major issues in the world today is the clash of cultures between Islam and the Christian/secular west.  How much of a clash this may actually be depends on your point of view of course.  It’s somewhere between people from different cultures learning to respect the differences between each other and an apocalyptic battle between good and evil.

I like to think I’m capable of making up my own mind and I’m not overly swayed by the self serving braying of politicians, media talking heads and religious figures on all sides of the debate.  But I remain eternally grateful to people I’ve met through this blog who have given me a first hand view of what it’s like to be a Muslim in today’s world.

While there are undoubtedly a scary number of people willing to distort their religion to justify the murder of innocent people I’m not the type to tar everyone with the same brush.  I have too much Irish Catholic in me to go along blindly with that.  You don’t have to have a very long memory to know the prejudice and vilification the Irish suffered in the UK.

But to have the pleasure of reading the work young Muslims who are devout, thoughtful, intelligent, questioning and (shock, horror) female… well, it makes it easier to take the sensationalism of the media with a grain of salt.

So when I read an article about a right wing politician in the Netherlands launching a film critical of Islam I didn’t immediately assume the worst would happen.  I put my thoughts together into the following video:

The comments on YouTube were pretty much what I expected.  There were more than twice as many comments as I usually get for a video which is not surprising seeing as it’s such a hot button issue.  Most commenters thought I was even handed but there were the usual close minded bigots who don’t like having their binary good/evil worldview challenged.

It used to bug me when idiots attacked me for things I didn’t say while ignoring things I did say but now I take it as a gift.  Having some first hand experience of people blatantly misrepresenting my words, it’s easier not to get quite so worked up by media reports.  When people have their own barrows to push, the truth tends not to matter very much.


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Mr Safety’s 2 Girls 1 Cup reaction

For those who don’t know, Cory Williams AKA Mr Safety of SMP Films is one of the highest profile people on YouTube. Cory stayed with me when he came out for last year’s As One gathering in Melbourne. We uploaded a few videos together at the time but we actually shot a bit of stuff we never used.

I was doing some editing in preparation for my 600th video (it won’t be up for a while yet but I’ve learned it’s better to do the editing in stages) and this involves cleaning out my hard drive a little.

I found a few bits of video I had shot of Cory and thought “what better way to celebrate becoming a partner than cashing in on the profile of someone who’s more popular than me?” Oh yeah, I’m a YouTube partner now which means instead of just doing the videos for fun, I’ll continue to do them for fun but may actually make a few cents from ad revenue. But probably not.

Anyway, Cory was one of the first friends I made on YouTube which has worked out well for me because now I get to exploit his online fame. I plan to debase his good name now by showing the video I shot of him seeing 2 Girls 1 Cup for the first time.

So how did I come to get his reaction to seeing 2 Girls 1 Cup for the first time? Well, one afternoon we decided to go on Stickam and Cory spent about an hour chatting with various people (the room was featured on Stickam’s front page and I think there were over 1,00 people in there at one point). One sick little monkey sent Cory the link to 2 Girls 1 Cup and told him to watch it.

When Cory said he didn’t know what 2 Girls 1 Cup was, I realised I had a golden opportunity. I wouldn’t let him watch it until I had my camera ready and so now I present for your viewing pleasure, Mr Safety losing his innocence as he watches that famous moment in internet gross-out porn “2 Girls 1 Cup”.

By the way, if you don’t what 2 Girls 1 Cup is, DON’T LOOK IT UP! Seriously, save that part of your soul. If you feel tempted to look for it, poke out your eyes with knitting needles instead. Trust me, that will be less painful.


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Beware the zombie Jesus

I made this video on Good Friday but Easter Sunday seems like a fair time to post it here.  A new background and a new t-shirt.  I’m bursting with new-ness!


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Bigotry online (part two)

Wherein my rambling continues.  And is unexpectedly cut short when the memory card in my video camera gets filled up.  That’s what I get for not stopping the camera between takes.  There’s at least one more part of this video series to come.

And I promised I will reply to all the comments the first in this series generated.

Tomorrow.  I’ll do that tomorrow.


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Bigotry online

Let me tell you what the problem with niggers is…

Better still, let me tell you how I’d solve the the Jew problem in this town…

Or maybe I’d be better off explaining how the Muslims are invading our country…

Actually, speaking as someone who’s been called gay, black, Asian, Lebanese, Jewish, Muslim and several other weirdly inaccurate things by people who thought they were insulting me, allow me to have a little ramble on the topic of bigotry. I’ve even chosen a pleasant setting in which to discuss this unpleasant topic.


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Angry at the doctor’s office

So I had the wonderful experience of spending half an hour in the waiting room of a doctor’s office today.  My first big question is how do doctors manage to be running late five fucking minutes after the day starts?  Why do I ever bother showing up on time for appointments?  There’s ALWAYS a half hour wait.

At least this doctor’s office has good magazines.  I passed the time by reading The New Yorker.  All right, I’ll be honest: I passed the time time by reading the cartoons in the New Yorker.  About 20 minutes into my wait I noticed something weird about a woman sitting opposite me.  Every time I looked up she was in exactly the same position, hunched over and writing furiously in a notebook.  And I mean EXACTLY the same position.

Normal people move occasionally.

A few minutes later, the answer started to reveal itself.  I was reading when I noticed a weird noise.  It’s a little hard to describe, it was a whiny, squeaky sound.  After a while I realised it wasn’t going away and looked up to see what it was.  And I was greeted by the sight of this… dude.  Said dud was wearing white track suit pants.  And nothing else.  And he was bent over, presenting me with a disturbing amount of arse crack.

Let me explain a little.  This doctor’s office is in St Kilda which is a rather seedy area of Melbourne.  So while it has nice beachfront and expensive real estate, it also has lots of junkies and hookers.  The situation was now becoming clear.  The obsessive tendencies of ice addicts tended to explain sitting lady’s weird behaviour.  Now it seemed as if some little druggie domestic dilemma was being played out for a full waiting room’s enjoyment.

Actually, I have to hand it to the junkies.  They kept it quiet.  It never got to be more than this weird, muted whining.  Anyway, after a few minutes Arse-Out-Of-Track-Suit-Pants man left and crazy lady went back to her weird behaviour.  She was now apparently bored with sitting still and scurried around obsessively tidying up the magazines (more classic ice user behaviour).

In retrospect, I’m sorry I didn’t get her number before she left.  I hate cleaning up my own place and I think that job would have kept her occupied for hours.  And she wouldn’t have stopped until everything was organised into neat piles, even if it meant not sleeping for 72 hours.

These really were considerate junkies, though.  They stayed quiet (if weird) while in the waiting room.  When crazy lady eventually went outside to meet up with arse man they spent a lot of time trying to attract the attention of someone called Paul.  By which I mean they spent 10 minutes in the middle of a busy road screaming “PAAAAAAUUUUUULLLLLLL!!!!!”

I have no idea why Paul didn’t rush out to meet them.


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I have fun

Sorry I haven’t been posting much.  I’ve been selfish enough to be enjoying my life.  Here’s a lttle taste of what I’ve been doing for the last two weeks:

The place I stayed is called The Goat and Goose and no, they didn’t give me any freebies for mentioning them, I just like the place.


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