Free sex and money – best competition ever!

There may be a little hyperbole in that title.  But I’m running a competition nevertheless.  Ever wanter to be a video blogger but you don’t have a camera?  I could help you with that.  I’m giving away a cheap (and quite frankly dodgy – particularly audio-wise) digital camera to the person who can convince me that they would make the best use of said camera.

The details:

This is mainly aimed at my YouTube audience but I thought I’d post it here as well to see if anyone was interested.  I’ve taken to calling it my “better than nothing” competition.  For the obvious reason.



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4 responses to “Free sex and money – best competition ever!

  1. tom

    I’d enter but my wife reminds me that, in fact, my videos are not actually better than nothing! The world would be better without them, she says. Don’t go there.

    I’m sure you’ll find a worthy recipient!

  2. khanu

    Now, after so many long years of searching virgin vagina among college gals, I feel the time has “come” to videograph them.
    So I NEED one.

  3. Tom: You underestimate yourself, but I have several keen competitors

    khanu: I don’t want to be responsible for you going to jail

  4. Let’s see – I’d use it to tape the sights of Pennsylvania – come on, everybody wants to see lush green countrysides with silos, horses, cows, trees – Pennsylvania, the official State of Beauty.

    No actually – just dropped by to see what the Angry Aussie was up to these days 🙂


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