The following people can shut the fuck up (part one)

Any time now…
Let me preface this by saying concentrated stupidity annoys me more than I realised.  I’ve just taken a long weekend off to have a lovely, restful time in a Bed & Breakfast on the coast northeast of Melbourne (I may share some videos of this break at a later date).  This was a proper holiday – I not only didn’t post any videos or make any blog posts, I didn’t  go online at all.  This meant when I got home I had about 200 comments to read through.
There are a couple of videos I’ve posted to YouTube where I was, quite frankly, deliberately trying to pick a fight.  I picked some groups who annoyed the shit out of me and went for their throats.  This results in me regularly getting stupid comments from said antagonised groups which was exactly what I wanted.  As my general obsessive pattern is to check messages several times a day, I usually only have to deal with these moronic comments one at a time which makes them funny.
But having not looked at messages for three days meant I had to read through about a dozen really stupid comments in rapid succession.  This got very fucking annoying.  To clarify: I don’t mind when people disagree with me.  I know very intelligent people frequently have divergent opinions.  That’s why they’re called opinions, they’re subjective – they are not objective reality.  I get on  quite well with some people who disagree with me on almost every political and social issue.
It’s stupid people that piss me off.  People who obsessively cling to dogma and seem to believe if they repeat the same, easily disprovable crap over and over it will magically become true.  And what’s more, these brain-damaged rejects have some insane belief that I am compelled to “debate” them.  Let me make this clear: you can have whatever insane beliefs you want, I really don’t give a fuck.  But when you want to control public discourse or you want to influence politics in such a way that it affects everyone’s lives then I’m not going to be quiet.
But I’m not going to “debate” you.  First, I have better things to do with my time.  I will decide when I want to go back and forth with someone, I will not have this requirement forced on me by someone I regard as a fuckwit.  Second, some things simply aren’t up for debate.  The evidence is in.  The fact that some loudmouths (including people who may run for US President) insist on spouting insane shit doesn’t mean there’s any “debate”.  It simply means that loudmouths are spouting insane shit.
So that’s the preamble, let’s get to the first group who can shut the fuck up any time now:
Believe in the magic bloke in the sky all you like – I don’t think belief in god means a person in stupid.  I’ve met way to many smart religious people and way too many stupid atheists to fall into that trap.  But creationism is plain fucking stupid.  Denying evolution is plain fucking stupid.  Trying to subvert the teaching of science in schools is sick, evil and wrong.  And it must be stopped.
I have actually had to deal with morons saying creationism is valid science.  There is no science whatsoever in creationism or its evil, inbred cousin, so-called “intelligent” design.  ID is nothing apart from creationism wearing a cheap white smock they bought at a costume shop that they think makes them look like a scientist.  The evil scum who propose that this drivel should be taught as science are worse than pure religious creationists. 
At least the religious fundamentalists wear their ignorance proudly.  The unintelligent design shysters aren’t even that honest.  I’d hate to break it to you freaks, but your lies are really obvious.  You can repeatedly say your spirit worhip is science but it doesn’t stop being voodoo.  And I really don’t fucking care how much you have politicians scared into not speaking out against you.  The fact that the President of the USA says your shit should be taught alongside evolution doesn’t make it valid.  It simply means he’s a fucking moron.
So, in short, I will not engage creationists.  They’re not worth it.  I will, however, enjoy myself by taunting them and even viciously attacking them.  They aren’t worth expending one iota of intellectual effort.  They are beneath contempt.  But I will take every opportunity to have fun by ripping them apart.
Oh, and for those fuckwits who are such a charming mix of pedantry, indignation and flat-out stupidity – this isn’t an ad hominem attack.  If I said you are stupid which proves your argument is stupid that would be an ad hominem attack.  Science has objectively proven your argument is unmitigated bullshit so I don’t have to do that.  I’m launching personal attacks on you because it’s fun.


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16 responses to “The following people can shut the fuck up (part one)

  1. GUI Junkie

    Actually, ID or whatever is really smart. You have what you have so it must be designed that way. There’s nothing you can argue against that.

    It’s just like destiny. Once something has happened, it must have been destiny.

    Predicting the past is the only real science.

  2. DOA

    Personally I believe in stabbing creationists in the eye with a rusty railroad spike. They depress me. When a man can look you straight in the eye and with absolute certainty can utter complete jiberish that has been disproved again and again and has nothing whatsoever to do with reality, it tends to shatter your trust on humanity.
    It’s like swimming in the sea, spotting a large pipe and suddenly realizing you’re neck deep in raw sewage.

  3. I say everyone can shut the hell up. Evolutionists,Creationists,Atheists…man, I get so tired of the same old arguments.

    Now, give me a comic book argument anyday!

  4. E0157H7

    The really regressive creationists drive me crazy because discourse is pretty much impossible. If you are encountering a rational, articulate theist then constructive debate is possible. Creationists and intelligent design make every average-Joe-Christian that isn’t a devolved submutant (the vast majority) look bad because they’re so vocal and irritating without any clear logic or method. They just toss wrenches in the works without actually accomplishing anything. I’ve always said just dare the aggressive anti-evolutionists to stop getting flu shots, since there’s no such thing as evolution, is there?

  5. chemboy

    I believe that a higher being started the chain of events that led to evolution. There is no way that god can’t exist.(if you want to here a rant about this e-mail me at I mean how did the tiny ball of matter that became the universe start? While I think that creationism should deffinately be kept out of the public schools, I also feel that people should believe in some short of god for their own private reasons. By the way I am making it my duty to add my two cents to everyone of your posts from now on.

  6. Matthew Holford

    Hey AA,

    I haven’t dropped by since you did that piece on Alli, the shit-your-pants diet pill. I see you’re in good form!

    If you fancy a bit of invective, I’ve been trashing the “scientists” at GSK. “Science” seems to boil down to intimidating people who think one’s drugs are shit into being quiet:


  7. I really hope part 2 refrences scientologists. Now they really need to stfu….

  8. Simon

    I usually agree with mr angry on most of his rants but i think Intelligent design has merit, as a species we are capable of manipulating and creating life in laboratory’s so why wouldnt a more intelligent and capable being (or species) be able to do more
    I havent read the specifics about intelligent design but its not far fetched that the more you learn about science and its applications the more you can do.
    I vouch for the intelligent design of life by a superior species rather than some omnipotent being or magic man in the sky.

  9. Christopher: cheers!

    GUI: Circular logic! My favourite kind!

    DOA: It is quite freaky when they spout insane shit.

    Sir jorge: I’ll be quiet as soon as they get the hell out of the science classrooms!

    E0157H7: Theists I don’t mind, literal creationists can go die. There’s no point talking to them.

    Chemboy: I’ve never thought belief in god and belief in evolution were mutually exclusive

    Matt: sounds like fun, I’ll check it out.

    Goatsoup: Ah, the crazy brigade, they’re a fun bunch!

    Simon: My problem with ID is it’s religion, not science. Teach it in a philosophy class if you want but not a science class.

  10. Vladimir

    > I’ve never thought belief in god and belief in evolution were mutually exclusive

    With being a believer “in general” it may be so, but how about being, say, a christian of a particular breed?

    > Intelligent design has merit (…)

    Just read an article on it in Wikipedia (
    Looks like a semi-religious semi-political movement of some sort. Is there anything at all except “there was a creator” concept? Could there even potentially be? With all their flaws, evolution theories have much more, not just “there was an evolution” maxim to repeat endlessly.

  11. Amen, Brother.

    I have a post on this topic as well that you might find interesting.

  12. carefullycackling

    “You can repeatedly say your spirit worhip is science but it doesn’t stop being voodoo.” — I love this line!

  13. probably the best bit I’ve read in quiet a while. I can’t understand why anyone would put such blind faith in something that seems so obvious. Get use to it creationist – there is no after life and no god to look after you.

  14. TheChaser

    just going back to your video about ‘Creationists STFU’, i will say this: evolution is FACT, and anyone who disagrees for any reason is an idiot, creationists included.
    Just becasue a few parts of it are debated and argued over does not mean it is not true, it is, and anyone whi disagrees is an idiot. (I said it again for emphasis)

  15. zeelofa

    wth with this creationist thing? We are the creationist coz we create those ID (hell yeah!) . Im only disappointed with one thing. Why can’t those ID evolved like us? Why must need us to create u? Im seriously tired of creating those ID. I wanna live in a fuckin’ easy world. T_T

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