Bigotry online (part two)

Wherein my rambling continues.  And is unexpectedly cut short when the memory card in my video camera gets filled up.  That’s what I get for not stopping the camera between takes.  There’s at least one more part of this video series to come.

And I promised I will reply to all the comments the first in this series generated.

Tomorrow.  I’ll do that tomorrow.



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6 responses to “Bigotry online (part two)

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  2. chemboy

    Wow, that was funny and informative! This is one of your best rants. I like the topics you bring up and your clear consise opinions! Great work!

    p.s: I don’t want to suck your cock.

  3. chemboy: you are excused from sucking my cock 😉

  4. Matthew Holford

    LOL. I fell into a discussion on the BBC’s “UK News” forum, yesterday. In essence, some minor local politician had declared that it would be a good idea if people of a certain class were sterilized. This comment was in reference to a recent case of a missing girl, the mother of whom had had seven children by five different fathers, and the whole family was on welfare.

    Deliciously, several posters appeared to be in favour, although it’s difficult to tell if the comments were tongue-in-cheek (some people don’t realize that irony doesn’t work in print!). Bigotry knows no bounds Mr A: as long as a person feels the need to be superior to somebody else, then they’ll find some grounds that distinguishes them from some other faction, and then exploit it.


  5. jonaspv

    Wow, the racism issue in Australia seams serious. Too bad because I’m going to live there next year and if the racism is that generalized over there it will be kinda hard to adapt. I’m 19, I am moving alone and I don’t know anybody over there, but I think I have a pretty good chance to adapt since what people told me is that Australians are very friendly.

  6. Matthew: you are absolutely right – bigotry knows no bounds

    jonas: I was talking about online, not Australia. The general mood of tolerance or lack thereof here is not much different from other english-speaking countries.

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