Beware the zombie Jesus

I made this video on Good Friday but Easter Sunday seems like a fair time to post it here.  A new background and a new t-shirt.  I’m bursting with new-ness!


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5 responses to “Beware the zombie Jesus

  1. chemboy

    As you know I am one of your newest fans and just recently I started looking back at your old videos, and loved them. I like the idea of creating them over. Opinions change quite often! And I do have a video for you to check out, it is quite funny, especially the sound dubbing. Here’s the link, me and my friends made it:

  2. Surely take a hint from all TV writers everywhere… make a clipshow (fill it full of random and pointless flashbacks) they’re a great way to recycle material and make it look original.

  3. chemboy: very funny work!

    Massif: I do that every 100 videos 🙂

  4. Hey honey, just popped in to say happy blog birthday. I was looking at mine today and realized I’ve been on for two years and we started about the same time. 😀

  5. Happy Blog Birthday to you too Sandra, I probably should have marked the milestone.

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