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I’m scarier when I’m quiet

Here’s one of my occasional story time videos.  In this video I relate a story from a St Patrick’s Day long past wherein your noble protagonist is accosted by large drunken thugs.

Today’s lesson is: you don’t have to be big to be scary.  You don’t have to know martial arts to deal with big guys.  You just have to be able to convince them that you’re fucking crazy.

Oh, and I was experimenting with the sound on this video.  To be frank, I fucked it up.  This is one of those painful learning experiences.


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Great moments in workplace safety

We had a big workshop on Occupational Health and Safety issues at work today.  Senior management were all in attendance to show how seriously they all take OH&S (despite the fact they cram too many of us into cubicles that are too small).  I was helping out the presenter by cleaning the whiteboard at the start of the presentation.
Maybe I rubbed the board a bit vigorously but whatever the reason, the fucking thing came off the wall, bounced off my head and hit the floor with an ominous crash, barely missing my toes.  I wasn’t hurt (it was only my head) but it was startling to say the least.
Considering I was almost killed while setting up a safety seminar, does this qualify as irony?  Or is it bad timing?  Or possibly even just plain funny.  Judging from the laughter from the audience, there was a popular vote for funny.
Oh, except for the management types.  They were sitting with an external safety auditor.  They didn’t laugh at all.


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Free sex and money – best competition ever!

There may be a little hyperbole in that title.  But I’m running a competition nevertheless.  Ever wanter to be a video blogger but you don’t have a camera?  I could help you with that.  I’m giving away a cheap (and quite frankly dodgy – particularly audio-wise) digital camera to the person who can convince me that they would make the best use of said camera.

The details:

This is mainly aimed at my YouTube audience but I thought I’d post it here as well to see if anyone was interested.  I’ve taken to calling it my “better than nothing” competition.  For the obvious reason.


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