Angry April Fool’s Day prank

It’s April Fool’s Day so I figured it might be expected to do a prank.  So here goes:

For anyone who has to ask:  Yes, this is totally for real and my neighbour is now dead.

The music used in the video is “Badman” by NSG from his debut album “Working Class Superstar”.  He’s a legend, check him out.

And for those who are interested, here’s the previous prank involving the same neighbour and Mr Safety.  Note that I’m not totally heartless, this prank is more on Mr Safety than on the neighbour.



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4 responses to “Angry April Fool’s Day prank

  1. chemboy

    I was going to pull the fire alarm in school today as my prank, but I took the time to think. I’m not the type of kid to go to juvey! They will kill me there! Well, anyway, I just want to tell you that I got a brand new Apple computer and expect more videos coming soon!
    Youtube name: kcheet08

  2. I heart pranks that kill people.

  3. Now if we can just replace ‘cheers’ with ‘in the neck….”

  4. chemboy: wise choice!

    Boobs: I heart ginourmous boobs!

    Sandra: I think I would have blown hi mind with “in the neck” 😀

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