Bigotry online (part three)

I rambled so much when I was making my video about online bigotry that I filled up my memory card before I’d said everything I wanted to say.  So I shot some more on another day.  I even found another nice seaside location to shoot at.

In this part I talk about (among other things) my own first-hand experiences with racism when some stupid people seemed to think I was an Asian female.

There is one more part to this series of videos where I talk about strategies on how to deal with online bigotry.  Stay tuned.



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6 responses to “Bigotry online (part three)

  1. I love a man who is passionate!

  2. perkele0079

    Hi Angry,

    I just wanted to say that in a moment of temporary insanity, I might have made a comment that put you offside, for which I have been subsequently blocked. I am actually a fan of your vids and at the time, I made a comment that I didn’t think was too malevolent at the time, to which you replied ‘what the fuck are you on about’. I think it must have been 2 or 3 in the morning here and I was half comatose and didn’t in fact know what I was on about.

    Cutting a long-story short, you flamed at me, I flamed back, and I got blocked. I actually didn’t intend to ‘hate’ you when I made my first comment, but you must have had the hump on some other matter and you jumped down the throat of the first person that appeared transgress your accepted rules of online engagement.

    Anyway, I wanted to request my YT account (eponymous to the name I’m posting under here) to be taken off the blacklist so I can sub you. I’ve grown out of the whole trolling thing, life’s too short to fight on the internet to see who has the bigger e-dick. I am a fan, you know.

    Peace out.

  3. Boobs: I have plenty of that.

    perkele: I see from your profile you’re a hitler fan. I suspect I was well justified blocking you. Whatever. You’re unblocked for now. It will be very easy to block you again if you get annoying.

    On a related note – holy fuck I block a lot of people on YouTube! 90% of the are spammers but still, a lot of people have pissed me off.

  4. perkele0079

    Having a freeze frame of Hitler on one of my favourites does not make me a Hitler fan. I suspect you need to actually watch the film and the motivation behind making the film before making that assessment. I just like my history. Or maybe you’re just goading me to test me reaction.

  5. perkele0079

    In any case I’m a fan of your videos and enjoy watching them, even though I don’t agree with everything you say.

  6. Trolling (actually verbal abuse of any kind), is an issue, make no mistake. In fact, I’d argue that it can be as devastating as any physical attack.

    First, a troll tends to target the entire person. Either explicitly, or by isolating one particular facet of the person (as in the case of racism), and then deriding that to the point where it becomes the victim’s entire being. People who engage in this type of abuse are expert at it, make no mistake. And I don’t mean that in a nice way. They will find something that hurts, and then they’ll work on it, because that’s their pattern of behaviour – it’s probably how they get release.

    Second, even if one knows full well that what is being said is arrant nonsense, it has to be remembered that words are merely extensions of thought: every word represents a concept. Even if one is determined that one is going to reject what is being said, one still has to consider every element of the “argument” that is being used to put you down (ie, translating the words back into thought, in order to be able to assess how one should respond). But one’s attacker isn’t going to sit around and listen to one’s carefully considered counterargument, as AA says. They’ve left a mind bomb in your inbox, and then they’ve fucked off, leaving you with the fallout.

    Like I wrote: verbal attacks can do lasting psychological damage. If somebody looks like they’re getting the wrong end of it, it’s always worth stepping in.


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