Mr Safety says: “Just Say NO to Crack!”

Crack is a terrible scourge in today’s society.  You might have thought a nice city from Melbourne wouldn’t have a problem with crack but as this video plainly shows, crack is a problem here.  This video was shot in the middle of the day in a crowded shopping mall.  The crack abuser was oblivious to the crowds.  That’s how bad crack abuse can be.

Thank god someone as prominent as Mr Safety has stepped forward to speak out against this scourge.

Where were the police?  That’s what I want to know!  Melbourne is the home of Fashion Week – the fashion police should have been on hand to tell this fool of a girl to pull her jeans the fuck up!



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4 responses to “Mr Safety says: “Just Say NO to Crack!”

  1. while they’re at it, why not act on the muffin top menace as well…?

  2. I don’t know…that particular crack ain’t half bad!

  3. E0157H7

    In many parts of the world, but primarily in the U.S. an experimental program has been initiated to deal with this issue. We now have a solution called tramp stamps. They are situated directly above the crack and serve as a distinct and clear visual warning that there is crack ahead, allowing us to divert our eyes. They have been very helpful and hopefully will become a worldwide standard. A there are also solutions to the burgeoning camel toe issue being developed, and will hopefully begin trials in a few years.

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