Hey, I’m famous!

Well, kind of.  YouTube have decided to send out press releases about the launch of the Partner Program in Australia.  They asked if I’d be OK with doing some media about the fact that I’m in the partner program and be a total attention whore I said “Sure!”

So I was actually mentioned in a few media outlets, was quoted in the Australian Gizmodo website and I might be doing some radio and TV interviews.  Which actually gives me pause for thought.  I just started a new job, I’m not sure I want them seeing what freaky things I do online.

Oh well.

This all coincides nicely with a video I did exploring the obsession some people have with being “famous”.



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8 responses to “Hey, I’m famous!

  1. Well I do believe it is time for me to retire and start my new body guard job!!! 🙂 o~0

  2. I’ve got some jobs need doing too!

    …but seriously it was only a matter of time. Gratz. Hope I get into better parties now.

  3. bigstarlet

    Michael Buckley of What The Buck is a fan of yours as well, and even stated as such.

    Isn’t it nice to have famous friends? 🙂

  4. Wow! Congratuations 🙂 Will I be able to get your signature? 🙂

  5. Ahh… Mr. Angry, I knew him when he was just highly disgruntled. (Or are you mellowing, should I have gone for livid?)

  6. Sandra: Polish up those boots!

    Goatsoup: You never know your luck with parties

    Bigstarlet: Michael is awesome! It was SO cool of him to say that!

    Achelios: Anytime 🙂

    Massif: Mildly pissed off

  7. Kudos angry – if you get to Perth we’ll grab a beer or three!

  8. Drinks in Perth sounds good!

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