Fuck Scientology!

I never got into this whole “Anonymous” is going to take down Scientology thing.  I’ve always thought Scientology sucked – I did their “personality” test about 20 years ago and it was clear that they were evil, manipulative bastards.  But I never really spent a lot of effort attacking them.

Until the fuckers decided to start advertising on YouTube.  Just after I got partner status.  Which means I get fucking Scientology ads next to my videos.  Now *I* know the fact that an ad appears next to my video doesn’t mean I endorse that product.  But I know there are some people stupid enough to make that assumption.

Luckily, I don’t give a shit about stupid people.

But I have to admit, seeing an ad for something as evil as Scientology next to my videos creeped me right out.  Even I started to suspect I was endorsing Scientology.  This would not stand.  YouTube doesn’t actually give partners the ability to block certain advertising – they just serve up whatever they feel like.  I don’t like feeling powerless.  So I took action!

Just in case anyone thought I was gonna wuss out now I’m a partner.


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16 responses to “Fuck Scientology!

  1. Great video…my favorite so far!

    Oh, I’ve said too much…

  2. lol I did ask about Scientology in a previous comment. I’m so happy to find this video. It’s made my day. I’m emailing Tom Cruise as soon as I’ve done this.

    …and it was great to see Mr Angry again. Now that’s what I call “finding the goal of true spiritual release and freedom.”

  3. lifeisacookie

    Are you in on the deathwatch then?

    it’s fun — we’re thinking of doing an over-under on this baby

  4. That was fricking awesome!

    Fuck Scientology!

  5. Nice one Mr A… We see so little of you these days… Welcome Back… 🙂

  6. E0157H7

    Yes! Bring the angry! I live in California, which is Scientology central. Those fuckers drive me nuts. It’s the one thing that all of the people that I know, regardless of conviction, can agree on. At least cultists get neat outfits and sometimes drugs. I’d take a purple tracksuit and a hit of acid over Dianetics like candy over dog crap.
    Love the shirt as well.

  7. Nice post. Helped a lot.


  8. Hey AA,

    I’ve been trying to work out how it is that suicide bombers get brainwashed into doing what they do. I reckon the methodology is pretty similar to that used by the Scientologists – leastways, I could see Jay Lifton’s “Thought Reform” techniques working, quite well:


    I agree, though: from what I’ve heard, the methods that Scientology uses are largely coercive, which makes them suspect, to say the least (how crap must one’s ideology be, that one has to use duress to convert people to it?!).


  9. Boobs: I was pretty motivated with this one

    Goatsoup: I’m sure Tom will love it

    Cookie: I was disappointed in how boring his video was

    James: Glad you approve!

    Phyre: he pops up from time to time

    E0157H7: We have branch offices of scientology nut NOTHING like California i suspect.

    Moonstudio: catharsis is often helpful

    Matthew: Young and/or disaffected people are very easy to influence

  10. A great article! – right on!

    Scientology can REALLY FUCK OFF – this is one of the few outfits I really have an active dislike about.

    I used to work with someone in this outfit 25 years ago when I was a ‘down on my luck’ and homeless 20yo.

    I was persuaded to do the personality test and later did two afternoons with them, but as I missed a third session because I broke my arm over a weekend they went right off at me when I went back for missing a session.

    First they wanted me to pay up big for six months when I had already arranged to pay monthly, then they berated me for arguing with a trainer for missing a season. I offered to punch the guy in the face, told him to go fuck himself at 140 decibels and walked out never to return.

    Dianetics is a lot of hocus pocus crap that has no basis in sound science, all this bullshit about thetans, pre clears, clears, and levels – just utter and complete drivel that has no relevance to anyone.

    The creator, L Ron Hubbard, was a failed scientist and naval officer who was prone to flights of fancy and delushions of granduer. Hubbard has several children to several wives in his lifetime and they where beset with problems – at least two committed suicide.

    Hubbard was also a shitty D level SF writer in that his Battle Field Earth novel was an epic of unstructured waffle, not of literary merit like a good novel from Asimov, Clark, Brin or Sagan.

    The various scientology orgs are full of grasping, manipulative, money hungry elitist SOB’s that would benefit our gene pool by their absence or removal.

  11. supag33k: I’m going to tell my true story of my run in with the scientologists soon.

  12. Awesome video! You tell em, m8!

    Dude, tell the story! 🙂

  13. arturo

    f*** the ads around the webpages, i had 1 ad OVER the video, a live streaming video, it just keep poping in SO ANNOYING i personally don’t care about this s*** but a true religion shouldn’t advertise at least not like any other cheap s*** out there, they are more annoying than porn ads.

  14. You have my total respect, Australian Guy. It’s people like you who lift me out of depression and paranoia and restore my faith in humans. Please continue to ferociously stomp a mud-hole in $cientapology’s disfigured ass.To any and all $cientapology cocksuckers who read this: I hate your wretched guts forever. You got a problem? Bring it, bitches, because I’m not afraid of jail or prison. It’ll be just another vacation for me, and I can’t think of any better reason to go than in the service of your ultimate grovelling defeat. Fuck The Whole LOT of YOU, $cientapologists. Yours very sincerely, Cthulhu58. REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER. . .

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  16. left nut area

    all religions are a scam.

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