A message to the crazy bastard on the bus

If I could say one thing to the guy I had to deal with on the bus it would be: “TAKE YOUR FUCKING MEDICATION!”


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20 responses to “A message to the crazy bastard on the bus

  1. E0157H7

    I’ll bet that was an “oh shit” moment for all of the poor guys still on the bus.
    I thought everyone around me was off their rails for about six months at one point, and then I realized what bluetooth mobile phone headsets were. That was a relief.
    I suppose once you’ve been in the California public school system for long enough, creepy psychotic behavior just sort of gets unconsciously tuned out, like living next to a waterfall. However, setting fire to me has been attempted twice, which is hard to ignore.

  2. I was only getting off the bus to say hello. I’ll catch you next week. 😀

  3. E0157H7: Yeah, I don’t like to think what his mood would have been when he got up.

    Sandra: I bet that’s normal compared to some you deal with!

    goatsoup: looking forward to it!

  4. I would destroy you boy, haha j/k

  5. Ash

    I watched, and kept waiting for a rational, scientific response to the rational, scientific doubts about global warming by rational scientists. All I heard was a stupid rant the likes of which are filling the Internet with garbage.

    Do you have any response to the fact that the the Earth has been cooling since 1998? That Antarctic ice currently cover the greatest area in recorded history? That the Northern hemisphere just experienced its coldest winter in decades?

    Read the following, by a geophysicist and astronautical engineer from your native country, the first Australian to become a NASA astronaut. Then tell him to “shut the fuck up”.


  6. Sean

    I love how those shout and scream the loudest think they are MORE right than anyone else. Kinda like those leftists on college campuses who simply shout down speakers they disagree with. Yeah, you’re right because you act the most idiotic. You win!

  7. Simon

    I feel your plight there, i was once walking to work and this guy just ahead of me on the sidewalk was swearing randomly even though no one was around but me and he hadnt seen me, i dropped pace a bit so he would be further ahead until i got to the building and hopefully safe.
    Ps i hope the guy in your story suffered a speech impairing head injury from that fall 🙂

  8. This is weird. I was doing a bit of shopping, yesterday, in my local supermarket. And the funniest thing happened: for a very short time, maybe only a split second, I felt like I was completely invisible, maybe a ghost, or spirit, or something, walking through a world where people completely ignored one another, and just blurted out the same things, over and over again. Nobody was listening to anybody, and nobody was talking to anybody, not really.

    Just for a second. It was a really fucking creepy experience, I’ll tell you. Not scary, in the sense of “OMG, I’m going nuts,” because I couldn’t give a fuck, one way or the other – just the idea that people appear to be talking to one, but they’re not really.


  9. Chris: You’re probably right.

    Ash: Way to be off topic, moron. Shut the fuck up.

    Simon: if I see them on the street I cross the road!

    Matt: Scary things happen all the time!

  10. This is so common these days on the train.

    I was taking my kids into the city one day and first carriage we got onto had two dudes on gear basically being nasty little arseholes.

    We got ourselves into another carriage real quick due to the kids.

    I find the best way to deal with them if I am alone is to sit several seats away and just zone them out as if they dont exist.

  11. Yep, the best plan is to get away from them.

  12. Zany Maiden

    *laughs* er..I think that ‘Ash’ person is the sort we are all talking about here..the sort that just kinda bust out with random shit that has nothing to do with anything..moving on..
    I find public transport disturbing on so many levels, I once was on the train to Mont Albert many years ago and this pair of undesireables got on and sat next to me and proceeded to perform sexual acts on one another while smirking in my direction..needless to say my reaction was NOT very low key..AT ALL..

  13. “Matt: Scary things happen all the time!”

    Yeah, no shit, AA. Although, perhaps “scary” is the wrong word. Unpredictable, maybe?

    Actually, another little anecdote for you: when I was working in London, I was boarding a train home, one night, to find a very drunk person loading and firing an invisible machine gun at the other passengers, whilst advising them that he was a member of the IRA. The train was still stationery at the platform, as he fired a burst of imaginary bullets in my direction. “I’ll fookin’ [pronunciation note: “oo” as in “book”] kill yer all, cos I’m in the IRA,” he advised me.

    What does one say to that? I was fucking stumped, I’ll tell you. After a couple of seconds, all I could come up with was “yeah, nice one, mate – make sure the fucking thing’s loaded, next time”.


  14. Zany: He’s actually some freak upset at something I said on YouTube

    Matt: At least he was getting really creative with his delusion.

  15. Beltaine

    Ash: From my experience debating climate change online, anyone who pulls the “but it’s been cooling since 1998” line doesn’t have a fucking clue. They are, without exception, completely ignorant of even the most BASIC methods of data analysis and are invariably repeating the claims of vested interests who publish their claims without ANY scrutiny of others in their field. It is simply some bought and paid for asshole spouting the message they are PAID to advertise, knowing all the time that the world is full of people like you who want to believe and are too intellectually lazy to actually verify their claims. You might as well tattoo “I am a fucking ignorant sheep” on your forehead.

    Your argument, and I use both terms very loosely, is analogous to claiming that because it has cooled off in the afternoon that summer is over. There is quite a bit of natural variability when it comes to the weather over the ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET, and the best way to remove this variability is to use a sliding average filter[1]. This reduces the year to year variability and makes it easier to see the underlying trends, which as been up, up, up for the past decade. Since you are likely incapable of doing the math for yourself (properly, anyway) you can look at this graph, also on wikipedia, where they have done it for you[2]. Now, until you actually have enough of an education to tell the difference between a good argument and a bogus one…to borrow the Angry Aussies words..shut the fuck up.

    Taken from the signal processing section of wikipedia in order to avoid yet another “wikipedia is part of the liberal global warming conspiracy” claim. This is basic signal processing, which I covered in a 2nd year DSP course as part of an electronics engineering program. If the concept of a discrete time fourier transform makes your head hurt, then you are out of your depth and would be wise to listen to those who actually know what they are talking about.

  16. Good luck with getting that sort of moron to pay attention to logic and reality.

  17. Simon

    I ignored ash’s comment about global warming or something because it seemed to be a hater comment but wtf?
    Where did he get the idea to write about that drivel here, this is a blog to relieve anger, not an environmental debate

  18. Beltaine

    Funny thing is, taking an ignorant argument like that and ripping it to shreds IS how I vent my anger.

  19. Simon: it’s a clueless feeb’s anger at something I said in a YouTube video expressed inappropriately and pointlessly in this forum. But then again, his whole point of view is stupid so stupid behaviour from him is hardly surprising.

    Beltaine: Me too, me essential response to people like that is “Shut the fuck up”.

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