Competition time (Worst photo ever)

Way back when we had a gathering for YouTube people in Melbourne a certain photo was taken of me.  We were having a party and there may have been alcohol involved and I may have consumed some of this hypothetical alcohol.  Or a lot.  It’s hard to be sure – my memory of events is a little hazy.

I had always assumed that this photo (without a doubt the worst photo of me ever taken) could be used to blackmail me.  So to head that off, I’ve decided to release the photo myself.  And why not celebrate the horror of bad photography?  So I’m running a competition as described in the following video.  To win the one-of-a-kind Mr Angry apron see if you have a worse photo of yourself.

You have nothing to lose but your dignity.



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7 responses to “Competition time (Worst photo ever)

  1. Neex

    I’m not sure where to post my ugly picture but ya. Here it is;-

    OR this one;

    I’m in the lead? :DD

  2. Simon

    It looks like someone just drugged a drink you had

  3. Neex: Truly awesome contributions. Thank you.

    Simon: That’s my excuse.

  4. bury it….fast. Hope all is well

  5. Like anyone is going to beat Mr A’s photo -lol
    All my photographs come out beautiful. 😀

  6. Howard: I am well, thank you. This pic ended up on the front page of YouTube Australia, so it’s too late to bury it.

    Goatsoup: I’m sure you’re right.

  7. What, I turn my back for 5 minutes (OK, a year) and the mask is suddenly no more?!? Still, good on you, sir! And you’re a better looking chap than I would have thought.

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