Seat-sniffing quokka-fiddler

It seems that open season has been declared on the Australian conservative leader Troy Buswell. I made a video recently celebrated the fact that he had been outed for sniffing the seat of a female staffer (which he apparently thought was hilarious and/or sexy).
This guy is actually the leader of the conservate party in Western Australia. You know you’re in trouble when someone this pathetic is the best you’ve got.
It seems he’s now been written off to such an extent that the media were willing to bait him with completely unsubstaniated rumours. For a day or so the media kept asking him about rumoured indiscretions with a quokka which is a small Australian marsupial, indigenous to an island off Western Australia.
He gave some fairly exasperated replies which would have been fairly funny to see, considering how pathetic his non-denial denials of the chair sniffing incident were, right up to the point he was forced to admit to it. My personal favourite was when he denied having done anything to cause offence to a quokka. Phew! At least hasn’t been saying mean things about the quokka’s mum!
I was a little disappointed to learn that the rumours didn’t actually involve anything sexual (if he’d go chair sniffing, I’m sure he’s not above quokka fiddling). I was even more disappointed to learn they had been made up by a blogger as a joke earlier in the year.
Still, now they’ve started having a go at him I say they should really cut loose. It’s about time politics was fun.
“Mr Buswell, any truth to the rumour about you being caught sniffing bike seats in a convent?”
“Mr Buswell, what’s this I hear about you asking schoolboys to give you wedgies?”
“So Troy… There are reports that a labrador and a 44 gallon drum of baby oil were selivered to your office. Care to explain?”


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4 responses to “Seat-sniffing quokka-fiddler

  1. tres pathetique oui? it’s the quiet/conservative types you’ve gotta watch…if he’s the best they’ve got, the whole mob will implode pretty damn quick

  2. This guy sounds like a good old fashioned pervert, even if he didn’t molest a quokka.

  3. vett: The seem to be on the verge of imploding nationally. Fun to watch.

    Boobs: He’s basically a sexist dork who thinks humiliating women is funny.

  4. lABRAT

    Chair sniffing, bra snapping, seen to be drunk in parliament, no doubt after a long lunch – one of the perks of the job I suppose…
    Caught falsifying MONETARY claims TWICE!!!
    Now he’s making important decisions about our money expenditure here in Western Australia, at the expense of the weakest and poorest of us all.
    How can such a pathetic little creep still have his job.

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