Do you have plans for the weekend?

If not, may I suggest waiting an hour and a half of your time on the following video?  A little while ago I pointed out that I realised I was able to upload files to YouTube up to a gigabyte in size with no time limit on the video.

In order to exploit this, I asked people to submit questions to me on any subject at all and I’d answer them in a video.  Well, by the time I got around to printing them out to make the video it was 25 pages worth of questions.  This turned out to take 98 minutes for me to work my way through.

I certainly don’t hold it against anyone who doesn’t want to watch it.  But quite a few people have told me they found it entertaining.  Maybe you will too.

Because people are likely to ask, here are the details of the “stock footage” I used when I got bored of talking to the camera.

The first bit is some stuff I shot specifically for this video, a walk through the Melbourne CBD.

After that is a bunch of stuff I shot on St Kilda Beach (on different days) last summer.

Then there’s some shots of Melbourne’s lights, shot from Northcote Town Hall one night.

Then there’s a really weird performance I saw next to Fed Square one day – people on bendy sticks.

Then there’s a classic car show that I shot on another day at Fed Square.

Then I reposted some of my original graffiti and street art videos that I first posted about 18 months ago.

Then there’s some more of me talking.

The second bit of stock footage starts with some raw footage from one of my video shoots. Now you know what my videos look like before I edit them.

After that is some more night-time stuff that I shot on a bridge that’s over the Yarra River right next to the Melbourne CBD.

Then I reposted another old video, my Melbourne video postcard so you get to see a lot of the places near where I live including a view from the tallest building in Melbourne.

Then there’s a video of me playing with a motion capture toy at ACMI.

The last bit is a planning session for last Year’s gathering that has me, SeanBedlam and our friend/co-conspirator Adrian.


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