Relaxing at the Aquarium

If you’re in need of some relaxation then these videos I shot at Melbourne Aquarium might help. The first is some general shots set to music:

This one features the ever popular shark feeding. And freakishly large stingrays. Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Relaxing at the Aquarium

  1. simon

    Makes you wish that people could get along with each other like the fish can

  2. E0157H7

    Very cool. I’ve always envied the Australian wildlife. I spent a lot of time at the aquariums in California when I was little and always liked them, so this is neat. I particularly liked the jellyfish.

  3. simon: it makes me wish I could throw some people in with the sharks šŸ˜‰

    E0157H7: There were these cool jellyfish/sea cucumbers that had built in electric lights that tracked along their bodies but the video didn’t come up very well.

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