First contact with lost Amazon tribe

You know that tribe in the Amazon that was recently discovered? Well I’ve got an exclusive for you! Here’s their first words to the outside world:


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5 responses to “First contact with lost Amazon tribe

  1. ….but seriously, it’s the first I’ve heard about this news item. I guess the UK are less informed than the Amazon tribes.

  2. custador

    You know what first struck me about that whole Amazon tribe thing?

    They deliberately DIDN’T contact them because they don’t want to affect them negatively – like flying over these poor fuckers at low altitude in an airoplane isn’t going to freak them out enough to affect them?!?!?! Fuck sake…..

  3. goatsoup: it was all over teh intarwebs

    custador: I heard someone’s planning to build a road through their home

  4. transcendingallscience

    I think you’ve built a road of anger through their existence, mate. (offstage: muffled laughter) intarwebs?! not very nice. this is a good video – straight to the point!

  5. I do like to get to the point.

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