Ed Norton and old people

When I wrote my recent post about old people pissing me off at the cinema I had intended for it to be a script for a video. As it was, it ended up being two videos. Mostly because in the first one I got off track musing on what a badass Ed Norton is.

But I did eventually remember that I meant to rant about how much old people piss me off:



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2 responses to “Ed Norton and old people

  1. love the new t-shirts. 😀

    I’m an old person but I still have my o~o.

  2. James Taylor

    I am old, but internally I feel young.
    Does that make me old? I guess physically it does.

    Anyway, if you are not sure about God, or Jesus,
    read this. I found it on the net & after reading it a couple of times, It has made me really ponder on
    the subject.

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