GROSS!!! The wisom (teeth) of Mr Angry

I like to share.  I just had to have two wisdom teeth out so of course my first thought was to share the experience via video.  I wasn’t in much of a mood to set gear up so I decided to experiment with my new phone which has quite a decent camera.  Oh, and seriously, don’t watch this while eating.  Consider yourself duly warned about the grossness factor.

It’s about 36 hours later now and I’m feeling surprisingly good.  Not that I’d ever be averse to seeking sympathy but you don’t have to worry too much about me.


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4 responses to “GROSS!!! The wisom (teeth) of Mr Angry

  1. Wow, I know how that hurts!! And ya look a little dopey too honey. When I had mine pulled I looked like a chipmonk from the swelling and my face was bruised. Those things are painful.

  2. WWN

    I can remember having one mine out. I looked like I had been beaten severely. My jaw was all bruised and yellow.

    It’s not actually that bad having them taken out in he chair, people seam to freak out about it. Reality is your loaded full of local and the dentist could put a whole in your cheek and you wouldn’t feel a thing. Although I must admit if they do hack the bone, you will feel some of that.

  3. Sandra: I had a comparitively easy time.

    WWN: I hardly felt anything.

  4. slobberbone

    Wow! not too gross. I pulled me bone just the other day whilst milking the cow. There’s a D missing somewhere over the RB

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