Ghost Office – a short film by Mr Angry

This is what I do when I’m bored on my lunch hour. I shot and edited this entirely on my mobile phone, a Nokia N95. I re-uploaded this because of some problems with sound synching.

To state the obvious, the only part of this that is true is that I found some empty office space that I thought looked kind of weird. I had the basic idea in mind for a while (since I first discovered the empty office) but I hadn’t actually scripted anything. Essentially I walked from room to room and came up with ideas based on what I found.

I shot this in about 10 minutes and it took about 20 minutes to edit on the phone. It isn’t intended to be great art or particularly original (it borrows heavily from Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield).  I’ve played around with doing more film-like stuff before.  I think I like it.

I may do some more.



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9 responses to “Ghost Office – a short film by Mr Angry

  1. fuzzball11001

    Is that the Angry Witch Project or maybe the Blair Aussie? Awesome stuff. I know I should have been expecting it but I still jumped when you opened the box. Ha ha, silly me….

  2. That just means you were into it!

  3. simon

    Awesome video as usual, still hasnt topped the crazy bastard on the bus as my favourite though.
    Speaking of crazy bastards-i think jorie is on drugs of some kind from his message.

  4. Zany Maiden

    LOL! Oh no! What happened to Mr Angry!? 😛

  5. kcheet08

    Hey Mr. Angry! It is chemboy here as you know me, finally made a support blog for my YouTube account! I loved this video so much! It was well done. By the look of the ending it seems like there will be more. Will there?

  6. sobercherry

    WTF is up with this Jorie persona?! Is this supposed to be Jorie Graham? Loser! I don’t think she’d be crawling these pages (no offense)…some pseudonym in waiting no doubt! Anyway, this is great stuff you’re doing. Keep it and your _ up (lol)!

  7. Simon: Yes, I decided we didn’t really need to hear from Jorie.

    Zany: What indeed?!?!?!

    kcheet: I wasn’t actually planning on doing more but you never know.

    sober: Just some random moron. I decided my blog would be improved by the removal of their comments. And I’m glad you liked the video.

  8. I loved this video so much! It was well done. By the look of the ending it seems like there will be more.

  9. Actually it was never my intention to do another part but so many people have leapt to that conclusion that I feel kind of compelled to do more.

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