What is the point of denying climate change?

I’m beyond caring about people who insist on denying that there is any problem with climate change/global warming.  Anyone who can continue talking shit in the face of so much science simply isn’t worth bothering about.  Although I do still have fun taunting them.

I honestly have no interest in engaging or debating deniers because in my experience they simply don’t listen.  For anyone who’s interested you can follow this link to get quite comprehensive refutations of every piece of drivel deniers like to spew forth.  Not that presenting them with the truth will change anything.

Oh, and seeing as everyone’s piling on Al Gore again, here’s a link that provides a bit of perspective and sanity in contrast to most of the shit being said about him.



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17 responses to “What is the point of denying climate change?

  1. kcheet08

    So true! When the world is clogged up with smog and CO2, they will be the ones to blame! No us, the ones who actually care!

  2. The point is that the claims of human responsibility for climate change are grossly over stated.

  3. steel drum hero

    I agree completely, but i have an issue

    Yes global warming is happening, yes we are destroying the ozone layer, but its nowhere near as drastic as most people believe, yes we need to stop, but not to the point of destroying our countries economy to do so, (in canada there are many laws to limit pollution that are putting oil companies etc. out of buisness)

  4. fuzzball11001

    I know I’ve said this b4 but take a look around u. I’m 30+ and you can’t tell me that weather patterns haven’t changed since I was a kid. Mankind should stop pointing the finger and start figuring out just how the hell we are going to live through what is going to happen. Ty for keeping this topic hot (so to speak) because if everyone gets on to the wagon, not even the politicians can ignore us (irresistable force meets immovable object = maybe something will get done). Nehoo keep up the good work and “may the force be with you”.

  5. kcheet: which is why we have to fight against their ignorance.

    Iain: You’re a fucking moron.

    steeldrum: I have this crazy thing where if I hear scientists who actually know what they’re talking about saying it’s far worse than most people imagine, I tend to listen.

    fuzzball: I bring it up occasionally because the wilful ignorance of some people drives me crazy.

  6. steel drum hero

    You wouldn’t believe how much of the crap that scientists are saying right now is utter horse shit.

    I have spoke with scientist studying global warming, and they will admit it isn’t as bad as it’s portrayed to be, and the media and environment friendly groups are making a mountain out of a mole-hill. As a direct quote from one of the leading scientists in ontario:

    “Yes global warming is happening, but it’s not as bad as most people think. In 130 years, if we don’t change our standard for pollution*, global warming will become impossible to prevent, after that point, we will have a further 85 years before global warming has wiped out all life on earth**, assuming that the human race doesn’t adapt to the climate, although with the current rate of climate change it is most likely that adaption will take place***”

    but he also said this:

    “If pollution gets worse at the rate it is now, we will most likely make global warming inevitable in 35 years, and give ourselves a further 50 years before extinction****”


    “We also have to factor in the fact that there are ice ages in the history of the earth, and another one is inevitable, and with global warming in place, when we come into another ice age, it will be several times more drastic than ever before, and may end life on earth whether or not we adapt to global warming*****”

    * IMO we are beginning to change and that deadline will most likely be pushed back a couple centuries

    ** Again, with technology adaptation i prectict this will be closer to 180 years

    *** In other words, the human race will use evolution to survive the changing climate.

    **** I actually predicted something like this to my geography teacher in one class 😛

    ***** Ouch……..

  7. Mr A
    the entirety of your argument is based on a rather plaintive appeal to authority. You suggest that because someone is a “scientist” that they can not be wrong and that we must blindly genuflect in their direction.
    Do you even understand the most basic precepts of science?
    Do you understand the gist of the scientific method?
    I suspect from your response that the answer is No on both counts.

  8. Steel drum: keep reading

    Iain: You’re a fucking moron

  9. Mr A
    Clearly you know nothing about science or how to debate the issues.

  10. Without any doubt global warming is happening, it’s really clear already.

  11. I’ve been readin your blog for a couple months now, just got around to dling firefox (cant comment in opera and IE sucks balls)

  12. Mark

    If global warming is true, then sure, we need to clean up our act, fast. But if it is not, the policies we are enacting to clean out act up are causing hardship in the third world. Where a generator using diesel would be the best idea economically, they are being told to use renewables, which means less power for more money. And where their natural markets for cheap, organic produce is western Europe, they are now being barred on the based of the fuel used to fly the food in fresh.

    So, it is really important to get the facts right, not just do a sort of Pascal’s wager on it.

  13. Iain: You’re a fucking moron.

    sonik: A lot of people who know what they’re talking about think so.

    steel drum: I meant keep readin the info available regarding climate change but I’d be very happy for you to keep reading here too.

    Mark: Acting to preserve the future of humanity doesn’t seem like Pacal’s wager to me. And the corporations and politicians who push that “poor third world” line are talking shit. (a) they don’t give a shit about the third world and (b) the third world would siffer the worst from the probable catastrophic effects of climate change.

  14. Mariano

    I don’t know who believe :/

  15. Dilligaf

    Mr. A

    To answer your question of “what is your point?” Is so simple you should rethink your position on global warming, or the new PC version “climate change”
    There are several points. The climate has all ways changed. It is a cycle not man made unlike your denying that it is not. The planet is in a constant state of change. All though this point detracts from the more important points. The point is that incredible amounts of money are being tossed out the window on policies and laws that will have next to no effect. This detracts from more important issues.

    Now I do not believe we should piss ware we sleep, or that we can not work on more then one task at a time. We should simply take simple low cost efforts to reduce waste and pollution so resources such as tax payer money can be spent on grater more pressing and perilous issues.

    There are liars on both sides of the argument. Remember if the problem is resolved thousands of organizations and people will be out of money thrown at them by the governments so they can say they are being proactive. For example the famous Co2 vs. global average temp chart. If you look at that whole chart, not just the one small slice you will see there is no colorations between the two. There were times that Co2 was high but average temp was low, and the other way around as well. Like you said in your video Global warming is not just one thing, but many. What the deniers do not all ways articulate well is the fact that all that is focused on is Co2, when if you take an honest look at it there is no coloration between the two, and other causes should be investigated before jumping off the cliff.

    My next point is that when you look at the individuals who started and some who are still part of the many groups ringing alarm bells and influencing policy to the point of directing policy via non elected position are the same individuals who were behind the great man made ice age scare in the late 60’s and through out the 70’s. They said we would cause an ice age by our actions and it was to start by 1985. When that did not pan out they changed their tune. Just look at what they are saying now. Due to the fact that the average global temp. has stabilized since 1998, and in more recent years gotten a little cooler. They are now saying that there is some magical pause in man made global warming that may last about 15 or 20 years. NASA has constantly had to go back and correct the average global temps. Many times due to sensors errors and out right lying by individuals. The news stories about the corrections are often quick sound bites and other investigation taken. This causes panic and destructive behavior. Propaganda that looks like propaganda is bad propaganda.

    The biggest point is they are simply doom Sayers. In one of your other videos you talked about the importance of reading books. Try some history books. we have had doom Sayers since the beginning of time and they have for the most part been wrong, but hey if you keep guessing long enough you are bond to get one or two right.

    You’re guilty of what you accuse the deniers of by over simplifying their arguments, citing arguments from the fringe, all while accepting papers written and signed by those who have the same lack of qualifications you complained of. In short you should STFU!

    I hope you have a good day!

    • PS I accidently deleted your reply comement. Fuck WordPress’ change to their interface. In short, I’m happy to let you believe whatever you want. I really don’t give a fuck I don’t know how I can make it plainer. If you can continue to be a denier in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence and conclude that this makes you smart then I am way past giving a fuck. there’s simply no point.

  16. I seriously don’t fucking care. You’d have to be a complete cunt to be a global warming denier.

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