My brain won’t behave

I’m having a lot of trouble settiling on things to write for this blog.  It isn’t for a lack of ideas, rather the opposite.  There is an overwhelming mountain of things consuming my focus at the moment.  Some of them are:

The RIAA seems to be getting desperate.  They are going after radio stations exactly the same way they go after file sharers on the internet.  And the radio stations are using exactly the same defence that file sharers on the internet use.  It’s kinda funny and kinda weird and kinda interesting and, I strongly suspect, kinda important.

Why are so many white people so freaked out by Michelle Obama?  Why do they not see the positivity of her “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country”  statement?  And how can they possibly delude themselves into thinking black people shouldn’t be angry at whitey?

What role will the US media play in debunking/reinforcing the lies being spread about Barack Obama?  Fox News have shown their hand clearly, sinking lower even than I thought possible by calling the fist pound between the Obamas a terrorist fist jab.  Will any mainstream media actually spend time saying this Muslim stuff is all bullshit?

Speaking of Fox News, exactly what do you have to do to be able to face the world when you’ve become that sort of scum?  I’m thinking something like massive doses of heroin injected straight into the eye so they never have to see their reflection clearly during the day.

Will anyone ultimately be swayed by the “elitist” bullshit being spread about Obama?  How do rich white people get away with saying that shit?  They’re pushing a doubly nonsenical line of bullshit.  The first bit of stupidity is suggesting an even richer white guy from a long line of rich white guys is somehow less elitist.  The second is the implication that you should want some dumb motherfucker running the country.  Do you want the smartest, most insightful, most thoughtful person running the country or do you want your preferred drinking buddy running things?  Wait, don’t answer that.  The response might depress me.

Who will Obama and McCain choose as vice-presidental running mates?  This is more important than in any other election because neither of them will survive a term in office.  Obama will get whacked by some crazy if he gets elected and McCain is too old and unwell – the stresses of office would definitely kill him.  So whoever gets VP is a lock to sit in the big chair at some point.

You may notice a slight obsession with the US Presidential elections in my points above.  This is because beyond the usual no other political process has such a huge effect on the whole world thing, I find this race fascinating for what it represents.  The choice could hardly be starker.  I would have been far less interested if Clinton had won the nomination, that would have just been the Republican machine versus the Democratic machine.  But Obama represents the possibility of something truly different.

I understand why change frightens some people.  The astonishing thing is the level of change represented by Obama would have been literally unthinkable, say, five years ago (as brilliantly illustrated by this cartoon).  Everyone always thinks the moment they are living in is the most important moment in history.  But, damn this seems like a tipping point.



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7 responses to “My brain won’t behave

  1. E0157H7

    Once again, mainstream media outlets prove just how breathtakingly full of shit they are. The amount of insane lies and delusional rationalizations about Obama that will be thrown around both by actual news companies and Republican proxy groups is going to surpass anything in the history of smear campaigns. I guess all that can be done now is to sit back and watch the ’08 election deteriorate like the Stanford prison experiment.

  2. DOA

    I remember Chris Rock’s routine…
    “There will never be a black president. You know how they tell you never say never? Well, I’m saying never!”
    Still there will never be an atheist president. You know how they tell you never say never? Well, I’m saying never!

  3. Fox news – you know what they say about foxes and news

    Meanwhile – what Michelle Obama said rings true – finally there is a opening of a curtain long sewn tight – and she is proud of her country.

    As for the “black-fearing” white – and there are many of them – I guess it would be futile to remember that Barack is as black as he is white.

    Here’s to some common sense and compassion

  4. tom

    More than 20 years ago when I was running a bookstore in San Francisco, a seemingly nice lady came up and asked about the music we were playing in the store. Somebody told her it was a tape mix they had made at home, and she comes out with her business card. She’s an agent for the RIAA and she is going to sue our ass because it was illegal to make recordings and use them in a business setting. So, nothing these vultures do surprises me!

    As for the prison experiment … I mean, election crap … at least they’ve got John McCain on video saying he never really loved his country either. It’s amazing. He’s another Bob Dole and only another terrorist attack can save him (oops, did I let the cat out of the bag?)

  5. Quote: He’s another Bob Dole and only another terrorist attack can save him (oops, did I let the cat out of the bag?)

    its on its way tom…….

    on a more serious note, im pretty sure that McCain will win because, the majority of the U.S. voters (not population) will not vote a female or black president.
    Yes there are millions upon millions of americans who would vote hillary, and millions who would vote obama, but very few of those millions of people will actually vote.

  6. E0157H7: Wonderful analogy – it will go horrifically out of control and nobody will take the simple step of saying “Hey, we should stop this. It’s fucked up.”

    DOA: He hasn’t made it yet. There are about a million things that could go wrong before the election.

    Nazli: Common sense and compassion – here’s hoping!

    tom: That’s like kindergartens being sued for painting Disney murals on their walls without paying licensing fees. Technically, the law has been broken but seriously, WTF?

    SteelDrum: Yes, somebody coming out and admitting that stuff about McCain was a bit scary.

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