Marriage is totally gay

With all the furore being stirred up by gay marriage being made legal in California, I gotta say I really don’t get what all the fuss is about.  I will never get the literalists obsessing over their one man one woman thing.  It’s simply stupid.

This mentality says some manipulative gold digger who marries for money is blessed by god but two same sex people who love each other aren’t.  A marriage between two heterosexuals filled with spite, affairs and cruelty is blessed but a marriage between two monogomous gay people who love each other isn’t?

Wake the fuck up, people!  Britney Spears did more damage to the “sanctity” of marriage than any gay person ever could.



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16 responses to “Marriage is totally gay

  1. Well said!

    In California, Pamela Anderson (Lee) is an example of man-woman marriage. Not to mention Liz Taylor. But that’s fine because the Bible (and other scriptures) says “man shall not lie with man” – so as long as Liz and Pam are with marrying men many times, then it’s all good.

  2. This Devil's Workday

    What I don’t get is if the bible says something like “man shall not lie with man”, so lesbians are free to lie with as many women as they wish?

  3. Way to generalize heterosexual marriages, angry-man.

  4. Nazli: Yes, what’s not holy about Pammy?

    Devil: And don’t forget the stuff about not eating shellfish.

    Glen: I didn’t generalise. I merely stated that all heterosexual marriages were the same

  5. DOA

    I was under the impression that gay marriage was legal everywhere in the US and it was only my backwards country that was still debating the issue.
    Personally I think gay marriage should not only be legal, but gay people should be encouraged to marry.
    Why should only heterosexuals be miserable?

  6. The trouble with being reasonably enlightened is you can make the mistake of assuming your outlook is more widespread than it actually is.

  7. Aislinn

    I also believe that gays should be allowed to adopt. And if science can reasonably do it without injury (well, more than the usual injury) they should find a way to make gay males pregnant (lesbians can get pregnant, the sperm just usually comes from a third party). Because everyone should have the right, not only to marriage, but to all the “joys” of family life. *snicker*

    Seriously, though, I have not seen anything a gay marriage would do to ruin marriage any more than certain celebs (not naming them, because we all know who they are) have already done.

  8. After a few drinks with someone (who shall remain anonymous) I was told “the only reason some straight people don’t want gays to marry is fear. The fear of not having exclusive rights to something. The fear of other folks maybe doing better at something that you can.” kind of tragic really…

  9. simon23

    “And if science can reasonably do it without injury (well, more than the usual injury) they should find a way to make gay males pregnant (lesbians can get pregnant, the sperm just usually comes from a third party)”

    Lesbian women can get pregnant because they are women and its natural, men cannot get pregnant because they are not supposed to, if they were there would be a uterus etc…up his backside.

    The result of scientists manipulating the male human body so it can concieve would be an abomination, it sounds disgusting too

    I dont support the marriage of gay people, a helthy upbringing is a male and a female and thats what has been natural in practically all but a few exceptions throughout history, our very nature tells us that same gender upbringing’s are unnatural.

  10. Aislinn

    Mostly, I was being flippant. It is an impossibility as well as unsafe, and I don’t think that nature can support it in humans (there are “pregnant” males in nature). And how is it unnatural? There is hermaphrodites in nature. There is homosexuality in nature as well. And as for same gender upbringing, it may not be the “natural thing” but if there are people who care about kids and want to adopt, why the hell not? Especially the “older kids” that straight couples ignore, because they want to cute little baby. Better to have two parents of the same gender than none at all. You want to know what else was not “natural” a few years ago? Racial mixing, without which I would not be here. So bugger natural, simon.

  11. simon23

    Go bugger yourself
    Its not something that we evolved into naturally, the males of the human species will never naturally develop reproductive organs for the foreseeable future, it will only happen because we are intelligent enough to fuck with our own bodies and alter them (on a conscious level with reasoning and choice too, not with an animal insticnt built into other species)
    i’m not saying in other species that a male carrying a child (the seahorse) is unnatural,
    but homosexuality has no place in human nature, nor does same sex couples bringing up a child, that kid is going to learn one day that his parent is out there somewhere, learn about how humans naturally reproduce and want to contact his real parents which will cause many complications if his adopted parents lie to him, it can cause only problems.

    Racial mixing is not abnormal, its just that attitudes as a society prevented it many years ago, i dont discriminate against race btw, some of the women who are not of my race are gorgeous 😀

  12. Aislinn

    And so are you saying that a child will not want to contact his parents if they are of opposite sex and lied to them? And if either the parents of the same or opposite sex tell the truth, then what? Come on! And let me ask you, if it has no place in human nature, why is it in human nature? And I don’t need to hear about other things that are in human nature that are wrong, because there were quite a few things that were not allowed in days gone by that are allowed now, and things that were allowed in those days and are wrong now. Polygamy, for instance, was practiced in biblical times and is considered a crime now, and so was incest, child molestation, child abuse, child brides, slavery and a host of other nasty little pastimes. Or do you just pick and chose what is natural based on what interests you? I am glad to see that you do not think that racial mixing is abnormal, but let me ask you something, would you have felt the same way many years ago, when it was illegal to do so and the attitudes were that anyone of a different race was an entirely different beast? And I was joking about the male pregnancy thing, for the second time, so calm down! As for “unnatural,” is it natural for mothers to abandon kids in trashcans? Is it natural what some people do in the name of religion (Christians and other groups alike)? Is it natural for a mother to smoke crack while her teenage daughter begs her not to? You tell me what is natural, skeezix. And don’t break a leg while climbing onto of your high horse.

    BTW This is coming from a female with a steady boyfriend and alot of friends who are “unnatural.”

  13. Aislinn

    Oh, and as a female, buggering myself would be hard as I don’t have the equipment, nor the inclination :p

  14. Aislin: You’re trying logic, common sense and reasoning with someone who’s clearly terriefied of gay people. Good luck with that.

    Simon: You need to pull your head out of your arse. You’re talking a bunch of unsupportable bullshit that does nothing so much as highlight deep insecurities within yourself.

    Vett: I know a guy who refuses to commit to monogamy and talks all this shit about “open relationships”. What it comes down to is the day after he commits to a relationship a “better” opportunity will come along.

  15. Aislinn

    I know, kinda like talking to a wall. But he was really starting to make me mad with that crap. To misquote a favorite book of mine:”He was baiting me. He was rather good at it. In fact, one could even say he was a master baiter.”

  16. simon

    Why thank you 😀

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