My nakedness is covered by shirts

There are times when a man looks at is wardrobe and asks himself: “Do I have enough novelty t-shirts?”

And before you ask, I honestly don’t know.  Sometimes these things just come out of my head.


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5 responses to “My nakedness is covered by shirts

  1. gap

    “I denied your friend request”?

    You need to start marketing some of those t’s. I’d buy that particular one.

  2. I keep seeing subliminal images of “that” photo from the competition. Clearly I’m too impressionable to watch any more Mr.Angry videos tonight.

    ….but full marks for the fashion parade. This goat turned green.

  3. gap: If you’re in Oz you can buy them for $5

    goatsoup: It’s certainly burnt into my brain.

  4. gap

    I specifically love the “denied friend request” but I’m not in OZ.

    As I was surfing youtube today I realized I’d noticed something awhile back, but never really gave too much thought. That thing, the thing that’s now sort of bothering me is this habit people have of reproducing TV shows and then posting them on youtube. It’s annoying. Actually, it started annoying me today when I came upon one done up so poorly that its quality made it almost indistinguishable from white noise. What I’d really love to know is why people feel the need to reproduce something that already appears on YouTube dozens, if not hundreds, of times. Why. Why, why. Today I decided that I’m going to shut the browser down the very moment I detect this sort of attention whoring. What really blows my confused brain away is that these people are garnering upwards of hundreds of thousands of views for unoriginal material. I’m starting to feel oddly used.

    Dear Mr. Angry, I would love, really love, to hear your thoughts on this phenomena.



  5. Dear Confused Gap,

    I have pondered this in the past myself. There’s certainly no creative effort or reward in doing so. Sometimes people think if they post something that gets viewed a massive number of times that somehow reflects positively on them, even if it was nothing to do with them. Other times there is maybe some sense of “community” inasmuch as they might link up with people who like the same show.

    But it doesn’t interest me at all.

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