Get together in Melbourne July 26th

I have no idea how many people who read this blog are actually in or around Melbourne.  For anyone who is (or can be on July 26th) a few local YouTubers are having a get together in Federation Square starting at noon.

We’ve had these small get togethers before and we’re trying to encourage more people to get out and meet up.  Here’s a few videos I’ve made with guys who have been involved in previous gathering:



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4 responses to “Get together in Melbourne July 26th

  1. Devan

    OMG i would so totally go to that if i could! 😀
    But i can’t cos i have school on 😦
    Looks like great fun though.


  2. Devan

    oops, its a saturday. But i will be on a skiing trip that weekend 😦

  3. Oh well, enjoy the snow!

  4. damian

    Angreh! I’m thinking about going but have only been on Youtube for a good two weeks, haha! What people should be attending this shindig?

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