Shut the fuck up!

Here’s a little bit of fun.  At the suggestion of one of my YouTube commenters, I spliced together multiple grabs of me saying/shouting “shut the fuck up” from my recent run of videos telling various people to STFU.  I think it works rather well.

Straight after making it, I thought it was the perfect thing to pass along to anyone who’s been pissing you off.  I suggest using the subject line “Consider yourself told”.  See what you think:

If you feel like passing it on, here’s the URL:

And I also made an audio version for anyone who wants a new ringtone:



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8 responses to “Shut the fuck up!

  1. kcheet08

    I still, love this video so much! I replay it so often, it’s funny as heck!

  2. Squinch

    lol everytime i listen to it..I think ill go out and buy a phone with media support just to play that ringtone 🙂

  3. gap

    I opened your page and listened to your video at just the most precisely perfect time: I’d just had an skirmish with a coven of prissy hive-minded ladies.

    your video hit the spot like icy water in a thick glass tumbler on a scorching day.

    many thank yous. 😉

  4. Lauren: Thanks 🙂

    kcheet: it’s the gift that keeps giving

    Squinch: I’m sure you’d never miss a call

    gap: catharsis is a wonderful thing!

  5. Wayne

    Another blog winging about the world. How original!

  6. Maldris

    hehe if I didnt love my current ringtone I would so put this on but I dont think my employer would like it very much. lol.

    But this is great I’ve used it twice already to some rather anoying individualys that need to be told a few extra time in addition to the number of times Ive told them. 😀

    Hope everyone has a good Christmas and a great New year

    • Wayne: You’re nothing but a whining cunt who offers nothing at all to the world

      Maldris: There have been a few good musical remixes done on YouTube 🙂

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