666- The nature of evil

Believe it or not, I’ve just posted my 666th video to YouTube.  Being a metal fan from way back, I decided to do a Judas Priest tribute!


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9 responses to “666- The nature of evil

  1. Abstract belief systems, interesting.

    I will declare that Evil is the opposite of Good and Good the opposite of Evil. Sandwich in between these extremes are many layers of gray or should I say ignorance. The conundrum is that what is white may really be black and what is black may really be white.

  2. Great post, though I think the biggest problem with the idea of good and evil is not that they are hard to define, but rather that people in general make the mistake of defining the concepts too narrowly…

    But kudos on your reaching this devilish posting landmark!

    “That would be like… Declaring war on Terror!” ROFL… Awesome…

    Love it…!

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  4. Alan: And you’re in trouble if you’re colourblind

    phyre: it’s when people start thinking they don’t have to question their perceptions that problems start.

  5. @Mr A.
    Agreed, another good point. I think perhaps that may be one of the core issues with respect to why people have a hard time nailing down what is good and what is evil. It isn’t really a moving target. It’s simply really bad aim due to an abysmal technique…

  6. As soon as someone thinks they have locked down an absolute they are usually in big trouble.

  7. There are many key elements that direct a person to what and who the beast and its mark is. One element is an image is made that people bow down to and worship and another is it has a name. Bio-chips, social security numbers, government brandings, and other concoctions do not fit. If you take the number 666 and write it in the Hebrew numbering system using letters you come up with vstr, or vav samech tav resh. Vav is a prefix while the root str means secret or hidden. If you then look up the symbols of the letters they are nail, prop, cross, and head, and mean nail, prop, mark or sign, and head or leader. If you put these together it is the crucifix, the image of the beast. If you then take the name of the image, jesus, and add it up it comes to 616. The True Messiah warned that if another came in his own name he would be accepted, and he said many will come saying they are him. He gave us the tools to figure out who this deceiver would be and said that he would sit in the temple of God making himself out to be God and that the whole world would be deceived.

  8. Is everyone in the Riley family crazy or just the person who wrote this comment?

  9. That is a very insightful look at the concept of evil and it is also interesting to learn the origin of the word “werewolf.” And the setting was quite appropriate.

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