Babies are lazy

Damn babies.  Lazy little buggers are just a drain on the economy.  Set the to work, I say!

And for anyone knee-jerk bleeding heart holier-than-thou moron who demands that I say this is a joke: FUCK YOU.  It isn’t my problem that morons don’t get irony.  I refuse to cater to morons.



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21 responses to “Babies are lazy

  1. Love the “treatment”, “facitlity” bit there. 😛

  2. It’s worse, because people have to spend time and money looking after their babies.

    Plus there are all those kids, who seem to actively destroy and damage things to the detriment of all. I read about it all the time in the daily mail. Plus all crime ever is committed by youths who can’t spell or gypsies.

    And when was the last time you saw a baby spelling words correctly? They’re hooligans I tells you.

  3. Zany Maiden

    *chuckles* You have far too much time on your hands Mr Angry, but you still make me LOL 🙂

  4. FlyingHat

    One of the worst crime babies can do is cry on a plane, while their mothers do NOTHING to stop the high pitched squeal.

    I really need to punch that infant.

  5. gap

    I’m magnificently irritated by people tonight, particularily immature, thoughtless, ignorant, close-minded people who pepper their rude, unsolicited hate emails with “LOL”. These people were once all babies,

    ssssssso …

  6. Aislinn

    Mr. Angry, I demand that you say that it is a joke. I mean, yes, they don’t move, but that is because they have the awesome ability to be cute. That must tire the little darlings out. Imagine having to be cute all the time. Now aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

    Bwah ha ha ha ha ok, ok, even that was too much for me. Great rant.:-P 😀 😉

  7. Hugo

    I lost interest in the video as you were going soft, damm it, the whole thing was soft, so I stopped watching. Why not have a go at the bitches having babies, how dare they take maternity leave, in the old days a baby popped out and the woman was back in the field the next day, so I’m told. None of this pre natal baby having classes where they bring the man along to humiliate them by having them perform that shit as well, it’s all part of the woman mind control thing. How dare they complain of the environment when they are responsible for the reproduction of human shit, human shit that is the baby as well as the shit it will produce in a life time. I’m tired of people complaining about the water shortage, solution, have less babies. Deformed babies, in the mulching machine, just another burden on society with health care, I don’t want to see their deformed ass on television, they don’t get my pitty and there are too many fucken disabled parking spots used by people that can walk perfectly, just like old farts using electric wheel chair things, more than half on them are just plain lazy because they park the thing, then get up and walk around the shopping plaza. If a bird gets a deformed chick it is thrown out of the nest, just smash the heads of these deformed babies into the concrete, the way nature intended, a bright water saving idea. All those bitches adding to the smog while driving their babies in petrol hungry 4 wheel drives, you are all selfish bitches and your husbands are gender confused vaginal fertilization machines that supply the cash while you sit on your fat arse all day. How many nappies does a baby go through, where do they end up, in the tip or blocked in the toilet, dumb fucken bitches. Look at all the color on nappy packaging, they are going to be used to collect shit, just use plain packaging. Go on, have a baby, put your knife into the earth you preggo bitches. You baby having bitches, the only thing you are good for now is female ejaculation porn, I hear after having a baby your vagina gushes like a shower on orgasm, I’ll stick to tight vagina that has not been ripped to shreds by a subhuman passing through it, take a look at your children faces bitches, your all crack junkie whores and your husbands are brain damaged alcoholic tradies, take a look at rowville.

  8. @Hugo

    Whine, whine whine. Why do you think people become this way? Have you ever thought that they were much the same as you or your parents when they were younger.

  9. @Angry

    Which lazy babies were you referring to. I know some in their thirties.

  10. Hugo

    Yes Angry, babies are useless, some as they get older become even more useless. Especially the one that yelled at me the other day. I was photographing a palm tree when a tradie drove past yelling obscenities and throwing a beer can at me. This is typical rowville behaviour, doing something creative is way too high brow for residents of rowville, they only appreciate sport, drugs and alcohol. Using a tripod in rowville is a magnet for trouble. Some of them are so stupid that they dump dog excrement over their back fence on to a walking path rather than putting it into the bin. Little do they realize that this stinks their back yard. I say, let them put their babies to use by getting them to pick up the excrement. To the idiot that came at me with a stick, get fucked, shove that stick up your mates bum hole, the one with the black commodore you had stalk me. You can use that stick as a doubl ended dildo with him. The rowville baby formula, lack of education + beer + drugs + sport = tradie.

  11. Hugo

    Life is a waste when all you can do is drive a truck and dump a bucket of dog excrement in the middle of a path behind your house to piss someone off as a favor to your friend. You retaded looking scramp, drink your fucking beer. Flouro jackets all round. Get some flouro jackets all round for these peoples babies, get them a can of beer and some tattoo’s so they look the part, ready to work, no education required.

  12. Hugo

    Fuck the garbage man, he is stupid cunt giving me a weird look as I was photographing some flowers in my front yard. Has he ever seen a camera before, I would think not by the look of confusion and alcohol stupor in his face. But Mr Garbage man, you are the stupid cunt, firstly because you are a dumb rowville fuck, and secondly you contradict yourself because it is you who would have paid thousands for a photographer to do your wedding. That photographer probably started out photographic flowers, how ironic. And now you must now drive a fucking garbage truck so your wife can sit at home minding your useless children. Picking up garbage that contains shit infested nappies with worm and maggots to support your wife and children, how ironic.

  13. Hugo

    Crime, crime, crime, people of rowville, complaining of the crime wave. Next time you are on crack, heroin, pot, alcohol or whatever, ask yourself, should I be conceiving a baby while I am in this drugged up state ! Why are your children roaming the streets a 3.00am on a Saturday morning ? Why the fuck are they roaming the streets on a Tuesday morning you fucking junkie parents. The answer is simple, your parents were on drugs during your conception and your mother was on crack throughout her pregnancy with you, just as you were with your children. If I was to create an avatar for rowville it would be a toothless bumpkin chewing on a straw while playing the bango. Get them babies a banjo lesson there fast.

  14. Aislinn

    Let me guess Hugo, you are not a big fan of the people from Rowville.

  15. Hugo

    China has got it right with all those sweat shops putting babies to work. I think the opening ceremony of the olympics should have had a thousand babies stitching wallets or painting toys with toxic lead based paint rather than all those drummers. The australian olympics opening ceremony should have had a bunch of drunken football fans carrying beer cans and throwing up for a true representation of our culture here, calling it a culture is pushing it, they would have no shortage finding their entire cast in rowville, true imbreeding that can’t be faked. Or perhaps it should have featured skinny drug fucked single mothers lining up at centrelink for their baby bonus. And thy could feature a bunch of bogans with pies dribbling down their shirts yelling out g’day mate. And the tradies could all drive in their fucked out utes complete with apprentices on dope and just fall out the vehicle and pass out on the ground while trying to eat a pie.

  16. @Hugo

    I suggest you don’t have children.

    And regarding the people from Rowville (I discover that it’s in Melbourne), what puts you in the high moral position to judge them?

  17. Hugo

    Some people called me the paparazzi today because I had a camera while I was walking. You fucking guessed it, this happened in rowville. And they were a couple of tradies wearing flouro jackets pushing their babies in prams ! After telling them to get fucked I asked them what it felt like to have no balls after their wives put them in her purse. They obviously have had no time to change out of their tradie rags so I alerted them to the fact that their wives are too exhausted to push the pram from opening their legs to other tradies. But fair is fair I also told them, they too must have their fun while you are out so early in the morning crawling in roof cavities looking through ducts and vents at females showering and getting dressed. Tradies like cash jobs so they can spend it at the whore house so their wives that do the accounting never find out. Fucken tradies, you dribble baby food on to your cloths when you are young, when you get older you dribble your pie with sauce and beer.

  18. Massif: I think you hit the nail on the head. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the Mail does an expose revealing that babies are actually gypsies in disguise.

    Zany: I have FAR too much time on my hands!

    FlyingHat: I’m not rich enough to fly anywhere so I don’t know

    Gap: Indeed, their baby-ness is to blame

    Aislinn: I’m cute but I can’t get away with their crap

    Hugo: I find venting helps me – I hope it helped you

    Alan: I’m talking about literal babies, not arrested development adults. Lazy little bastards.

  19. Davross

    Just for your quint essential paranoia based conspiracy theory Mr. Angry, some people reckon that the government wants to encourage backin makin because that their afraid that white people will become a minority and all the migrants will over populate, this is not my belief, only something I heard one time. Even if this is true, i don’t give a shit what people populate our country, just as long as they are decent people.

  20. I have actually seen that argument used several times – once by the catholic Archbishop of Sydney, I believe.

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