I’m better than you

Every now and then I throw out videos on YouTube I like to call hand grenades.  I pull the pin and lob it out there and wait for the carnage.  The “shut the fuck up” series were all hand grenades.  Basically, I decide on someone who pisses me off and I bait them.


The fun thing about stupid people (and everyone who disagrees with me is stupid) is they’re so easy to wind up.  There’s no such thing as being too obvious with some people.  You can make it blindingly obvious that you’re out to get to them worked up but they can’t hold back.  I like to think of them as my little puppets – I pull the strings and they jiggle at my command.  I’m evil like that.

It’s more fun when I used their own stupid lines against them.  Like when one of them recently said I wasn’t better than him.  Oh really?



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9 responses to “I’m better than you

  1. uptheanti

    The people who fall for the bait are typically the same ones too stupid to have a sense of humour as well.

    I just watched your latest sickness related videolog thingy. Hope you get better.

  2. “We’re sorry this video is no longer available”?!? What on earth did you say?

  3. You’ve got to come to my job and do some motivational speaking…..

  4. That was so nasty Mr A. I am totally shocked that you said that. How dare you say you’re better then them. You think that since you own the blog, you can say what you like.

  5. stickyourheadout

    Impressive, most impressive. Winding up people is always fun. BUT when the tables are turned and the winder becomes the windee(?), then it is not so much of the fun. I know this from experience.

  6. uptheanti: I am much better, thanks.

    Massif: That’s just a recurring glitch YT is having.

    marr: maybe motivation speaking is my future

    Alan: That and the fact I am actually better than everyone in the world 😉

    stick: In my own domain, I do the winding 🙂

  7. @Angry

    10 points to you and everyone else. Those words were so hard to write. But hey, I gave it a try, I guess the fish were not biting. 🙂

  8. I love the new T-shirt. 😀

  9. Alan: I can tell a joke when I see it 🙂

    Sandra: I am way into t-shirts at the moment!

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