Yologging on Vloggerheads

I’m experimenting with a new site called Vloggerheads.  It’s been started by some people who cut their teeth on YouTube and while I can’t actually speak for the founders the intention seems to actually learn from what’s gone wrong on YouTube.  And by “wrong” I mean wrong from the point of view of users who create original content.  This is an attempt to create a site that actually serves the community of people that create the videos on it.

It’s kind of ironic because this site wouldn’t exist without the success of YouTube but it’s the very scale of YouTube’s success that means it hasn’t been able to serve the core community of video creators.  Or they just don’t give a shit and figure people can fend for themselves or piss off.  One of the main people behind the site is one of YouTube’s early “stars”, Paul Robinett AKA Renetto.  Here’s a promo video he did for the site:

That doesn’t actually tell you a lot – hhere’s the explanation he provided:

Don’t believe the hype… Experience it for yourself.


By Vloggers, For Vloggers. Screw the Middlemen, We are the Media, Viva La Vlogolution

A great community is not only defined by who you let in, but also, by who you keep out. Cyber Stalkers and Harassers, Porn Peddlers and Pedophiles.

Trolls and Scumbags beware… at VloggerHeads, the safety and security of our community is our biggest priority. We’ve accomplished in a week, what YouTube couldn’t do in 3 years… Take out the trash!

If Your interested in receiving an invite, to see for yourself what the future of online community looks like, or better yet, to help shape it into a neighborhood you’d want to move into, please send us an email with your YouTube user name. If you’ve not posted any videos and have not taken part in this or any other online community, please be patient. We’re just in the beginning stages of testing and tweaking and looking for “Lab Rats” 18 or older, with deep community experience and lots of free time!

Thank you so much…

Paul and the entire VloggerHeads community and Crew.


It may well flame out quickly.  It might stagger along for a while and die a slow death.  Or it might be something really amazing.  I’m willing to spend a bit of time experimenting to find out.



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4 responses to “Yologging on Vloggerheads

  1. I have no idea how sustainable VH will be. Taking a look at Revver and LiveVideo, they have never been able to compete with YT.

    But many vloggers want to be able to connect with other vloggers. Something that cannot happen with great regularity on YT any longer due to its exponential growth.

  2. gap

    I don’t mean to seem overly critical of what may just be a small thing to some, but his grammar and spelling could use some attention.

    Let us know where you are over there (so I can tug your tail)

  3. victor

    I’m starting to wonder, if all this was a good idea.
    Actually, I’m shiting my Peruvian pants.
    At the level of danger I’m dealing with.
    I’ve done some real bad things on YouTube and in stickam.
    If I don’t bail out of vloggerheads now, I’ll be in a world of pain.
    I think we should all close our accounts.
    Me so scared it makes me horny, go sexy time, I came.

  4. Qiranger: I think one of the reasons Revver and LiveVideo fell short (tried them both) was that they wanted to be another YouTube. Vloggerheads (as I understand it) has different goals and doesn’t have to be huge to meet those goals.

    Gap: I couldn’t be bothered proofreading 🙂

    Victor: You should make whatever decision is right for you.

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