George Bush – president for life

Anyone familiar with my videos will know I’m usually quick to dismiss conspiracy theories as stupid paranoia so you may need some explanation for this video.  The dialogue comes from the web site of a group called “Family Security Matters”.  They’re a bunch of right wing nutbags who apparently think the US should nuke anyone who disagrees with them and that George Bush should declare martial law to make himself President for life and ultimately Emperor of the world.  Oh, and they have direct links with Dick Cheney.

When their little piece of freakazoid propaganda got wide circulation they were apparently surprised to learn that the majority of the population thought they were fucking nuts.  They took the article down after seeing the response but not before a number of websites copied the information.

And if you still think this is paranoid, you might want to look into the presidential order that allows Bush to declare martial law and suspend the constitution.

Personally, I’m working on the assumption none of this crazy shit will come to pass and the coming elections will pass without incident.  But I wish they’d hurry up and happen so this nagging fear would go away.



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7 responses to “George Bush – president for life

  1. sexion8

    I gave up on saying Bush couldn’t be that stupid and then being grotesquely disappointed with the outcomes a long time ago. Not that I want to buy into this particular paranoia. On the contrary, I am desperately optimistic that sanity will prevail; no more elections will be stolen (I know, fat chance right – look at the self righteous lot we are dealing with) and the Christian right can get the f#@k out of government. I don’t have anything against your everyday likable Christian mind you, but when fundamentalist Christians go up against fundamentalist Islam, well, you pretty much get the cluster-f#@k that is happening in America and Iraq today. Here’s an idea, look after your own problems and let the world try and look after theirs. They didn’t attack you because you go to church on Sunday and have freedom of speech and are envious of your way of life you condescending dip shits. They attacked you because you have your armies in their back yard. You try and jam your foreign policy down their throats and then cry foul when they object to it. And really – you Christian right wingers think God is speaking through Bush. Do you honestly think that if (argument for another time) there is an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful being, he/she would go through Bush? The guy would be lucky to tie his own shoes – come on, seriously? Bush?

    I know that sounds harsh and probably is. From what I am reading and seeing in the press (I know – as if the press doesn’t have its own agenda but I digress) things seem very optimistic and only time will tell if the Democrats can bring America out of its current quagmire. On the other side of the fence, the Republicans monumentally f#@ked up by not endorsing (or at least listening too) the incredibly intellectual and sane sounding Dr. Ron Paul. I know he was an outsider but he was the only one of that party that didn’t want to continue this false war and had some quite ingenious ideas regarding the economy and government.

    There is an interesting book out (The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder) of which I admittedly have only seen excerpts and a show and tell with the author (prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi) but it raises an interesting point in that Bush took the country to war under false pretenses and can’t claim he acted in self-defense – as he has previously via his “pre-emptive strike” rationale and is therefore criminally responsible for the deaths of more than 4,000 American soldiers in Iraq. This war is just one of the many, many, many, many unbelievably stupid things that has come out of this administration, though admittedly one of the worst (sending men and woman to kill other men and woman (and I don’t give a toss about what race they are – it’s a human life) for a fictitious cause is beyond comprehension). I do hope they prosecute Bush and his advisors for their grotesque involvement in an incredibly ugly period in human history (which for you Christian fundamentalist out there IS longer than 5000 years). I have 2 concerns if we head down this path. 1. Incoming president elects have a history of pardoning past presidents, and 2. Bush can clearly get off due to having the mental capacity of a 5 year old.

    I do hope you are right – I hope this clown doesn’t head down the path you and the Family Security Matters mention. But remember, this is an administration that recently “adjusted” the National Parks charter, which kind of outlines the uses of the various National Parks around the country, to include DRILLING FOR OIL… Good luck America. These elections cannot come fast enough.

  2. LOL. You’ll love this – you know how Shrub is from that state that appears to breed more than its fair share of nutters; Texas? Well, apart from surrounding himself with a little clique of Texans, who appear to have done very well for themselves, as a result, I have a tale of a mega-wealthy Texan family to tell you.

    I’m not going to bother pretending that this is firsthand, and I’m not going to hide the name of the family concerned: it’s the Bass family, of Fort Worth, Texas. One of my colleagues had cause to visit them, and over dinner, on time, he fell into conversation with the guy who is head of security for the Bass. Apparently (and this was about 10 years ago), this security guy thought it would be a really good idea if a moratorium were called on all this nonsensical international law, respect for sovereign territories bollox, and the US should just be allowed to steam around the world, “taking people out,” as it saw fit. He also bragged that nobody ever crossed the Bass, because the world wasn’t big enough to hide in. Who the fuck’s hiding, halfwit?


  3. sexion: with you wholeheartedly. I’ve actually mentioned the Bugliosi book before, in fact I made a 4th of July video praising him and Ron Paul as true American patriots.

    Matt: That attitude is unfortunately quite widespread.

  4. @Matthew

    George Bush is not a Texan, he was born in Connecticut.


    I just don’t get it, why would the NWO want Bush as Dictator for life? The only theory I have is that he is so stupid.

    Bring on the Ron Paul revolution so we as a world can forget about nuclear Armageddon. It won’t be just blowback (Ron Paul term) that the Americans or the northern hemisphere will have to be afraid of, it will be nuclear fallout.

  5. Alan Gresley wrote:
    “George Bush is not a Texan, he was born in Connecticut.”

    I stand corrected – he was Texas’ Senator. What was it he said, when somebody commented on his “swagger”? “We call it walking, in Texas,” or something? “Walking” may have been a typo, of course!


  6. @Matt

    Actually I think George Bush would have done that “swaggering” at Bohemian Grove with the other weirdos. Yes of course “swaggering” is a typo.

  7. Alan: I’m hoping the Ron Paul cause a real stir at the GOP convention.

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