Lloyd’s is Pants

For those who don’t know, some incredibly polite people in England use “pants” as an insult.  It essentially means rubbish or stupid.  In the context of this story, a particular gentleman decided to express his displeasure with his bank, Lloyd’s, by setting his account password to “Lloyd’s is pants”.

And then Lloyds decided to show just how pants they could be…



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12 responses to “Lloyd’s is Pants

  1. steeldrumhero

    “Mr Jetley said he was still trying to find a suitable password which met the conditions. ”

    That guy sounds just like me

  2. gap


    oh god, sometimes the only appropriate reply when actualling laughing out loud IS lolol

  3. gap

    actualling laughing?

    i was laughing out loud when i typed that

  4. Davross

    I hate to sound like a nosey parker Anfry but can you remember a time in the not too distant past when a random guy mentioned that it would be good if you could include Mr. Boring in one of your posts again, if this is true please reply, thanks
    Love the ‘random guy’

  5. @Angry

    I see a rising star in you. Have you got a manager?

  6. custador

    I know of a stroy which trumps this one so well:

    A customer of Barclays Bank PLC with whom I am aquainted had a cheque bounced by them because it would have put him £2.00 overdrawn if they’d have paid it. The bank then charged a fee to his account for bouncing the cheque. This fee took him £16.00 overdrawn. The bank then further charged another fee to his account for exceeding his overdraft limit. This took him £46.00 overdrawn.

    The response of the above-mentioned customer was to change his name by deed-poll to “Barclays Bank PLC Are A Bunch Of Complete Wankers”, to open an account in that name with the Nationwide Building Society, and to pay Barclays Bank PLC the outstanding £46.00 by cheque. Legend.

  7. gap: I understand the loss of control while LOLing

    Davross: consider the hat duly tipped in your direction 🙂

    Alan: No I don’t. If you get me paid work I’ll give you 10%

    Custador: Banks seem very fond of unreasonable behaviour

  8. Well excuse me – I think my name is being taken in vain here.


    Pants (in a nice way)

  9. LOL. There was a story in The Big Issue (mag distributed by homeless people, in the UK), about a guy who had had a run-in with Natwest Bank, over something-or-other.

    That’s not the funny bit (how could it be). No, the funny bit was that he changed his name by deed poll. To “Mr Natwest Bank is a Bunch of Fascist Bastards,” and he insisted that staff address him by his full name, on each occasion he went into a branch.

    I don’t remember the detail, but eventually, the Bank terminated his account.


  10. Sorry, it was Yorkshire Bank plc, not Natwest, although Natwest also appears to be a bunch of fascist bastards!


  11. Pants: You know, I thought of you as soon as I saw this story

    Matt: Banks inspire a lot of anger 🙂

  12. Shaitaan

    UK Banks (indeed ALL banks, however the UK ones are simply more obvious about it) ARE pants.
    Banks are evil institutions and it makes me beyond angry that you MUST have a bank account in order to have a job. Well, any job considered to be legal…
    My girlfriend took out a loan while staying in the UK with Lloyds. They decided to withdraw money for themselves (a fee) because she didn’t have enough money in her account for their liking. Because of this she was overdrawn, so they charged ANOTHER fee…and continued to charge her because she remained overdrawn.
    By this time she had already back in Aus. for a while, quietly paying her loan off and didn’t recieve a letter about it until 3 weeks later, dated 3 weeks earlier mind you, telling her that she needed to pay a certain amount to Lloyds within 2 weeks because she had oustanding overdrawing fees.
    Well, because the letter was late they charged her another damn fee and so on, ad nauseum.
    After some research it appears that thousands of people are having the same type of problem and that most of the big UK banks are tied up in the courts over their fees system.
    Ergo…Lloyds is pants, Mr. Big-size, faecal-brown, corduroy clown pants.

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