I’m pretty much done with Sarah Palin

I don’t think I can bring myself to make much more comment on the GOP election campaign.  The cynicism of nominating Sarah Palin for VP pretty much indicated the contempt they have for the whole process but the last few days of speeches have made it abundantly clear.  I am absolutely at a loss for how to respond to the lies upon lies upon lies being spewed by the neocons and they way their vomit is being eagerly lapped up by their fanatical followers.

Look, I get that the evangelicals who form a small but inordinately powerful section of the Republican base don’t respond to logic.  They want god, god, god and most seem incapable of understanding that there are bigger and more important issues.  In fact I’m sure that they are mortally shocked that I consider the possibility of anything being more important than their imaginary friend in the sky. 

I also get that there’s a core of the party that couldn’t consider voting Democrat no matter what.  I truly understand that.  To be honest, I don’t think I could ever vote for a socially conservative party no matter what else was going on. 

I also get that there are people who aren’t fanatically aligned to the Republican Party but on balance, they honestly feel that the policies most likely to be implemented by a Republican administration will be of most benefit to them personally and/or the country generally.  People have different value systems.  I get that.  Intelligent people can disagree.  This doesn’t by definition make them stupid or evil.

But I am beyond disgusted by the behaviour of the people forming the public face of the Republican party.  It is one thing to be partisan.  It is one thing to attempt to spin things in your favour.  But these people are fucking liars.  Scum-sucking, shit-eating utterly contemptible lying sacks of shit.  If you don’t watch The Daily Show follow this link to see some video of these lying bastards directly contradicting themselves.

They straight up 100% contradict themselves.  They describe a set of circumstances one way when it applies to Obama (for instance) and they describe the exact same circumstances in a 100% contradictory way when it applies to a Republican (usually Palin).  These people are contemptible fucking scum.  I am so fucking angry about this.

This is not even put on the Mr Angry mask and make a ranty video type of angry.  Every time I play that possibility out in my head I come up with dozens of good lines to scream at the top of my lungs.  But it’s too serious for that.  It frightens the fuck out of me that people do not get how serious this is.

And don’t get me started on the stupid bastards who say “You don’t live in America – you’re not allowed to have an opinion about our president.”  First off – fuck you!  Second, how can someone be oblivious to the impact American politics has on the world?  Worse still, the sort of fuckwit who usually goes on about foreigners not having a right to comment is usually the same fuckwit who actively advocates military attacks on anyone they disagree with.  Third, if the US economy tanks, the rest of the world gets hit hard.  And Bush and the neocons have done their level best to utterly fuck the US economy and lie through their teeth while doing it.  It astonishes me the degree of ignorance that exists regarding just how close to total collapse the US economy is.

Also, you guys are our fucking allies!  It really hurts to see a country you want to support being led into some truly vile actions by an administration that has devolved into outright criminal behaviour.  It’s like watch a woman who repeatedly goes back to an abusive partner or seeing a friend slowly kill themselves with alcohol or drugs.

The small saving grace is I don’t think it’s going to work this time.  I think the neocons have been lying for so long about so many things and getting away with it, they don’t know any different.  But I think enough of the American public is sick of this bullshit.  Maybe I’m deluding myself.  But I hope enough people are sick of the havoc wrought by Bush, the lies spun by the neocons and the negativity of these fanatical right wingers to kick the republicans in the arse.  Hard.

There is a small glimmer of hope that at least some of the media are sick of running blatant Republican lies without questioning them.  Time will tell if they actually have any balls or they will run scared at the predictable and patently false claim of “liberal bias”. 

The false reality being pedalled by the GOP, the blatant lies that are so easily provable as lies, stuns me.  I have to assume that enough Americans see through this bullshit.  Because we’re all fucked if they don’t.



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40 responses to “I’m pretty much done with Sarah Palin

  1. Dead on man!

    I pray that the rest of America sees through all of this bullshit.

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  3. damn right! these fucknuckles are illogical and downright dangerous. if any americans are reading this – please vote smart, or the whole planet is up excrement creek in a barbed wire canoe :O

  4. Yep… I live here and I get it. I wake up every morning and wonder if my job will still be there, if my company will still be open or if I’ll be in the unemployment line with everyone else that has been laid off. (unemployment.. something I’ve NEVER done in the 25 odd years of working)

    My problem Mr. Angry?
    I can’t believe anything I read anymore.
    All the news writers have an agenda — one way or another — they are writing to point the reader in a direction, either subtly or blatantly. But everyone has an agenda and it’s impossible to know who is actually telling the truth. Hell.. is there even a truth LEFT in anything that is written or said when it’s meant for public consumption.

    Me? I think the US is following the Roman Empire example pretty well. I’m just not sure who will be playing the fiddle as we burn.

  5. I just don’t understand Americans. I was telling one American visiting this country about some weird wacko conspiracy theory and he was denying it until he noticed I had done some research. It’s like he sort of said alright, you now have something since you have researched some of the facts.

    He was surprised to discover from me that George Bush had even said the words, “just as long as I’m the dictator.” Only if I had time to discuss the real pertinent issues like Bohemian Grove, the Bilderberg Group, etc, etc.

    Why do Australians or other foreigners have to know more about America or American history than the average Americans to help the Americans avoid the biggest mistake that they will ever make.

    American history would seem to indicate that you vote for neither Republican or Democrat if you want real change.

    Well I can’t be to hard on the Americans when our own mainstream media (via Murdock or Packer) just repeats the same old lies. Real News is a rare thing to find, the news that we must hunt down via the alternative media across the internet.

    I will continue stinking my nose in American politics and society until they stop with their WW3 and NWO. Then I can safely have time to make sure we become a republic. No more Elizabeth of Hanover. No more pauper, slave or convict stuff. Up with the Eureka flag and our own freedom and liberty.


    Do you find that when you start typing some words about Americans, you notice your fingers hammering the keyboard? I do!

  6. @Cinnkitty

    Here’s some alternative media.


    The only bad thing is the real news is stranger the fiction.

  7. Cindy

    Thank you for including that link to The Daily Show clip — that was awesome!
    (ps, this is one American who is definitely voting for Obama and hopes like hell that the Republicans don’t manage to win it this year!)

  8. Hey Mr. A… You are spot on. You’ve pretty much captured my sentiments on this particular issue.

    I have personally never subscribed to the partisan way of political thinking because I think it’s just well… Dumb.

    Given how each party changes stances on various issues depending on whoever happens to be running at that point, it all seems so pointless.

    Democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, male, female, black, white, celebrity or beauty queen, how the heck does any of this matter if they are just going to run the country into the ground and make ALL of our lives miserable?

    Why don’t people just vote for the candidate who they think will do the most good for the country?

    It boggles the mind…

  9. dimutased

    Yes, the funniness has worn off for me. I now simply hope that the intelligent Americans will at least start standing up and vocalising their opposition to the shite that gets shoved down their throats via the media and the PR machines for both paties.

    I don’t believe Obama is perfect, he’s an American politician, but I do see a glimmer of hope that some headway will be made in terms of progressive national and international politics under him as president.

    But honestly, all we non Americans can do is sit and wait. 😦

  10. Sir Henry Casingbroke

    Mr A – the Jon Stewart show clip was most amusing but what is instructive is that the US electorate keeps lapping up this bullshit forever and a day.

    One would have thought that Karl Rove is soiled goods – his word(s) about as significant as yesterday’s snot. But no, he’s wheeled out to pontificate as some latter-day Solomon, and what’s more, he is given airtime by the mainstream media. Is that a clue or what? All this while Jack Abramoff, the Republican Party bagman gets 6 years porridge for political corruption, on top of the two he is already doing.

    Picking Palin as VP candidate shows that McCain’s claim of a “new beginning” is rubbish – Palin ticks all the boxes for the Lunar Right. A new beginning would mean that they would be abandoning a significant proportion of Republican voters.

    Of course Palin does bring something new to the Republican line-up, being a woman, if with the Right credentials.

    I can’t imagine feminism crossing the collective GOP mind at the last presidential election but the Hillary experiment has shown that it is a goer. That’s why this is so hilarious when seen in the Jon Stewart show clips – the Republican spindoctors have no shame and the American public has the memory and attention span of a march fly.

    Sarah Palin is not a new phenomenon, of course. Right wing nuts have always had a thing about strong women. See here:

    Note: Tony Abbott is creaming his jeans.

    And in today’s SMH Michael Duffy says “Sarah Palin, you beauty. I haven’t derived so much pleasure from politics since Pauline Hanson erupted onto the scene”.


    Diana and Unity Mitford come to mind.

    After Ann Coulter, Palin is just the next logical step.

    Coulter and Albrechtsen have always loudly pronounced their feminist credentials, albeit Thatcher never did. Maybe the time was not right, and anyway, she didn’t need them.

    Let’s watch Julie Bishop make her move on Brendan. If she wins the next election, Belinda Neal will make a comeback as leader of the opposition.

    Oooh, I love a woman with spirit, Mrs Faulty.

  11. Davross

    All I’m hoping for is that whoever gets elected, or even hope that they are fairly elected, anyway as i was saying, i hope that whoever gets elected doesn’t do anything stupid like all the previous ideas GWB had

  12. Bruce

    What will decide this US election will be the same as what decides most of the the previous ones. Not how many people actually support each party, but how many people that can actually be bothered to heave themselves down to a booth come polling day.

  13. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that video. I ended up laughing, but it is rather sad.

    I’m saving it, though.

  14. B

    “Why do Australians or other foreigners have to know more about America or American history than the average Americans to help the Americans avoid the biggest mistake that they will ever make.”

    Oh give me a freakin’ break! We know they’re all liars. From “oh how he walks on water” Obama to “mother of the year” Palin. No one is perfect. Not US leaders or any leaders across the world. Perhaps we should all just fucking give up and don’t vote at all.

  15. You have no idea how often I’ve said that the foreign opinion on American politics is what everyone should be listening to.

    I’ve been pushing Obama from the beginning, as soon as they opened up the options. When I found out that Americans were NOT being treated like they were utterly evil and there was some hope for them after Obama was looking like the Democratic candidate, I pushed him even more. I pointed out how I finally didn’t have to tell anyone overseas I’m from Texas and I NEVER wanted Bush in office because Obama was the prime choice.

    I continue to point out how the whole world is saying OBAMA. It’s only America that’s still stupid enough to split the vote almost evenly between the parties.

    I don’t understand anyone voting for a party who’s policies/philosophies are SUPPOSED to be SMALL government and more individual rights, yet they push the government to take MORE power and LIMIT individual freedoms like marriage and abortion.

    It confounds me.

    I’ve heard people saying Obama is like the new Hitler, and to that I can’t help but feel like… where on EARTH did you hear that bullshit? Fox Noise? I can’t even see the connection.

    I’ve heard people saying Obama “seems shady.” I ask in what ways, and they say, “it’s how he talks.” What does he say that makes him seem shady? No answer. Ever. I ask them to prove it, and they have nothing.

    I’ve heard people being so shallow that they won’t vote for Obama because of HIS NAME. CLEARLY he’s some “damn rag-head” trying to weasel in and take over the country because of HIS NAME.

    (Luckily, a little protest has been going on by everyone changing their display names on Myspace, Facebook, wherever to something like Julie Hussein Raven, etc.)

    I hate those people that think that shallowly and I can’t understand any of it.

    Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow are the only people I can listen to now on this.

    The American people could fall for the Ethos and Pathos arguments. I pray every day that they won’t. But I fear they will.

    No one will listen to the Logos, which is what Obama definitely has.

  16. You think YOU’RE upset?
    *I* have to LIVE here. And trust me, if McCain gets elected, I’m packing up my shit and leaving. Seriously.

    I see the US as diving head first into a dark age where intelligence is abhorred and ignorant blind faith is valued. Those supporting McCain are easily fleeced, I’m afraid. How he can be running on a platform of change when HE’S the very thing that needs to be changed is beyond me. He’s been one of Bush’s staunchest supporters (when he’s not napping, that is).

    And those who insist that the founding fathers created a Christian country simply haven’t read a word of what any of them wrote expressing their opinions on separation of church and state. Hell, a good number were atheists and agnostics.

    Ignorance is strength, war is peace and freedom is slavery.

    Freedom indeed is slavery, because if we’re not working for it every single day, it’s gone. With every vote for McPalin, another dove loses his wings.

  17. And on a PS Note

    To those who said they can’t understand why nations other than the US can know the US’s problems better than the Americans themselves should know this is why (although it’s not an excuse) : American’s can’t see their own (my own) problems objectively, while other nations can. We’re (I am) caught up emotionally with our problems. So we’re blind.

    Luckily for me, I’m setting up for moving to Scotland, no joke.

  18. Darrell

    I have a sneaky feeling that McCain will win this election because most Americans are still living in the medieval ages…

    They still can’t accept a black president and most people think he’s connected to middle east or Islam… George W. Bush is a Christian and very American, but is he a good president?

    Bush’s era started the decline of U.S. as world superpower… And McCain’s era will see the rise of Asia as superpower in world economy…

  19. Rafa M

    You are upset?

    I live below them in Mexico!! If US goes down also does Mexico.

    I dont even know where to start… so I leave you with a couple of phrases.

    ‘Pobre de México, tan lejos de Dios y tan cerca de Estados Unidos’
    ‘Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States’


    ‘El sentido común no lo es’
    ‘Common sense is not so common’

  20. Jim

    I’m an American and I can’t stand Sarah Palin. 🙂

  21. Sarah Palin is nothing but bait fish and we have to avoid been hooked. McCain is cunning and he knows how to be a politician. More important than the Sarah Palin’s nonsense is the numerous irregularities that are being uncovered.
    I wrote a rather lengthy article at the blogspot blog: republicans-exposed that I would appreciate it if you would link to so voters can read how we as Americans are conducting our own electoral affairs in the interest of FREE and FAIR, equality and justice for all.
    I am now very scared after do the research for this article.

  22. Leon: Here’s hoping

    Vett: I’m really hoping enough voters have the brains to see through this shit

    CinnKitty: You’re right of course, everyone has an agenda. I have an agenda. I think the only way to deal with it is to exert some effort to understand the agendas and work out which ones fit in with yours.

    Alan: I try ever so hard not to break my keyboard when dealing with some people

    Cindy: That one clip summed up everything that concerns me. Plus it was funny.

    Phyre: It’s disturbing to me how much trouble some people have with cause and effect

    Dismutased: The waiting is killing me

    Sir Henry: This is the last chance for sanity as far as I’m concerned. If the republicans win I’m going to give up all pretence of being even-handed.

    Davross: Oh yes, the ever present threat of another fraudulent election.

    Bruce: I maintain hope that Obama has energised enough new voters to make a difference

    Effyness: It’s funny and terrifying at the same time

    B: An important differentiation – Obama doesn’t think he walks on water, that’s a caricature the republicans draw of him. Whereas the very things the republicans are trumpeting about Palin are what scare the shit out of me and so many others.

    Julie: I’m holding out hope that the people saying the really stupid shit would never have voted for Obama anyway. Plus, I’m looking forward to the opportunity of seeing more of Rachel Maddow now she’s got a more or less mainstream job.

    Chef: it is getting disturbing how obvious a metaphor 1984 is becoming for the republicans. I saw a brilliant analogy where someone compared their convention to the “two minutes hate” from the movie.

    Darrell: If McCain wins, I give up.

    Rafa: If America collapses we’re all screwed.

    Jim: I’m hoping you’re in the majority 🙂

    Phillipa: I’m hoping the initial surge of attention will fade and be replaced with honest scrutiny of Palin. Because she doesn’t stand a chance if that happens.

  23. @B

    Instead of giving up voting, vote for anything that is not Republican or Democrat if you want change. Seeing that it takes an outright majority of 270 out of 538 Electoral College votes to win the US presidency. By denying any candidate a majority can result in real change.


    Some of the the candidates worth considering is Chuck Baldwin, Bobb Bar, Cythia McKinney, Mike Gravel or Ralph Nader.

    Some of the issue worth considering is the New World Order, North American Union, never ending War on Terror and the coming recession (depression).

    Anyone one considering Barrack Obama must consider the reasons for his changes in policy with Iran. Also see this video.


  24. Jason

    Mr. Angry Aussie,

    I’m a Republican for Obama, no kidding.

    I noticed your ‘I can’t do this anymore’ video on youtube after watching Sarah Palin’s interview with Charles Gibson. I fully understand why you would be horrified by McCain/Palin.

    However, it might interest you to know that the media has left a few things out. About twice as many people voted for Democrat than those who voted Republican in the Presidential Primaries – conclusion: if the demography holds it will be a landslide for the Dems. Polls always use the ratio of people registered to vote, not the ratio of the energized voters. So, sure, it looks even in the polls. Polls are not reflective of our country’s sentiments though.

    How many McCain bumper stickers do I so on the road? Zip, nada, zilch. How many Obama stickers on cars parked near my house? 10 – 15 and growing.

    I’m a Republican and so is my father. My dad owns a cattle ranch 45 minutes outside of a pretty small town. He’s voting for Obama, because he’s sick of the Iraq war, our infrastructure needs to be retooled, he sees that Obama is a very smart leader, and Obama says he supports gun-rights and intelligent gun-regulation.

    He raised me to hunt, fish and backpack in the mountains. He was raised the same way. But you can’t eat a wolf, so why shoot them from planes?? There’s no honor in it! Of course there’s much more to the election than wolves…

    Many Republicans care more about our economy and national security than any given election cycle. Perhaps the Republican party will split into its three main parts, Libertarians, religious-wackos & conservationists.
    In any case, we are not, I repeat, not, going to elect a wishy-washy tortured snow-job Pres. and his beauty-queen anti-christ VP.

    Seriously, Obama sounds like the Republicans of my Grandfather’s era – let’s invest in our infrastructure, let’s manage and regulate our banks, use your confidence to improve your community, maintain fiscal responsibility, don’t use guns in town but guns are necessary where community is spread thin and there are no police.

    One last thing. McCain might have won if he had been strong enough to pick Lieberman(D) for VP, since the U.S. always goes Repub, Dem, Repub, Dem. Now it’s swinging back to Dem.

    But, McCain was too weak politically to stand up to the wacko religious Republicans, they pushed Lieberman out and Palin in. No ticket that is not fairly middle of the road will ever win in the U.S.

    Now Obama on the other hand, like him or not, all respect him. He was so strong politically that he was able to not pick Hillary as VP, and instead picked Biden, an Irish Catholic strong with the middle class, massive foreign policy experience, pro-fishing and hunting and at ease in big cities as well. Biden would make a great Pres, and maybe he will be after 8 years.

    Don’t worry, when Obama and McCain face off in the debates…! It will be astonishing I think. And Biden vs Palin? laughable. She thinks the Bush Doctrine is his religious affiliation and that Dinosaurs were around 5,000 years ago.

    Conclusion: some Republicans will not even vote, and some will vote Dem this year. The Democrat voter turn-out will be massive.

  25. @Jason

    Is Barrack Obama going to allow the impeachment of George Bush? Is he going to honor and uphold the US constitution? Is he going to stop the illegal war on terror? Is he going to stop the widening of the gap between the rich and poor of America? Is he going to stop America from being the police of the world? Is he going to stop the agenda of the Bilderburg group or New World Order? Is he going to stop the gathering of the elites of society at Bohemian Grove?

    He speaks of real change but I don’t think any change will happen. He will still be a puppet on a string for the real masters of this world.

  26. hellotommy

    The McCain campaign shrewdly kept the information Palin was on the short list and that she was the choice to a half-dozen people, who didn’t tell even their spouses. Palin has a record on energy favoring drilling & exploiting American resources. What has Obama ever run (besides his now floundering campaign)? Perhaps Obama expects his many friends in the lamestream media to do his work for him. Certainly they tried. McCain has been unstoppable causing panic & confusion for the Obama campaign.

  27. Jason: I feel that the Republicans need to get absolutely crushed in this election so the neocons finally lose their clout and actual real Republicans can start rebuilding the party. I like opponents I disagree with but respect, the pattern seen in the US over the last 8 years has led many around the world to despair. And I really look forward to the debates.

    Alan: I worry Obama won’t get to do anything (he has actually said he will investigate wrongdoing by the Bush administration) before somebody whacks him.

    Goodbytommy: Seriously. Goodbye. Fuck off you moron.

  28. sarah

    Okay, before we go any further I must admit: I want to fuck Sarah Palin. No, wait… I want to drill her brains out. Sarah plain and…small is by all accounts a MILF w/ political acumen to boot. I mean she made a splash in Alaska, right? the largest state?…maybe the state w/ largesse for earmarks. Well anyway…I want to fuck her & her daughter at the same time and feel as though I’m building the Kingdom of God! it is His will you know. I’m just the mouthpiece, the figure head., the killing agent.

  29. Did you seriously use the term “false reality?” That is absolutely fucking classic… HA! Really man, you are either right out college or right out of the sixties, peddling that marxist social theory crap… jesus tap dancing christ man… ridiculous.

  30. “sarah”: good luck with that

    pfjo: go fuck yourself, monkey boy.

  31. mindy c

    Dear Mr.AngryNews guy/rest of the world,
    Please know that alot of Americans are actually aware of this line of BULLSHIT we are being fed everyday. And alot more are becoming aware! And(this is in response to your piece on the RNC-yes it was a joke), I and many others were stunned to have the same revelation you did about it. (well, not exactly stunned-I am getting used to their lies, still doesn’t make them easier to swallow though)It was a load of SHIT!And you are right, it was like who could say the most f-ed up thing with a straight face contest.
    I envy you because you don’t have to live here, actually!
    Please know that we are trying, very hard, to make this place right.
    I do not believe in who the US is a nation, I think we are arrogant, uncaring, cruel and ridiculous! But those outward actions DO NOT speak for all of the people!!! I believe that we are all one, and the atrocities that we have made out in this world make me so ashamed of my birthplace. The “leadership” of the past eight years has been nothing but a gigantic joke. To you all as well as to us. Only here it’s more serious, because we’re stuck with these dumb asses.
    Please know that are trying to make a change. Please know that I(and many others)do NOT subscribe to whatever philosophy GWB and cronies subscribe to. And that we are aware of the lies they are attempting to force feed us.
    Thanks & Peace

  32. @Angry

    I guess you are referring to these word by Biden.

    “If there has been a basis upon which you can pursue someone for a criminal violation,” he said, “they will be pursued, not out of vengeance, not out of retribution – out of the need to preserve the notion that no one, no one, no attorney general, no president, no one is above the law.”

    The only thing is, isn’t it quite obvious that the Bush administration are guilty of impeachable crimes (rendition, torture, illegal wars, etc.)?

    Obama himself voted for the NISA bill on the 9th of July, 2008 which is against the US constitution. He may have a way with words but his words and action do not impress me.

    @middy C

    I am aware that some in the US are opposed to the Bush administration and America direction but there is still so many people in America who see America as the greatest nation on earth (some can’t even find the US on a world map).

    I have been against American imperialism for over 17 years but I am still to see the leaders in my own country speak out against it. I ashamed to be called an Australian. This left right two party paradigm must be removed from the face of this earth.

    Peace to all.

  33. Tacy

    Thank you for putting on paper what has been going through my mind every since Palin was nominated. I live in the USA, and I can’t believe that after 8 years of Bush, we might elect another President/VP who are just as bad or worse.

    McCain’s pick of Palin was an absolute insult for me. Unfortunately, there are some women out there who are voting for him just because he named a women to the ticket. This sets the woman’s movement back 100 years. Experience? No big deal. What matters is if you look hot.

    To top it off, the Christian conservatives love her, even though her own personal life proves that she does not practice what she preaches. She probably conceived her first child before she was married (they eloped hastily; kid was born 8 months later). She supports abstinence only education and yet her unmarried teen daughter is now pregnant.

    And the polls are dead even. If Obama loses this election, it is because Americans are racist.

  34. I made a mistake, Obama voted on the FISA bill, not NISA bill. The full name is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008.

    This allows for Warrant-less wiretapping and retroactive immunity of the telecommunications company involved.

  35. Mindy: I have faith that enough Americans will do the right thing and see through those lies.

    Alan: Not those specific words of Biden, no. Obama himself has made statements on that front but very vague ones. They seem to be playing politics and don’t want to be portrayed as “vindictive”
    And the FISA thing sucks, yeah. Obama is as guilty as any politicians of doing things I don’t like in the name of political expediency.

    Tacy: I think race is the only thing holding Obama back from crushing McCain. I still hope he crushes him.

  36. @Angry

    Concerning the Obama cult, have you seen the Obama Youth.



    I do not trust Barrack Obama.

  37. Alan: I trust Barack Obama (as much as any politician). The fact that he has some supporters who are dicks is hardly his fault. Ron Paul attracts white supremacists and outright nutcases. It’s unfair to judge a person based on the worst freak who expresses support for them.

  38. Angry: I’m a supporter of Cynthia McKinney (The Greens candidate for US president) . She black, she a woman and she is one who would like to jam the gears of the machine.

    I know, she’s a 9/11 truther but she knows how to take on those neoconservatives.

  39. lizzybee

    @ Alan — “Impeachment” is only allowed for sitting Presidents. If we’re lucky enough to have Obama elected, Bush would no longer be impeachable. That aside, impeachment is an act of our legislative branch, not of the executive, and requires a majority of votes in the House of Representatives to initiate the process. Obama is a Senator, not a Representative, and, thus, isn’t capable of even trying to put forth the idea for a vote. That action is up to House leadership, including Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

    What Bush will be hopefully up for at the end of his Presidency is a nice criminal trial somewhere. I know a lot of Americans are hoping for such a thing (including me…).

    Anyway, just wanted to clear up that procedural point, because there isn’t jack squat Obama can do to impeach anyone.

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