Melbourne Graffiti History at Gasworks

I teamed up a little while ago with another local who’s heavily into the graffiti scene.  I’ve posted lots of videos in the past showing the graffiti around Melbourne but I don’t really know any detail about the scene.  The guy you’ll see in this video goes by the name DurtCityDestroyers on YouTube and he’s running a gallery show at a gallery called Gasworks (ut’s housed in an old gasworks building) that details the history of the Melbourne graffiti scene.

I’ll warn you up front, this guy doesn’t stop moving – he’s stuck on permanent fast forward!

Oh, and I have no idea what the story is with the bloke in the helmet.  Durt said he would explain it to me but I haven’t heard from him recently.  For anyone in Melbourne looking for something to do, the gallery launch is this Tuesday:

“Grassroots – an urban arts experience”
Gasworks Foyer Gallery
9th Sept – 20th Sept 2008
Launch on Tuesday 9th September 7pm – 9pm



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8 responses to “Melbourne Graffiti History at Gasworks

  1. Davross

    Might I add great vid btw, it was so good to see such an enthusiastic artist showcasing the great history of the culture and also the history of the area.

    I’ll have to go down to the local wall and get a couple of vids on the graffiti on the side of this massive wall, its really cool

  2. Tim.


    Having just stumbled upon the font of authorship penned either at your ‘tube page (through the video above), and subsequently your blog, I should preface this by saying I’m not entirely familiar with your views re: social, economic, etc stances. I should also probably state that this isn’t intended to be hostile, just food for thought if anything.

    The question that struck me most is how you manage to reconcile being so passionately leftist (socially, at least – although admitedly by American standards, which hardly says anything of Aussie politics – our right essentially being their left, and their right being off the scale) whilst still penning under the name AngryAussie? Just seems a little nationalist to include the country, despite tearing away from it politically. I’d call it an attention-grabber aimed at luring in wayward Yanks (“Ooh, an Aww-stralian, cute!”), but I’d be presuming.

    I likely won’t check back here (I’m not so much busy as I am lazy), but give it some thought if you’d care.

    (Find me at Eco/Soc: 5.4, -4.6 on the ‘Political Compass’.)

    PS: Get yourself a touch more outward apathy, a lisp, and you’re on your way to Safran, as I’m sure you’ve been told.

  3. Davross: The Durt man knows his stuff!

    Tim: in broad brush strokes you have me. As for why “aussie” it was mainly with an awareness that a significant percentage of any audience I managed to pull were likely to be from outside Australia – the internet beign a global medium and all. My original blog title on blogspot was “Angry365DaysAYear” but that was taken on WordPress when I set up. I didn’t put a lot of thought into “AngryAussie” – it just popped out of my head.

  4. I have a diploma in Fine Arts. This guy is awesome in the history (that’s if you can keep up).


    Don’t you realize that the left right political paradigm is a fraud. One that keeps ignorant people under control or confused.

  5. Tim.

    Thanks for the response, Angry. Keep it real, or whatever the kids say these days.

    Alan, not that I especially want to get into a whole political feud here (as I said above, the comment most certainly wasn’t intended to be hostile), but I should properly canvass your reply regardless. As much as it may seem inconsistent to pull a left-right focus, I’ve essentially no problem with doing it. It’s a lot easier if you’re a quasi-misanthropic cunt, of course. Yeah.

  6. Alan: This guy litertally lived the history

    Tim: There’s a great line in William Gibson’s novel “Pattern Recognition” that is something along the lines of “back, as the kids recently stopped saying, in the day”

  7. rave nappie rash

    yo nappie rash here sayin word up 2 all da old skool melbourne graf heads !!!!! used 2 write rave , nappie rash , bio , asterix , nrh
    in crews rdc tfa wb dbh sda ife pba
    from 85 – 91
    peace !!!!!!!!!!!
    mf doom & kool keith 4 ever >

  8. Awesome !
    Great video
    Melbourne Graffiti is the best!

    Everyone check out Melbourne’s newest Graffiti Forum/Archive !!
    Sign up to the forums and have fun


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