Last text message from Anne Frank

I’m planning on doing a video of my blog post from yesterday (often they way I do things) and they way I develop my videos is often I play the performance about over and over in my head to get a sense of what delivery will work best.  Now you know one of my secrets.  In fact, my grilfriend can tell when I’m planning something because I walk around gesturing and mouthing words.  I have to be careful not to do that at work.  People already think I’m crazy enough.

Anyway, I was thinking about how to play out my “tips for using the internet effectively” points.  And I was thinking of ways to imagine historical figures using modern technology.  And I imagined Anne Frank’s last text message:


I’m a bad, bad person.



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13 responses to “Last text message from Anne Frank

  1. gap


    Best blog title of the year.

    Oh wait. You have a GIRLFRIEND? Never mind. Doesn’t matter!

    If you don’t start marketing yourself for profit I am going to…I don’t know but trust me, I will –

    Today’s date is Now. Now is the time for Mr Angry to start marketing his brilliance.

  2. dismutased


    Somehow I think Anne Frank would have had a little more class than that! But ridicule has been used as an effective weapon against the nazis.

    Also, we’ve already established you are going to hell, so why worry. 🙂

  3. custador

    OMG u mk me wanna lol wiv ur blogz!

  4. That is just SO WRONG! I love it.

  5. It is wrong. And I laughed.

  6. Top idea. You could have a series on US presidents… I can see JFK surfing for porn, for a start! Nixon enjoying the irony of some new eavesdropping gizmo. And Shrub struggling with the panel of buttons in a lift.


  7. Donna

    Why not ask question on your youtube video’s
    ok I got that idea from the third most high
    rated guy on youtube:)

  8. hellotommy

    (UPI) – Charles Gibson was out for blood & inherently applied a double-standard compared with the kid gloves George Stephanopoulos used on Sen Obama. When Obama referred to his “Muslim faith” & did not correct himself, Stephanopoulos rushed in at once to help him emphasize that he meant to say his Christian faith. Gibson was out to embarrass Palin. Tactically, she made the mistake of trying to be friendly & informal with Gibson, who assumed a superior, professorial & critical stance toward her.

  9. Hey AA,

    I’m nominating you for a Brilliant Blogger Award:

    It’s a pyramid thing: I’ve been given it, and I’ve to choose 7 others to “pay it on” to. On the ground that you get me laughing with your occasionally surreal take on life, I thought you were a good candidate.

    Please yourself whether or not you display the badge.


  10. Gap: Feel free to start marketing me. If I make any money from your efforts you definitely get the agent’s cut.

    Dismutased: I have reached the stage where I celebrate my hellbound status

    Custador: LOLs encouraged

    Christopher: And you area fine connoisseur of wrong

    Matt: The could be some legs in that idea. Oh, and thanks for the nomination!

    Donna: What type of questions did you have in mind?

    Tommy: Nothing short of screaming in her face “YOU’RE A FUCKING INSULT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!” is too much for Palin

  11. Dan

    That is just tremendously wrong.
    And funnier than Hell!
    But then, I’m 35 and still laugh out loud at farts, so what do I know….

  12. The more wrong it is, the more funny it is.


  13. Vladimir

    I remember reading two or three creations of such kind. Those were funny indeed. Written as “guest books” of some classical writer, of nazis invding some countries, etc.

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