Spring is in the air

We had our first nice spring weather this weekend in melbourne so I took full advantage of it.  And I like to share.  Not that I’m gloating but if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, this means your summer is just about done.  And damn I like my new camera.

I also uploaded this video to a site called Vimeo where it looks better.  Check it out:



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8 responses to “Spring is in the air

  1. VoltageX

    Much better than the demo loop that’s always on Ten or Nine/WIN HD


  2. Tyjet88

    I’m about ready for summer to be over. So hot here…

  3. didn’t see any face paint…lovely day!

  4. Volt: maybe they should hire me!

    Tyler: I’ll probably be regretting it arounf NYE

    Vett: I just wanted to celebrate a great day!

  5. E0157H7

    In my bit of California, it’s summer until the tail end of October! It’s great!
    Note: It is like some evil god is focusing a magnifying lens on us for five months.

  6. It get’s a bit too hot here in january. It’s been over 40C/100F for the last two New Years Eves

  7. Is that Brighton or Sandringham? I was there about 18 years ago. I have always dreamed of living around Melbourne. To hot where I live north of Sydney.

  8. This was east St Kilda – heading towards Brighton.

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