Angry disabled people

Having a run-in with an angry disabled person is a weird experience.  If an able-bodied person gets up in my face over something it’s rare that I won’t lash out straight back at them.  But with a disable person, that feels kind of… wrong.  Even for me.  A couple of examples:

I was going through a doorway at a shopping mall when two guys were walking out at the same time.  It was a fairly wide doorway so I didn’t see much problem.  You know how when you’re passing someone you do that thing where you turn slightly to the side pulling your shoulder out of the way so there’s more room for each of you?  Well I did that as I passed and everything would have been fine if the other guy had done the same thing.

Except he didn’t.  So we smacked shoulders fairly hard.  And he had the nerve to go off at me and start swearing when he was the one who made no effort to get out of the way.  So I turned and was about to tear into him when I realised why he was so pissed off.  It turns out he’s blind.  The second guy was guiding him by holding his elbow so the blind dud didn’t have to use a cane or a dog to get around.  He was wearing dark glasses but I figure we was a wanker who wore his sunglasses inside.

With the help of his friend the blind guy was able to walk confidently and quickly.  Which was the whole problem.  He was so confident I had no idea he was blind.  So it was all his fault for not being more obviously disabled.  He should have been more blind.

Another case: there’s a guy in a motorised wheelchair in my neighbourhood and he has a very bad attitude.  He also seems to have supercharged his wheelchair because I’ve never seen one as fast as his.  He also drives it on the road a lot – I’m guessing that’s because he wouldn’t be able to open it up full throttle on the footpath.  Plus he gets to vent his frustration at the world.

Again, I’m guessing that’s his motivation.  He’s pissed off at his life and is more or less daring the cars to end it.  He’s faster than pedestrians but slower than cars and he’s also hard to see when you’re driving and he’s zipping in and out all over the place so I don’t think it’s a stretch to say he’s at least passively suicidal. 

At first I thought he was a jerk.  Then I thought about it and realised that given the lot life has dealt him, being pissed off at everyone and everything is a reasonable response.  I know if I ended up in a wheelchair I’d be the angriest motherfucker around. I’d run over people’s toes and if they complained I’d back over their foot just to make a point.

“HEY! What are you complaining about?  I’m in a fucking wheelchair here!  You could drive a fucking truck over my feet and I wouldn’t feel a damn thing!  Count yourself lucky that it hurts when I run over you.  Now leave me a lone you working-leg-having motherfucker!”



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22 responses to “Angry disabled people

  1. Dan F

    I had a memorable run in with an angry disabled person once. I was on the way home on Caterbury Rd when traffic slowed to a crawl. “@#$% it, accident” was what I was thinking. Turns out that it wasn’t an accident at all. It was a very angry naked woman in an electric wheelchair, hooning down the wrong side of the road abusing the hell out of drivers and trying to ram into them. Her rather frazzled looking helper was running behind her, apologising to the drivers and trying to get her off the road. Her situation was probably tragic, but I had to pull over not long after that, I was laughing too hard to keep driving. Funniest thing I ever saw.

  2. custador

    Dan F’s comment made my morning cuppa squirt out of my nose and all over my keyboard!

    We have angry disabled lady in my office, but she’s an oddity: Obnoxious enough to really fuck you off, but not disabled enough to excuse it or get sympathy. She’s deaf, and has a hearing-dog (the dog’s cool, he’s a chocolate labrador, very friendly). Problem is, she’s an absolute bitch on wheels! She gennuinly does just yell at people for no reason whatsoever, and it puts you in a wierd possition: You’re pissed enough to *want* to shout back, sympathetic enough not to actually do so, but not sympathetic enough to forgive her for it. It’s genuinly a baffling experience!

  3. DOA

    I’ve always believed that if a disabled person is being an asshole you should be an asshole right back at him. I know they hate special treatment, so the right thing to do is treat them like everyone else.
    As for being dealt a bad hand in life I say f*ck it. Life isn’t fair. Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and others get the shaft. Being pissed off is understandable. Just don’t try taking it out on me because even though I’m better off I haven’t exactly been dealt a great hand either. And I’m pissed off as well.
    And one day I just might snap.

  4. dismutased

    I had a run in with a really angry one armed war veteran when I was a teenager. I can’t even remember my trespass against this guy but he flew off the handle and started talking about how I had no F*#@king idea what he’d been through and proceeded to tell my friend and I some horror stories. Needless to say we got out of there pretty fast!

    I think the run in with the blind guy in your first situation wasn’t anyone’s fault, just an unpleasant convergence of circumstances that made you look like a dick. I would have let the presumed dick tag ride on that one!

  5. I was accosted @ 6:30am by a blind person complaining that I was sitting in his seat on the train. I pointed out that there were at least 25 other vacant seats, and how was I to know which one was “his” anyway? He then said “I’m blind, I can’t see where the vacant ones are” and we almost had heart attacks laughing 🙂

  6. You know why disabled people are typically known as being “Angry”? Because being crippled sucks, and smart people don’t listen to us bitch, cause its like a broken record, so when we have the opurtunity to lash out on a complete stranger, we take full advantage. And its not like your gonna defend yourself and yell back, we’re Crippled, we can’t help it……..

  7. dislife

    i like disabled people because they make me feel better about my own situation. so…i cut them some slack for the fact that they grant my pathetic life some genuine meaning in comparison to theirs. their life sucks because i’m an asshole. that’s right–i’m a big fuckin’ asshole and so is the rest of inhumanity that calls them what they are– big fuckin’ fuck ups. i thought god took care of this shit. i guess he fucked up too.

  8. I think we all teach others how to treat us. Whatever you put out there, you will get coming back to you. Anger begets anger. Disabled people are no exception to this universal rule. Surely they know that those of us who are not disabled feel absolutely horrible for them. It would be a real @sshole who didn’t feel bad for them, and I would think those people are few and far between. So for a disabled person to improperly treat another person (who is very likely to be sympathetic to their situation), I would have to say that the disabled person deserves to be put back in their place. Preferably without getting angry in return, but if you have to do so, then so be it.

  9. I saw an elderly woman in a wheelchair going down the road in heavy traffic and I asked a nice young policeman to have a word with her ( I was on foot). My thinking was that if someone hit her, they would have to live with it. And there was a sidewalk available.

  10. Angry, I’m a bit amazed by the content of this post. Though the post is titled “disabled,” you make no mention of mental disability. You also make no mention of how people can have a physical disability. This happens either by a physical disorder that leads onto a disability, an accident, or even by physical violence (war).

    I can understand the anger that people with a disability have (largely due to discrimination) but this anger is not just the domain of those people with a disability but by society in general. We all need to show respect for each other or society will just rip it apart. In a sense, all people who do not respect others have a social disability.

  11. Dan: I’ve seen similar things myself!

    Custador: I honestly thing some disadvantaged people do it on purpose because they can get away with it.

    DOA: My usual approach is to ignore them but I am sure there are circumstances that could make me snap back

    Dismutased: Stay the hell away from angry war veterans!

    Vett: I too would have laughed

    Dustin: I would totally be the angriest disabled person on the planet

    Dislife: That seems reasonable to me

    Diane: I think no matter how justified anger feels, if you’re unreasonable to another person it’s going to come back and bite you.

    Susan: I agree with you and I suspect that was the mindset of the person in the wheelchair “Go ahead, I dare you!”

    Alan: I tend to talk about one thing at a time. This was exploring anger, not disability.

  12. Steph

    As an angry disabled woman (quadriplegic) I gotta admit your post made me laugh. Thanks for that, btw. Re: the fast wheelchair, he’s not suicidal, he’s in a hurry or just likes to go fast just like many able-bodied people out there! (Guess you never speeded, huh?)

    Anyhow, my electric wheelchair can go up to 8.5 miles an hour or much less than that depending on what I need and when I’m on a smooth straight-away I love going fast, too. It’s fun to feel the wind rush by and not feel “slow” for a change. Next time you feel like running on your able legs think about how it feels for you, ok? You might understand that guy better after you do.

  13. mikey

    LOL this is too funny!!! All i can say is…people don’t feel too bad because I’m disabled and can’t figure out why some disabled people are so angry either. So much so that I googled angry disabled people and found this blog lol. I was born to a wheelchair and when I have felt down and out about my situation I think about those far worse than I. It’s all about counting your gosh darn blessings and remembering that we are at least ALIVE to have a not so great day in the first place 🙂

  14. You’re awesome, Mikey.

  15. mikey

    Well thanks alot mr. angry. I looked up this blog site after going into a yahoo texas chatroom and seeing a disabled girl in it. She was disabled with the exact same disability as me (spina bifida) and so I thought oh awesome here’s my chance to make a chat buddy who can understand me a little more from a physical point of view…WRONG!! hahahaa she treated me like dirt and told me she had a guy like if i was looking for that in the 1st place ( i have a beautiful girl im proud of thank God). In the end I just told her i was sorry for her bitterness and she cursed me off and told me to get lost lol. I think that disabled or not, people can be angry just because they are not getting their way in this life whatever that way may be. It is when we realize that any way but the 6 foot under way is a nice thing to have that we can calm down and just enjoy the simple things in life. That is just my opinion though and yes I know they are like buttholes everyone’s got one lol… Well my new blogger friends I am out for today and I sincerely hope that you all count your blessings and stay blessed. Love you even though I don’t know you! laters! peace! LOL

  16. Urfa Vartanian

    I am a handicap. I am missing my two arms and have a screwed shorter leg. Your stories are adorably painful. Thanks for considering our boldness and translating them in writing. We’re complicated.


    ~I’m angry. My P.E. teacher refused to give me more locker time in middle school. It was a locker horror which ended when I quit P.E. and a good person was tragically murdered one month later. It was murder; swear.
    This was institutional lynching. Me being the desired victim. Did lynchers mean to kill? Or were they lost and unsure of a presence as well?
    Complicated, fuck yeah.

    I spit on shit too. Crash cars. Have spent 8 months in prison for assaulting 3 officers and evading another. Pissed here.

    Oh and to complain to you typical bodies which are defined as healthy: Fuck yo shit for our shit. Your prosthetics are as impressive as Barbie’s unbend-able. Why are your cell phones and cars reshaping themselves every season, while I’m waiting for my Go-Go-Gadget fantasies to come to life. Bored here.

    Unimpressed here.

    Please fuck yourselves as typical again.

    Hoping you’re in too much pain to visit this site again.

    Fuck stupid.

  17. Leanne Strong

    I have Asperger Syndrome, and even if I don’t always show it, I do get pissed off very easily. This is not good if you have a disability that may cause a lack of empathy for others. I sometimes go to my college’s fitness center to get all that pent up aggression out, but some people who have physical disabilities may find it very difficult to do that. Especially since it seems like most of the equipment used in fitness centers was made for able-bodied people. If fitness centers had more exercise equipment that was made for people with physical limitations, maybe we wouldn’t have these problems.

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