This might seem familiar

I’ve been doing my old trick of using blog posts as scripts for YouTube videos.  So these might seem familiar but I hope you enjoy them.  This one is me taking this piss out of a job advertisement (thanks to the readers whose lines I used/adapted):

And this one is me going off about angry disabled people.  This really seemed to touch of some seething resentment against disabled people among YouTube commenters as well.



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5 responses to “This might seem familiar

  1. Tyjet88

    Watching videos that started out as a blog post give me a warm sense of security because I know exactly what happens next!

  2. You’ve gotta let us know how these go down, on YouTube. Especially the first one…

    Can you imagine the knock-on effect? Hundreds, possibly thousands, of techies applying for jobs they’re not interested in, just to take the piss out of the interview panel, in order to brighten up an otherwise routine day!!!

    Hey! I wonder how many interview panels would actually be *impressed* by this new jargon!


  3. Tyler: with the occasional surprise!

    Matt: I got some good suggestions – I might compile the best ones.

  4. It made me feel warm inside to feel part of something so heartfelt and real.

  5. Thanks for your contribution rachel 🙂

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