Campaign advice for John McCain

I’ve decided I need to be more even-handed when looking at the US Presidential Election.  With that in mind, John McCain needs some help.  And I’m just the man to give him the advice he so desperately needs.

Never let it be said that I don’t help people out when I get the chance.



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12 responses to “Campaign advice for John McCain

  1. custador

    Loving the voice-changer effect 😀

    You’re totally right though. Have a read of my post of today.

  2. ROFL, ROFL, I would….. LOL, composer.

    A balanced look at the US election….. I wonder what your post on the runners will be like? Are you are going to include some of the third party candidates?

    Indeed I now see it. It’s not a real smile. He is 72 years of age. He has been in politics for over 18 years. Gone through whatever hell being a POW in Korea. Survived Bohemian Grove with all its weirdness.

    One thing that I have noticed was how he keeps on contradicting himself and seems very confused in what he his saying. Who knows who is pulling the strings but they have got him bamboozled. Much like the George Bush type of behavior. It scary to see John McCain jumping across a stage going Bomb, Bomb, Bomb knowing to well that he thinks it would be cool to bomb a nation like Iran with Nuclear weapons. I would like him to hear the wisdom from his fellow republican Ron Paul, in that such actions cause “Blow Back.”

    After over 100 years of western intervention for the Oil, I would think that Islamic radicalism is something one should expect. This is the failure of US foreign policy where they think they can manipulate the affairs of a country or even invade it and bring a form of democracy which suits those in big business. One day people are going to wake up (possibly only when personally effected) and say hey, this whole democracy and capitalism thing is mainly for the benefit of the ultra rich. They may even realize that it is a modern day fascism.

    Seeing that Australia is the second larger creditor (pp) worldwide, we will feel the effects of a economic disaster in America. This is why I say that we should move beyond a two party system and move towards a third or more party system. Whether it Republican or Democrat (America), Tory or Labor (Great Britain), or Labor and Liberal (Australia) none of these two party systems bring about real change. The rich still get richer and the poor still get poorer with a larger percentage of people. The time has come for real change and that can only happen when this two party system is gone.

  3. custador: it was fun to do

    Alan: I appreciate Ron Paul’s honesty and I think it takes real balls to tell other republicans the truth to their faces the way he has been doing. Having said that, I disagree with so many of his policies that I would never vote for him (if I were in a position to do so).

  4. @Angry

    Which of Ron Paul’s policies do you disagree with.? I know that he wants to scrap the IRS, CIA and FBI and have a non interventionists foreign policy.

  5. Call me a die hard socialist but I actually believe government is capable of doing good things. Like hospitals, schools, roads, police and many other amenities. I think Ron Paul epitomises the saying “throw the baby out with the bathwater”.

  6. True Angry. I think Ron Paul would get great benefit from visiting Australia and seeing how a welfare state can actually work. I think he is ignorant about how such systems can work and be affordable by government. I can’t blame him for his ignorance since he is basing his judgment on a American medical system in private hands which is very expensive. When do you here about Australia anyway in America. We have had 17 years of continuous economic growth where other countries have had quite a few recessions. For over 100 years America has lived by private enterprise.

    I glad Australians were wise enough to vote John Howard out before he sold the state out to private enterprises. I call him the royalist fascist.

  7. custador

    Just to butt in on your discussion a little, if you want an example of why you have to have either private health or public health, but not both, come to the UK. Either one or the other would be infinitely prefferable to the mish-mash we currently have, and it’s pretty obvious looking at the US that private health alone is also a really, really bad plan. But try to get any Western politician to socialise anything these days (other than the banking industry’s losses, obviously) – no chance!

  8. Well at this moment in Australia there is somewhat of a mish-mash of public and private health. We can blame that on the Liberal Government of John Howard who wanted to privatize all government institutions. The only thing that Howard didn’t stop was public welfare. I guess he knew that we would not have allowed it.

    Our Labor leaders, Whitlam, Hawke, Keating and our current deputy prime minister Jillian Gillard are part of the Fabien society. Yes a socialist agenda without a revolution. I believe that even with Labor there are elitists. I more your Social Libertarian (like our Green Party) or Anarchist. I believe that society can somewhat govern itself (yes we must become a lot wiser). We have federal and state and local governments and we have the honor of being the most over govern people on this planet.

  9. custador

    Sounds like the UK. Doctors employed by the National Health Service (NHS) who work in NHS hospitals are allowed to take on private patients, treat them in NHS hospitals and ignore waiting lists in exchange for £££. It essentialy means that what, for example, Bupa membership gets you is exactly the same care as you’d get anyway, but without waiting for it! So, in exchange for making a private company and a private individual richer and making those on social health-care wait longer, you can jump queues… And this is Britain. We’re very big on queueing properly.

  10. “Scary McLiar Pants” MWHAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. Isn’t that her name? 😉

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