Me losing my shit

Every now and then I really cut loose in a video for the sheer cathartic joy of it.  This is one of those times.  In this video I offer conclusive scientific evidence that haters are morons and you shouldn’t let them bother you.

This rant actually went on for quite a while and I cut a chunk out for time saving purposes.  Then the video was extremely popular on YouTube so I decided to upload the excised portion (I also think it sand up quite well on its own:

People often say things like isn’t getting that angry bad for your blood presure?  In a word -no.  This power of catharsis is a great way to lower stress levels.  I recommend it to everyone.



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6 responses to “Me losing my shit

  1. Another great set of rants as usual Mr A…

    And Catharsis is indeed a great thing. Some people walk around angry all the time, letting things simmer, boil and fester inside, and are really, really, all around nasty people.

    For many, letting loose will often help them let go, and they are often better able to enjoy life afterwards. So I agree, it isn’t the getting mad and ranting that is so much the problem, as much as the when, where, how and to whom you do it to.

    People sometimes scream and yell simply because what their emotions are telling them, and not necessarily because they have any good logical reason to be. And while that may make one feel good, it is rather unfair to everyone else.

    People sometimes forget that while letting loose feels great, emotions are not based on logic, and so without being tempered by common sense and consideration, doing so whenever wherever and to whomever you please still makes you an a-hole…

    I think this is one of the reasons why I like your rants. You show that it is still possible to go into a cathartic rage without unnecessarily visiting emotional trauma on others.

    Except in cases where they really, really deserve it… 🙂

  2. No tolerance for tossers. Indeed.

  3. Well that put a smile on my face. I had a off weekend. Those elitist scum are pissing me off and are interrupting my visions of Utopia.

    Then I read this crap from Sarah Palin.

    “Senator Obama is not a man who sees America as you and I do – as the greatest force for good in the world.”

    If I could band her from politics as you can band those morons from YouTube, I would, I would. Arghhhhh. Usually my anger doesn’t show. 🙂

    BTW, I allow those good feelings to guide me in life, like Love, Joy and Happiness. One can feel those dark feeling of Anger, Rage or sadness from time to time but one should never dwell on them.

    I do belief thought that these lowly people (the haters) are the results of their upbringing and society at all levels seems to actively encourage this. This must stop.

  4. Umm…

    Desperately seeking a valid reason for using the word Nigger, except for talking Latin. (Niger being latin for the colour black, on a related note don’t search for “black in latin” while at work…)

    So I guess you could use it to pontificate on why the ancient greek for black is an “acceptable” word for black people (negro) while the latin one is not.

    Anyway, woo for having free time at work! (Woo for having delivered on deadline…)

  5. Phyre: denying anger is counter-productive. Creative release is the way to go!

    Rachel: None at all.

    Alan: She is an affront to humanity.

    Massif: Woo for free time!

  6. Maldris

    Conversely I believe that holding it in can be good sometimes (emphasise the sometimes) I tend to hold it in and focus the anger and similar emotions towards my martial arts and similar pursuits.

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