Fuck Sarah Palin supporters!

I don’t know where I got the idea that being reasonable was a good idea.  About a month ago, I posted here and on YouTube that I was done with commenting on the GOP campaign in the US presidential race, largely because it depressed me too much (I also noticed upon re-reading that piece that I was talking about if the US economy implodes – I certainly take no pleasure in seeing that part come true).  I was even conciliatory to Republicans generally, noting that they have every right to have different opinions and values to me and that doesn’t, in and of itself, make them evil or stupid.

Well fuck that.  I call bullshit on myself.  At this point, the only people still actively supporting Palin fall into one of two camps:

  1. Evil, soulless win-at-any-costs party hacks who couldn’t give a flying fuck how much their reckless actions fuck up the world
  2. Slack jawed zombies who lack the basic fucking mental capacity to process the simple fact that Palin is horrifically incapable of fulfilling the requirements of senior executive office

In either case, fuck being reasonable to these people.  The sort of stupid responses I have received (particularly on YouTube – big surprise) from the mouth-breathing fuckwits that are still supporting her have clearly shown me that being reasonable is a waste of my time.  If these whining little bitches are going to fling insults when I’m being conciliatory then I’ll give them something to be worked up over.

I’m still not going to waste my intellectual or emotional energy on them.  But I’m going to have a fuck of a good time taunting them.  These people are pond scum.  They either know they are lying and continue to do so in a completely shameless way or they are too fucking stupid to realise they are regurgitating blatant lies that anyone with an IQ over 75 can see right through.  Either way, I’m not wasting my time with logic or debate with these fucking animals.  You need at least some basic intelligence or basic integrity for there to be any value in that approach and these slavering hellspawn are utterly devoid of either.

What’s fun is that no matter how clear I make it that I’m not interested in their fucked up opinions they’ll still bleat.  They are too fucking stupid to see the idiocy of their own position and they are too fucking stupid to realise that people are sick of putting up with them.  Their aggrieved whining at being told to shut the fuck up is music to my ears.  They are so horrifically self-absorbed they are utterly incapable of conceiving of a universe that doesn’t place them at its centre.  Not even a shovel smacked square in their face would get through to them.  Although I’m willing to try.

With an increasing parade of actual conservatives deserting the sham conservatism of the McCain/Palin ticket (often because of Palin) it’s obvious what the result of the impending elections needs to be.  For the Republicans to lose is not enough – they need to be crushed.  At every level of the elections: Presidential, senate and congressional.  For the good of the world, America and even the Republican party itself they need to be utterly crushed.  The hateful and destructive behaviour pushed by the neocons needs to be relegated to history so the Republican party can actually regain its integrity.

Ron Paul has shown there are still Republicans with integrity.  I think he’s too old (and possibly too crazy) to run in a future election but hopefully his example will inspire the future direction of the GOP.  I’ll still disagree with them on most issues but at least I’ll be able to respect them.

So yeah, I won’t be wasting any of my time or energy on subtle, nuanced political discourse.  But I’ll sure as hell enjoy yanking the chain of anyone who stupid and/or fucked enough to continue to insist Sarah Palin is anything but the most cynical joke ever inflicted on the American populace.  It’s time for Sarah Palin supporters to shut the fuck up.



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60 responses to “Fuck Sarah Palin supporters!

  1. dismutased

    Hang on!

    you said you weren’t going to expend intellectual energy on SP/JMcC supporters yet you still used big words and phrases! Come on now. ;).

    You know, apart from not agreeing with ANYTHING she says and being frankly horrified at some of her beliefs, I’m beginning to like the woman. I’m not sure if that’s because she’s simply become the parody of herself, or if it’s because she makes people like you spit utterly funny poison and madness. Either way, I’m rather ashamed of the joviality I feel.

    I still think it would be supremely funny to have her get into office, that is until their duopoly of insanity screwed the world and impacted upon me.

    I knew you couldn’t stay away from this topic. hehe.

  2. dismutased: You got to be kidding me……. Sarah Palin winking must have caused you to be hypnotized. How can you see this as a fun exercise into Madness only to the point when it effects you personally? You are deeply fooling yourself since by that point in time, it is to late.

    Angry: Regarding the US economy, search, “America collapses” in Google.

  3. dismutased: I have decided she deserve ridicule rather than any intellectual response 🙂

    Alan: I too find it hard to ignore the disaster she would be for the world.

  4. dismutased


    Alan, I think you misunderstand my partially tongue-in-cheek post.

    Yes, something about her appeals to me. This appeal really is only academic as, even if I were a US citizen, I would scoop out my eyes with a rusty spoon before voting for her and the smiling corpse.

    Sarah fascinates me on a number of levels. In analysing her appeal I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a huge gap (at least in the US) between what people want in a leader and what they see on offer.

    Obama also has this gap-bridging appeal, however it’s affects a different demographic. Watching all these political machinations has given me some serious insight into the minds of ordinary Americans, and not all of it is unfavourable.

    I’m proud to say I can get along, or at least communicate with pretty much anyone, and figuring people out is my hobby. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘good’ people can hold ‘bad’ or ‘ignorant’ views, and that essentially most people are the product of their times and adhere to the inherently accepted views of those times (read good people of the 1940/50s who believed that blacks shouldn’t go to uni or be in the same schools as their children etc.)

    To cut through the waffle ;), ‘good’ people want to see one of their own as a leader. And the fact that she ‘is’ one of them appeals to a certain everyman/everywoman part of many of us. I like to think about why this is.

    I’d need to explain my theories further, but it’d take pages and frankly nobody else cares! 🙂

    end waffle

  5. Agreed. Those people need to stfu. Palin’s a joke, plain and simple. I hope Obama owns both her and the Zombie man and owns them fast.

  6. David Ramer

    Sorry bout that last one…but I saw this when I was watching the video

  7. matt from the water place

    Dear Mr A.

    It’s a pity you’re discriminating against women. And Eskimos.

  8. Wow… You got Sarah Palin advertising on your Blog… That’s some serious Phail there Mr A.


  9. Dismutased: I think she represents (to a lot of people) a fictional ideal that they wished was all around them. I don’t think she’s stupid but she is currently horrifically unprepared for the role an utterly incapable of filling it. I would be very surprised if she didn’t return, successfully, in the future.

    Black: I hope they are crushed in the dirt

    David: Kick arse! I’m becoming a meme!

    Matt: and mooses

    Phyre: It’s fun to be paid by the people you are disparaging.

  10. P.S.

    I think the same everyman/woman mentality is what got Bush elected, and look where that got us…

    I’m sitting here wondering what it’s gonna take for people to realize that while it may be comforting for the masses to believe that they could have a shot at the white house, it is unfortunately also true that your average joe/jane blow “everyperson” is rarely properly equipped to run a country…

  11. dismutased

    Phyreblade: true that.

    Angry: you think she may make a comeback after this? o.0. Oh lord, you may be right.

  12. cmd

    The really sad thing is that before America’s economy imploded, people actually thought that Palin was a good choice for VP. This lady does not even believe that dinosaurs once existed! God help the rest of the world if that pair gets elected…

  13. custador

    “For the good of the world, America and even the Republican party itself they need to be utterly crushed. The hateful and destructive behaviour pushed by the neocons needs to be relegated to history so the Republican party can actually regain its integrity.”

    You’re God-damned right.

  14. Oh, Sarah! She PALIN comparison to Biden – like 30 years of experience PALIN.

  15. Phyre: I live in hope that a change in the form of someone who can actually do the job would make people wake up to that joe schmoe bullshit. Maybe I’m delusional.

    Cmd: I think there’s somewhere in the realm of 20-30% of the population who still think she’s perfect. Although, to be fair, it’s likely that at least 20% of the people who hate her are stupid too.

    Custador: Is it too much to hope for a political opponent that you can actually respect?

    Kate: The idea of even comparing the competence of the two is farcical. Didn’t stop a whole bunch of people from trying though.

  16. Michelle

    Just wanted to say thanks for the “I’m done with Sarah Palin” video on You Tube. You rock & I appreciate your viewpoint! I feel so sickened with US politics that if McCain wins, it will mean that corruptness and lies will continue for another 4 or more years. Palin is a pretty face with nothing beyond it and McCain is a lying bastard that is Bush the 3rd and sadly, many people believe in his deceit. I am a Democrat and am sick by the racism against him and the portrayal of him being a Muslim. Who knows where the US will be in the years to come? We are already in the toilet and unliked in the rest of the world. Can I come live in your country instead? Aussies rock, I wish I was one 🙂

  17. Michelle

    Just wanted to say thanks for the “I’m done with Sarah Palin” video on You Tube. You rock & I appreciate your viewpoint! I feel so sickened with US politics that if McCain wins, it will mean that corruptness and lies will continue for another 4 or more years. Palin is a pretty face with nothing beyond it and McCain is a lying bastard that is Bush the 3rd and sadly, many people believe in his deceit. I am a Democrat and am sick by the racism against Obama and the portrayal of him being a Muslim. Who knows where the US will be in the years to come? We are already in the toilet and unliked in the rest of the world. Can I come live in your country instead? Aussies rock, I wish I was one 🙂

  18. Michelle, I still hold out hope that a significant majority of Americans are smart enough to see that Obama holds the best hope for America’s future. I really want the election to be over – the suspense is killing me.

  19. heather

    Mr angry guy,
    I direct you here.


    Just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t make then crazy, evil, or stupid. It means they have different values than you and that simply isn’t crazy, evil, or stupid. Thank goodness we live in a free country that allows us to believe what we choose to believe, vote for who we want to vote for, and do that we want to do as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others.

    Have a nice day, angry guy, if you can.

  20. heather: a point I’ve made myself several time (I made a video about it last night actually). There are just certain people I’m done with and I refuse to invest any emoitional energy into “reaching” them. It isn’t going to work and I refuse to waste my time and energy.

    I am eminently respectful of people I disagree with when they deserve respect. And I always have a nice day. Thanks for your positive wishes.

  21. Ingrid

    I agree to hell with SP-You know I had a staunch republican tell me that Obama’s health care plan would be to her benefit and would help her out more than McCain’s but that she’s still going to vote for McCain. You know what that is my friends-A DOWNRIGHT RACIST ATTITUDE. You know what the difference is between a SOCCER MOM & a WORKING MOTHER? THAT WORKING MOTHER PUTS FOOD ON THE TABLE.

  22. Awesome words Ingrid 🙂 The difference between a real person and a political construct.

  23. Unserened

    Mr Angry,

    Unfortunatley here in America there are so many politically uneducated people. They take for granted thier vote. They take for granted the constitution. They take for granted the people they vote in will do thier job. It absolutley infuriates me, Some one would offer thier vote to a canidate based on Gender or Race. They are not doing thier country a good service. When John Mcain picked Sara Palin I was hoping it was for the idea that anyone could run for office. He wanted someone who didnt rub elbows with the Elitists in Washington. That actually was a good idea. Until she opened her mouth. She has not shown any knowledge or experience that conveys any thought at all about the office she is running for. She is completley clueless. That is why the campaign she is running is based on High school imature stratagies on Barak Obama. She does not have any thoughts on Foreign Policy in fact she probably doesnt even agree with the concept. The only thing she shows she is good with is slander. Personally I am so sick of the republicans campaign strategies it turns my stomach. I have never in my life seen such Unprofessionalism in Politics as I have seen these last eight years. She just tops the cake. There are many in the U.S press that are pretty upset with this as well. I dont know if you have had the chance to see this youtube with Keith Olbermann heres the link.. He basically states my sediment.

    You think your angry? Hehe I have been angry for eight years.

  24. Hef

    Has Playboy approached SP about a photo layout yet? That would be good for some comic relief after this very bitter and hateful campaign the borderline retard has helped in.

  25. Tracy

    I am not writing to harass or disagree. Just wished to comment that I grew up in a home with thousands of books, literally hundreds of books in each room. My extended family had access to jobs, college, libraries, National Geographics, etc.

    It is easy to forget that much of what Sarah Palin calls the “patriotic core” of America is a zillion little hayseeds, where there is no dsl or cable modem, there are no old copies of National Geographic or Smithsonian. Dirt poor and a culture where the average IQ is well under 100 locally. The thing to do there is play sports and join the Marines or Army at age 18 so you get a paycheck.

    I am not picking on the Republicans here; I am grateful my grandparents moved our gene-pool out of this type of place, grateful my son grew up with dsl, Omni, Smithsonian and National Geographics all over the house.

    The thing I have noticed in my travels is two kinds of Republicans:

    1) Stinking rich, center-of-universe, educated and convinced God has their back because they exploit their employees

    2) Poor and dumb as dirt, too stupid to have a novel idea outside of their brain washing. No curiosity will ever lead them to a website like projectcensored.com

    No matter how this turns out, just remember that General Colin Powell dumped the Republicans this year. It is just that for every Republican of Powell’s intellect, there are ten more with a whooping IQ of 80, like Palin.

  26. Tracy

    btw, I am a died-in-the-wool swing voter, 5 years green party, 12 years independent, 8 years republican and recent convert to democratic party. I took my mentally, physically handicapped neighbor to his polling place to vote for Obama, ate breakfast and then voted for Obama. I cannot ever recall feeling better about my vote.

  27. Tracy

    Well, what a huge burden has been removed from my psyche… Barrack Hussein Obama is human, will make some errors, will not please everyone. His willingness to govern one America and unite us in some fashion is a good thing.

    I had braced myself emotionally in case we had 4-8 more years of hate politics masquerading as “God’s will for us all”. What a relief.

    I’ll check back here often, as I do like seeing the opinions of others, even if I do not agree with some of them.

    Apparently the US of A is still a democracy, freer of election fraud and freer of deceit and brainwashing than I thought. Whether you agree or disagree with my views, I would urge you all to check out some places that swayed not only my vote, but turned me towards re-registering democratic:


    The link above leads to a lot of vetted stories, some of which are critical of democrats, like Senator Feinstein and her husband.

    Last thought of this post, the link below makes some sense of how our democracy worked on election day:


    link above, authored by:

    Mark Newman, Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan
    Email: mejn@umich.edu
    Updated: November 5, 2008

    I’d like to thank all of you for posting here. I’d like to thank Mark Newman for posting the maps, they make sense of what just happened in a very visual way.

    Lastly, the notion that rich white people have some kind of monopoly on either God or patriotism turns my stomach. I’d guess I am not alone in that sentiment.



  28. Unserened: Well, they paid the price! 😀

    Hef: No, but Larry Flynt did make a porno

    Tracy: it is a wonderful new day!

  29. meenmthrfckr

    Fuck all this political shit. I wanna fuck that hot bitch.

  30. Gabe Galardi

    Yes FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ALL REPUBLICANS i hope this years election will spell the end of the republican party

    • meen: I wouldn’t touch her with someone else’s dick

      Gabe: It won’t but I hope more honest Republicans influenced by, say, Ron Paul come to the fore.


  32. Please include this communist dictator Republican bitch SARAH PALIN in this website as will


  33. J. R. "Roberto" Dobbs


    that repugnant political paradigm from the Dark Ages,

    in which might makes right and mindless, naked brute force together with the principle of “survival of the fittest” is the Prime Directive,

    which embraces the alphamale model of simian tribal leadership, and the attitude that Nature’s purpose is to be ravaged by man,

    which views human beings not as beneficiaries of inalienable rights, but rather as livestock to be chipped, tracked and bullied into submission by Authority,

    to be controlled and manipulated in support of the great GOP caste of corporate and political elitists,

    ….should be left to die and rot in the dim shadows of the distant past.

    There simply isn’t any place for it on 21st Century Earth any longer.

  34. imagine!!

    i agree with most of the comments on here and regard palin as someone i would NEVER want in the whitehouse.i know right now the economy is really bad and quite possibly near a depression,ican,t even imagine how much worse it would have been if mcbush/palin had won the election in 08!mcbush did say he would cut all spending except ofcourse military spending!!! sure no money to fix healthcare,no money for infrastructure repair,no extended unemployment benefits for people who had gladly worked steadily for years until a layoff!!no money for any social programs!!but plenty of money for more unnessescary wars! palin would have had NO clue how to fix this mess and neither would mccain aka mcbush!!

  35. Sarah Palin can go fuck herself. Fucking cunt.

  36. Mike

    Why in the hell would people support a person that walks out on their political responsibilities, and then dares to murmur about a GOP nomination for president. What a complete ass Sarah Palin is…The dumbass has barely 4 years of real national political experience. To top off her poor credentials, the ignorant bitch had the nerve to start her farewell, I am fucking quitting because of the pressure, moronic bullshit speech, with: “So how about in honor of the American soldier, you quit making up things.” What the fuck? What do soldiers have to do with her retarded ass quitting because of ethics complaints. What the hell do you expect the media to do on your fairy tale road to the White House? For the love of god or satan, or whatever those GOP bastards sacrifice children and common sense to…Please drop this bitch from the news and the political scene. Politics are assed up enough, without her Class President drama. Vote for me, here is a candy bar. And those fucking Alaskan idiots are eating it up. How do spoon fed turds taste.

  37. frankie

    Bravo! The level of ignorance and complacency in the United States never ceases to amaze and frustrate me. I understand and applaud your rant but after Bush2 was re-elected when there was enough of the truth out there to put Bush and Cheney behind bars the people showed their stupidity. So don’t discount them again if she were to come to power it truly could be the apocalypse.

    Yeah, Bush and Cheney are probably still slapping each other on the backs and counting their stacks as the people who re-elected them are still paying the price, literally.

    If by chance, she gets into a position of power in the US I will most certainly give up my citizenship and apply for political asylum in whatever county might take me and no I’m not some ignorant ass who has never been out of the country. I’ve lived and worked in both war torn counties and countries that actually have much better health care and socio-economic systems than I’ve encountered here.

    One thing that I don’t believe she could get past though is a debate with the ever so well spoken, articulate and probably one of the most intelligent presidents we’ve ever had, Obama. I don’t think she’d get past Obama in a debate.

    Thanks for the site and the initial kind words… it is rather comforting.

  38. Did some nutjob actually type the following:

    TangledThorns on CNN.com August 14th, 2009 3:16 pm ET

    “Sarah Palin is amazingly surprising. She uses facts, not rhetoric and that has the Left in retreat. She defeated the Democrats Cap & Tax plan with one op-ed. Now she is doing the same to the shady health care plan from her Facebook page alone. No politician in history is equal to what Sarah is capable and is why she’ll claim the White House in 2012.”

    I am sorry, but Sarah Palin is an absolute moron, and the author of the comment is…I can’t think of the expletives to explain that reasoning. No politician in history? Really? Go to Hell. She has no place in politics after quitting for what amounts to no rational explanation. Why get in to politics if you quit because of critics and opponents.

    As far as “Wealth Care Reform”, can any of you idiot people see that democrats and republicans are why we are in this position to begin with. We need to worry about common sense reform before we handle anything else. Judging from the uneducated portion of the population that is screaming at town hall meetings…we have long way to go before we see ANY change for the good.

    Whatever side you are on…At least come to terms with the fact that Health Insurance Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies are NOT ON THE SIDE OF THE AVERAGE WORKING CLASS CITIZEN. Why else would they be feeding us Cymbalta and Cialis like candy. They are preying on the very same health fears that people express most often in their viewpoints on reform. It is high time that we make the government work for us. How many more bailouts and foolish choices must both parties make before our country implodes on itself.

    Stop parroting unchecked facts and learn what is really going on, because we are all headed down the wrong path. Down with Bi-Partisan BullShit and Sarah Palin. There is your Antichrist if any bible thumpers ever need an example.

    Love, Joe the Laid Off Plumber.

  39. Amy P.

    Sarah Palin = ignorant, wolf killing -with no purpose or defense – ill-gotten gained twit.
    I don’t want her anywhere near my government – I don’t even believe she’s American.

    Let’s start that kind of Republican slander – “She lives so close to Russia…. etc.”

  40. S

    “Sarah Palin Debates America’s Best Christian” 2:40 minutes long –


  41. Ike

    Still baffled as to why this woman has any supporters. All you have to do is listen to her talk and you will realize she’s a moron. Nothing she says makes sense. I heard her Alaska resignation (quitter) speech and have since listened again and I don’t get it. Rambling, incoherent and she sounds the same every time she opens her mouth.
    How could anyone think she’s qualified for higher office? She’s about as sharp as a bowling ball.

  42. suckitpalin

    hey sarah palin.

    I can’t believe that you are taken seriously by anyone. I feel like I’m dreaming when I see you on TV, like as if I’m going to wake up laughing at any moment with that feeling you get after waking from a bad dream.
    What the hell happened to our country?

    Concerned citizen

  43. suckitpalin

    oh, by the way Palin has no right to “rate” Obama on Fox news. Its like getting a movie review from Stevie Wonder.

  44. Robert

    Sarah Palin running for President would indicate desperation for the Conservatives.
    The US is supposed to be a 2 party system for checks and balances……..it is detrimental for the country if one party runs eveything. Example is the GWB debacle.

  45. chris

    Sarah Palin is a dumb bitch I hate her alot

  46. Jason Patron

    I agree 100 percent. Most Republicans honestly make me ashamed to be American. Half of this country really is as stupid as it’s made out to be. Honestly, the United States is not “united” at all. But THIS time, when the stupid folks want to secede, the smart ones won’t try to stop them. I’m talking to YOU, Texas.

  47. crai

    If sara become prez. Im fuckin out. why is all the celeberities get noinated, shes a joke and if she gets elected im done with america. i tired, and if not i fuckin quit!!!!!!!!

  48. Laila

    i went to http://www.google.com n i typed in fuck sarah palin hoping someone is feeling the same as me….THANK YOUUUUUU LOOOOORD JEEEESSSUUUUSSSSS…YES….hahaha

  49. Lewis

    Like Laila, I searched “fuck sarah palin.” Google returned this unexpectedly funny post, so those dick-shriveling TLC ads aren’t completely worthless after all. If she’s elected president, it will significantly raise the bar for cosmic jokes. It could even demonstrate how little influence a typical administration has over the nation, since it’s basically just a paint-by-numbers game with some populism thrown in to pacify the slightly less retarded constituents who happen to be paying attention.

    Watching the massively disingenuous GOP implode would be pretty funny, too. Maybe we’d luck out and see it replaced with a legitimate libertarian alternative instead of having to suffer through another several decades of the “values” party. You might not know it, but conservatives have so many values that there’s actually nothing left for liberals to value.

  50. Stephanie

    I know this was written awhile but in wake of the Shootings in Arizona and Sarah Palin’s Target practice chart and agenda, I so agree with you, As an American and black, I am really know indifferent toward this country, Things will always be this way, Rednecks and stupid people run this country. Intelligence is looked down upon here, I wish you could save me,

  51. Yo

    Why is she still alive?

  52. Jesse T. USMC 68-70

    Sarah Palin and all the Tea Party people need to STFU!!. It is what it is. I am a proud gun owner and will never be a member of the NRA. Sarah Palin was not shot it was a Congresswoman Gifford, so Sarah STFU!!!

  53. Dave

    Dear Mr Angry
    Palin’s support come from those who are nothing but mindless followers. They could not form an intellectual opinion of their own if their lives depended on it. This is the group that the Tea Party wanted to target, those who were on the fringes of American politics. Just look at the support that someone like Christine O’ Donnell can muster up. She is dumber than a sack of shit and the things that come out of her mouth are clearly formed by someone with the intellectual capacity of a slug. Yet there are a lot of people who are even dumber than she is who believe and embrace her nonsensical rhetoric. Palin just speaks a lot of rubbish that has no meaning, reasoning, or substance. However, unquestioning stupidity has become the supreme authority over American politics. I am not a fan of Obama’s but where are the conservative intellectuals who have just taken a back seat on almost every issue and have allowed a group of non-intellectual inbreeds to dominate American politics?

  54. Hugh Jassol

    Like many others, I Googled ‘Fuck Sarah Palin’ and wound up here. Anyone who claims that she is a viable candidate for any position above dogcatcher is an idiot of the first degree. She is neither attractive nor intelligent. When she speaks, I hear the sound of Nurse Kratchet’s fingernails dragging across the blackboard. It makes my blood run cold. The sound of her voice is every man’s nightmare. She is abhorrent to me. I believe that John McCain should be sent back to the Hanoi Hilton for unleashing this terrible plague upon the American public. Shame on him, and shame on anyone who supports such a horrible joke of a person, masquerading as a “public servant”.

  55. BooBob

    I thought Sarah supporters believed in abstinence? No fucking them anytime soon! Maybe that’s what they need?

  56. David B. Mills III

    Palin supporters should move to Mexico where they might fit in or wake up in a dumpster as most stupid people should. This country SCARES me to death when I see them feed in to people who have know idea on how to run anything other than a bake sale. Some people just can’t seem to free them selves of there high school mentality and bring down a whole country with there moronic views on what is good for this country. I have friends in Europe who have expressed there views very loudly when BUSH was elected, I can’t imagine what they will say if PALIN is elected. Well yes I can if Palin is president I would view it as the complete dumbing down of America AND INVADE IT AND IN-SLAVE THE MORONS. Popular people are OK when your in high school but worth less BITCHES in real life WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA !

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