Obama should have punked McCain

Well, it looks another presidential debate passed by without changing much.  From what I’ve read, these debates rarely have an influence on election outcomes but these ones seem even less likely to as nothing decisive seems to be happening in them.

Interestingly, I’ve seen a few commentators being fascinated by CNN’s use of real time reaction measurement by giving “undecided” voters a box with a dial to twiddle and translating the results into a moving line.  It’s isn’t that I want to deride CNN’s cutting edge widgets but we’ve had that crap for ages in Australia – over a decade, I think.  We call it the worm.

The most interesting thing I read about the debate was that McCain apparently deigned to look at Obama this time.  I personally think Obama should have punked him as they went to shake hands.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who would have laugh if, at the critical point, instead of shaking hands Obama suddenly lunged at McCain as if he was going to hit him just to see McCain flinch.

White guys ALWAYS jump when black guys do that – even if the black guy is a lifelong friend.  I’m not saying I find it inherently funny when obnoxious old men shriek like a little girl, fall over and shit their pants.  OK, I am saying that’s funny.  Comedy gold.

C’mon Obama, there’s on more debate.  Don’t let me down!



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5 responses to “Obama should have punked McCain

  1. E0157H7

    The frosting on that cake would, of course, be if that aneurysm that must be nestled snugly in McCain’s brain popped right as Obama faked him out.

  2. That’s kind of what I’m hoping for.

  3. dismutased

    Obama punking McCain would have been high ratings viewing indeed! Unfortunately Obama has the sensible gene and instead went for a boring and presidential air. 😉

    Also, without trying, he looked quite hot.

  4. custador

    I actually did just laugh so hard that I pee’d a little bit reading E0157H7’s comment….

  5. dismuatsed: yes, the US could be proud if they elect a president who is both intelligent and hot 😉

    custador: it’s our secret guilty pleasure to think thoughts like that.

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