Horrific injury stories

What was I thinking?  I decided to tell a story of the worst injury I ever received – way back in the dark ages when I was in school:

Telling a story like that is nothing unusual but I asked people to tell their injury story in return.  So now I’ve spent a few hours being grossed out by people’s comments.  If you have a strong stomach, check them out yourself:




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22 responses to “Horrific injury stories

  1. Matt

    It’s a bit weird thinking how you could’ve died or have been seriously injured if the discus was just in this certain position, or if you had gotten up a bit earlier, etc., etc.

    How lucky would you consider yourself throughout that whole ordeal? Despite not having an ambulance called over and being ignored for 5 hours?

  2. custador


    Helping a mate tile his bathroom, I tripped over his dog (which was blind), stuck my hand out to break my fall, and accidentaly jammed a bathroom tile into the ball of my thumb so hard that it stuck in the bone and snapped-off. I had a three inch gash and severed a tendon, which had to be sutured. The thumb has been double jointed ever since. The best part is that I had to walk four miles, pissing blood out of my hand, to my local doctor’s office, by which time he couldn’t stitch the gash closed because too much tissue had died, and it’s left a horrible, ragged scar.

    Most painful:

    Fell down some stairs and twisted my foot awkwardly. The tendon didn’t tear because it was too scarred and tough from a previous injury, so instead it tore the chunk of bone it was attached to off of my ankle joint. Excruciating isn’t a strong enough word.

  3. Tyjet88

    I couldn’t fit my story into the comments, so I made a video response. My first ever “vlog.”

    It’s really not cool, because my family picks on me now. For instance… the scene in Home Alone when the burglar steps into the window and into the shattered Christmas ornaments. Let’s just say I know how the guy felt when he did it. Haha.

  4. Matt: amazingly lucky – there were about 100 outcomes that were really bad and I lucked into the one that was OK.

    custador: OK, I cringed several times reading those stories.

    tyjet: Families can be bastards 😉

  5. DOA

    Can’t say I’ve had any serious injuries. I guess being a geek and spending all day in front of a pc has its advantages. The worst I’ve had was slip on wet floor and land on my elbow. A few hours later it was swollen and I could only move it about 30 degrees. Beyond that it was pure agony. Spent the next 1-2 months discovering what a pain in the ass it is to have use of only one of your arms.

    custador: Look at the bright side. Anyone asks you where you got that scar you say “I was in this bar in Peru having a drink on the day before we were to depart to visit an isolated tribe in the jungle. This guy suddenly pulls a knife on a poor defenseless woman so I step in and disarm him. He managed to nick me though.”

  6. custador

    ROFL! Yeah, I might use that one 😀 Although, in fairness, I do have other scars where I’ve been attacked with knives and broken bottles. Not very big ‘n manly ones, though.

  7. DOA: It’s disturbing how incapacitating relatively simple injuries can be.

  8. FlyingHat

    Humans are basically walking packages of jello. It’s not surprising how easily we can be disabled.

  9. A few years ago I was sitting outside in my porch swing with a friend. All of a sudden the chain came out of the anchor and my side of the swing fell…. The entire weight of that side of the swing AND me on top of my calf and ankle twisted beneath me. I couldn’t move. The dipschit friend sat there screaming her bloody head off. In the x-ray department, I sat for hours. The doctor came around while checking everything before closing, and discovered that everyone had forgotten me. 😦 Nothing was broken but I had some connective tissue damage and ended up in a walking cast for 8 weeks.

  10. Flyinghat: I’m more of a jelly package than many so i concur

    Sandra: Owwwwwww! Nothing like stupidity and wasting time to make an injury a worse experience!

  11. E0157H7

    I bashed my head into a steel-framed door when I was around two years old. I have a dinky scar on my forehead now, but then my head was smaller than a honeydew so there were stitches from my hairline to my eyebrows. Did that stop me from hitting my head on stuff? No.

  12. Katherine

    When I was in year two, I accidentally stabbed myself in the thigh with an old, rusty putty knife. The wound was a few inches deep, so it was pretty awful to treat and also left behind a pretty nasty scar. I’ve broken bones several times before, but nothing compares to that accident. It was terrible.

  13. E0157H7: I don’t think we ever outgrow hitting our heads

    Katherine: You were in class when you did that? People must have freaked out!

  14. random injury i got when i was about 13,

    I was having a horseriding lesson on a friends horse who was known to be a shit and refuse jumps and i was pretty gung ho and the horse was great for the whole lesson got him working nicely and refused just before a jump that was about 80cm i fell off landed on the jump with my left hip.

    Ever since i have had horrific hip problems, that hip now will rotate forward and up, i still ride and compete two horses its painfull to ride and walk, and run, 😀 pretty much hurts to do anything it has good days and bad though but it does occasionally get to the point that i cant do anything.

    And chiro’s cant fix it and there to expensive.

    I do have a gym membership and have been doing some exercises to help it only half works.

    lol lame story best i have!

  15. As soon as you mentioned “horse” bad images of being thrown through the air filled my mind.

  16. Maldris

    Like some above (DOA) I haven’t been injured that badly overall but I’ve got a few, mostly from when I was young.

    When I was about 7 and I had just learnt how to skip I was excited and decided to head ahead of my family while skipping. This happened to be in a shopping centre with glass doors and I wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time I kept going and missed the door and slammed into the glass wall beside it resulting in a very sore face for the rest of the day

    Most concerning:
    When I was in Kindergarten there were some rather dangerous kids around, one day I had the misfortune of asking one of them something (don’t remember what) and was promptly grabbed by the arm and tossed into the air, the back of my head came down on the edge of a brick retaining wall causing a slight concussion (was out for about 30 seconds) and resulted in a slight bit of brain damage which is what my limited sense of smell and taste are attributed too (though my response time is significantly above average).

    That was the first of 3 concussions, the funny thing is that despite them my IQ is still 145 (above average) and I’m still a massive intellectual nerd, tremble when considering my capacity if they hadn’t happened.

  17. abagael

    when i was 10 i was playing hockey against the other atom ‘AA’ team and went behind my net to grab the puck and there captine on the other team hit me into the boards ( non-hit) got suspened from hitting from behind (and i new him really well) and jammed my knee into the boards. tore my ligament completly and had to get surgery!!!!!!
    VERY PAINFUL!!!!!!!!

  18. Ryan

    i had a very similar experience to yours! exept it happend at the shot put. i was with 2 or 3 other people practicing the shot put for track and field day. all but 1 of the shot puts had been thrown so i turned and said to my friend aaron, “im gonna grab the shot put balls do NOT throw that shot put ball”. sure enough the idiot decided to throw it anyway and BAM hit me right in the back of the head. i was fine though, didnt even need to go to the hospital. i was only about 12 when this happend and i didnt shed a single tear. mostly because i didnt feel it untill 10 or 20 minutes later.

  19. Inseminator

    Horrific injury is also when one’s time is wasted. Perhaps the greatest instigator of this is media man Alan Jones and the FAKE cancer episode. They were doing something on him for a prostate problem when they discovered he had a brain tumor ! So while they were in his anus they found a brain tumor, further proof that he has shit for brains and talks shit. fuck i’m dedicating a whole website and hate campaign to this. It is like saying I went in for a to problem and they found out I had a throat infection. shiot for brains alan jones, i hope you die of cancer.

  20. alex

    worst one i’ve had was nothing compared to what all you guys suffered…
    i accidentally laid both of my arms on the burning hot silver metal thingie beside a grill. 😀 lovely.

  21. Luke

    My worst injury is also my funniest and most awkward. For whatever reason i figured it would be a good idea to break a bottle in my hand, dont ask me why i was in year 7. All went well, until the bloody thing breaks and my hand looks like a demented hedgehog. ended up severing 6 seperate nerves in each of my fingers and in my palm, and lost 1 pint of blood. Next day i go back to the bottle i squezzed and saw it wasnt even broken all the way. FURIOUS much.

  22. Elsa

    once my dad said that we should all ( me my friend and my dad) go swimming in the river. i made my dad and my friend go first, and when that all went well I jumped off the rock that they did, but wimped out as soon as I jumped and wacked my knee on the rock. The funny thing is though, I didn’t feel it because the water was so cold it instantly numbed my leg. when I got out of the water i was horrified to see blood gushing from my knee. It actually didn’t hurt though because my knee was still numb. as soon as it started to hurt I was already at the doc’s and getting my knee numbed for stitches. the only time that it hurt was when the numbing wore off. I couldn’t bend my knee for two months1

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