Barack Hussein Obama – who is he really?

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Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama

 I am totally over the idiocy, paranoia and hatred being spewed by the anti-Obama camp.  And not that I feel like giving any ground to the fucwits who have been drooling this shit but I will clarify the “racist” remark.  Of course not everyone who isn’t voting for Obama is a racist.  But everyone pushing the “terrorist” innuendo and outright smears is either an ignorant, racist fuck or is an evil, soulless, lying sack of shit who is pandering to ignorant, racist fucks.

And speaking of pandering, I don’t think people are cutting John McCain enough slack for the way he’s tried to calm down the rhetoric at his rallies recently.  I saw the video and he seemed to be suffering actual physical pain at the way he had to repeatedly tell people Obama was trustworthy and decent and not some baby eating demon or, worse, an arab.  He knows he fucked up and he’s decided to take some responsibility for it.  Maybe a little late but not near as late as he could have left it.

The big question for me is why did he do it?  He’s clearly done a 180 degree flip from what he was doing only a week earlier.  My theory is that he’s looked at the numbers and realised he’s going to lose the election.  He followed the advice of the evil, ruthless bastards in the GOP machine and gave up all of his standards and sank into the gutter.  He followed the advice of the same people who fucked him over with their lies in the 2000 primary race.  And it didn’t work.

I think he’s changed course just so he can live with himself.  He spent months abandoning any principles he had in his lust to win.  He gave up his soul and got nothing in return.  And who knows, this last ditch decency strategy might win him back a few moderates.  But given that is really is nothing but the barest standards of decency after months of lies, smears and hate mongering it’s almost certainly too little, too late.

At least it shows he hasn’t totally passed over into the dark side.  He has at least vestigal remnants of human decency.  He never deserved to be fucked over by his own party – his time was in 2000.  It’s too late now.  He’s too old, too unwell, his judgement is clearly shot and the choice of Sarah Palin as VP is a disgusting insult to the American people.  Given the chances of him dying in office are about 110% (with a 10% margin of error in that figure) Palin has to be seen as a Presidential nomination.  And neither America nor the world would survive that.



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  1. E0157H7

    I’m waiting for him to just break down and say something akin to: “What’s wrong with you fuckers? You’re so breathtakingly stupid, it’s surreal! I’m amazed that you’re actually able to function! You’re all marching straight down to hell with smiles on your faces, led by the same gaggle of criminally evil bastards that have been screwing you for eight years! Sarah Palin? Are you fucking kidding me?”
    That’s how I imagine it in my head, anyway.

  2. custador

    Loving that poster 🙂

    Have you read any of the “Obama is a Kenyan” bullshit that’s doing the rounds now (and which even Fox News won’t run because it’s so ludicrous)?

  3. i totally agree, but you must remeber that these aren’t soulless people, they are actual quite sane people who make judgements based on their upbringing, surroundings and their past experiences.

    Trying too convince stubborn, morons who can only believe what their daddy told them is a major task…. i mean, did you see the reaction McCain got when tried to convince the audience the otherday that Obama was a decent man and that they only differed on underlying principles of policy.

  4. custador

    @ Jase:

    None of that changes the fact that every single Republican event should be legally obliged to use “Duelling Banjos” as background music as some kind of Stupid Inbred Alarm (TM)

  5. Oh come on Angry. The reason that McCain has backed off is because he been told by his masters that Obama will win the election. The sheep are falling for the smooth talker name Obama.

    Is Obama going the stop the fraudulent War on Terror? Is he going to stop the fleecing of the wealth of the sheep? Is he going to stop that sick gathering at Bohemian Grove? Is he going to stop the NWO agenda? Is he going to stop the coming inflationary Holocaust?

  6. Aislinn

    I don’t think it is that they are following Obama. I think it IS that Palin has a good shot of being the president, and some people actually don’t like that concept. Go figure.

  7. cynic

    Perhaps given the economic screwup they are trying to throw the election.
    Then OB gets the blame for the aftermath and they can come and win it next time – does Bush have any other relatives that want the job?

  8. Trapper

    I honestly like to think that deep down Mccain is a good man, he is just chasing his dream of being president and doing what ever he can to try to make it happen. Not that i would vote for him if i had a vote (only policy he and i would see eye to eye on is gun ownership). Sarah palin really did screw up his chances tho

  9. I was really amazed at how quickly McCain was turned during this process. It really baffled me. With less than three weeks to go, I hope both candidate camps tone down the crap that has been filtering through the media outlets…

    But that being said, I know it won’t happen. I’m sure we’ll get more gaffe’s like we did this past week (which really were great on both sides).

    I just really have to wonder if the latest Electorate Polls can be believed.

  10. E0157H7

    I fear that the polls won’t be terribly helpful. Like it or not, the unpleasant truth is that race is an issue and Obama is handicapped out of the gate by it. People are probably “fudging” the polls by rationalizing that of course they wouldn’t vote against Obama, why wouldn’t they? Oh, because he’s black? That’s issue? When people are actually getting ready to punch the ballot, some will buckle and vote for the status quo that McCain offers to maintain. It sucks, but McCain has to bomb on a monumental scale for Obama to gain an inch of headway.

  11. dismutased

    I too think McCain is a fundamentally decent person (albeit one I disagree with on most topics). He has simply allowed his campaign direction and himself to be led into less than savoury territory by both a lust for the presidency and the GOP shadow figures who don’t honestly give a toss who the candidate is, as long as they are Republican and they win.

    As one of the NY times commentators said, I reckon he understands he will lose and is trying to come out of it with a shred of dignity and return to what he has tried to promote himself as; someone who doesn’t dip into gutter politics.

    Interestingly and a little off topic, I just found out from an expat today that on the voting ballot (at least in New York) the McCain/Palin duo are running as both Republicans AND independents. They are listed twice on the ballot. Weird.

  12. Mikem

    hey i saw some 0f your videos on youtube and they were extremely funny. i feel that you are a genuine person and i definitely like your style. Keep posting videos and let everyone know whats on your mind cuz your thoughts are absolutely golden. trust me if i got your back 80 percent of america has got your back.

  13. @custador Bahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    @cynic how could Obama be blamed for the aftermath, when you can see whats happening now. i think its fairly obvious that anything obama does with the economy (After theoretical win) will be as a result of the downfall thus far.

    @alan if he’s running for president, do you think he might be a part of that already?

  14. Jase: I believe that Obama is part of the elitist club. It’s Angry who seems to be star struck by Obama, thus my pertinent questions to him.

    Trapper & dismutased: John McCain thinks it funny to run across a stage singing Bomb, Bomb, Bomb in reference to using nuclear weapons on Iran. You describe him as a good or decent person. Such beliefs are ignorant.

    It’s very obvious that both candidates have been brought by big business. When corporations and governments works hand in hand, you have fascism. Seeing that Paulson and Co. are now socializing the toxic debts, then what we are witnessing is the merging of socialist and fascist ideologies into some Orwellian state.

    Since the endless line of credit is now coming to and end and the printing presses for US dollars is running hot, we will begin to see the net result of such economics. Hyper inflation will be the new reality for America. This is leading to one sinister conspiracy which is the total collapse of America by design. Google “America collapses” and tell me that this isn’t going by the script.

  15. custador

    Alan, I think you need to examine the word “elite” more closely. Certainly Obama is intellectually elite, but that can only be a good thing if he’s going to run your country. He’s also the only candidate trying to remove the social and economic elite from your country, or at least make them pay a fair slice – and those rich fucks who rape common people to make themselves fat and happy and almost exclusively Republican. So, who’s the elitist?

  16. E0157H7: I’m waiting for McCain to snap and say “For fuck’s sake – he’s black! Haven’t you noticed? He’s black!”

    Custador: Yes, the desperation is amusing. Another one is the claims he didn’t write his own books.

    Jase: I almost felt sorry for McCain when it seemed to dawn on him the sort of fuckwit behaviour he was encouraging.

    Alan: Your tinfoil hat is showing. Obama is a politician. He is the best hope for improvement. Maybe the only choice is lubricant vs. no lubricant but you can’t magically wish away the existing power structure.

    Aislinn: It is refreshing that a growing number of people seem to be waking up to what a bad idea Palin is.

    Cynic: I’m just glad the inevitable happened while W was still in office and they didn’t manage to forestall it until the next guy was in office.

    Trapper: I think he needs to lose this election and move on. Then he can maybe regain his integrity. And Obama shoudl include him in hid cabinet. Seriously.

    Qiranger: I think he just got desperate. I was stunned he enlisted the people who screwed him over 10 years ago.

    Dismutased: A few weird things are coming out in ballots – it always happens. I think it was in NY also that one had Obama listed as Barack Osama.

    Mikem: I plan to keep going for quite a while. And thanks for watching my back!

  17. Lovely pic you have of Obama there. And you’re right. He is the next president as last night’s debate proved. McCain tried to deny that he encouraged his supporters to spread all that “Obama’s a terrorist” bs and he continued to heap undeserved confidence on Sarah Palin and that she’s the best thing for the Republican party, not to mention that he came across as a grumpy old man.

  18. Agree totally. Plus, the mean pic was easy to find – instead of searching Google Images for “Barack Obama” I searched for “Barack Hussein Obama”

  19. custador: My understanding of elite is it means class. So what you are saying is that Obama is from the intellectual class. Obama is very articulated and this shows his intelligence but that doesn’t demonstrate the he is a true leader. Listen to this speech by JFK.

    Angry: I’m not talking about magically wishing away any power structure. I’m talking about challenging it and changing it. At this time Obama is the lessor of two evils. You did not challenge anything that I have said but rather dubbed me with a tinfoil hat.

    Listen to the speech by JFK and see which one of us sounds like a conspiracy theorist? Currently the American mainstream media acts more like a government propaganda arm than a independent media that informs or alerts the public. The phrase New World Order is becoming common to see and hear.

    I ask you two simple questions:

    1. What does New World Order means?
    2. Who gains from Globalization?

    Now to add to conjecture, I know someone that was in a satanic cult from 1986 to 1989. One thing they use to chant is ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’. I will let you research what this Latin phrase means.

  20. Jason

    Mate, if only more AMERICANS would be so informed and passionate about their govt. as you are about it, we wouldn’t be in the shithole we are now. Cheers!

  21. custador

    @ Alan: No mate. To be the “elite” means to be supreme in whatever field it is you’re talking about. JFK, for example, was a part of an American ruling dynasty – a political elite. Bush and his oil buddies are economic elites (i.e. very, very rich and very, very greedy). Obama is an intellectual elite (i.e. very, very clever).

  22. custador

    Also @ Alan: Dude, you’re coming accross like one ‘o they conspiracy nuts, mate!

  23. E0157H7

    Alan Gresley: Remember Hanlon’s Razor. Mass stupidity supporting a few exploitive old boys makes a lot more sense than massive and intricate cooperation of what are essentially lizard-brained predators, political tyrannosaurus rexes that would just as soon eat each other if it was opportune.

  24. custador: When a conditioned view of reality is threatened, most people will avoid any feelings of cognitive dissonances by either ignoring, misinterpreting, or denying any information that is not part of their current world view.

    I have been questioning reality for most of my life so a few (or many) people seeing me as nuts is what I have become to expect in this world. A will pose the same questions to you that I have posed to Angry.

    1. What does New World Order means?
    2. Who gains from Globalization?

    And which part of what I say makes you think I’m a conspiracy theory nut?

  25. lizzybee


    Heck, I’ll answer your pair of questions:

    1) A conspiracy theory that the world is run by a bunch of elites who secretly meet in strange rituals and that arose out of a phrase once used by Bush Sr., or, in short, a work of fiction. A belief that some people have to give all of the world’s insanity some sort of larger framework so they don’t go crazy realizing that the truth about why all the chaos that occurs is because of warring national, financial, industrial and service-based interests.

    2) Depends on the model of globalization that’s being used. A human-centric model that features wage and environmental protections could benefit many. Or there’s the current screwed-up model.

    Anyway, I can understand your frustration with the U.S. political system. Trust me, most Americans share it too. Unfortunately, business political funding has a solid footing in both major political parties. Hell, I had my own random thoughts about permanently voting third-party for a party that more accurately represents my value system than the Democratic party. But the first year of Dumbya’s government changed my mind. I don’t know if you remember those first days when Dumbya’s stubbornness with China nearly launched a major international incident (WW III). I do. And it has only gotten worse from there. You haven’t lived here in this country, watching your entire regulatory framework, your laws, and your fundamental Constitutional freedoms get ground to dust. You haven’t watched one of your cities get lost to a hurricane– a city that wouldn’t have been in danger but for some really crappy policies that Bush enacted. You haven’t seen your economy get ripped to shreds by military overcommitment in two separate wars.

    I’ve seen what it’s like when the “greater” evil is chosen, and it’s worse than I even imagined in my most paranoid moments. I have my personal issues with Obama (there’s no way in hell he can cut taxes, and I don’t like his belligerence toward Pakistan, and I don’t agree with his support of the FISA bill), but I’ve seen the wreckage that the other side can cause. And I know he has the intelligence and the composure to deal with any issue he’s faced with. Really, I’ll consider him a success if he manages to do any one of the following:

    1) Repair our relationships with our allies
    2) Rebuild our economic regulatory framework
    3) Invest in greener sources of energy and make some real efforts to cut our carbon emissions
    4) Reverse the expansion of executive power
    5) Shut down Gitmo and our overseas torture facilities
    6) Get us the hell out of Iraq and/or Afghanistan
    7) Restore our right of habeas corpus and stop the Constitutional violations
    8) Begin to heal the gaping divisions in American civil society and restore our recognition of the overall value consensus that Americans share

    Maybe he can do all of the things on my list. In that case, he’ll be a hero. But any one is a small step down the road to repair and rebuilding our broken society and our broken planet, and it’s a damn sight more than we’ll get with McCain, especially if he wins due to third-party fragmentation of the electorate.

  26. custador

    @ Lizzybee:

    Well said. Kudos. I think it’s only fair to say that when people like me go on a huge, angry rant about stupid, introverted, xenophobic Americans, we’re talking about Republicans, gun-nuts, the religious-right and inbred hicks from the sticks. We mostly like Democrats, who seem like a solidly decent bunch 😀

  27. lizzybee

    Thanks 🙂 I’m going to differ with you a lot about the Republican party. I’m utterly embarrassed by the racist inbred fuckwits that the international press and that Fox News put forward as representing Republicans and conservatives. Most Republicans are decent, taxpaying folks who hold ideologies that differ from my own and, in many cases, from the fundie authoritarian neocons who have hijacked the party. But they’re not racist, they’re not stupid, and they have integrity, unlike their party.

    Even twenty years ago, a huge contingent of the party was of the old-guard “small government” ideology, that supports government staying not just out of economic affairs, but also out of people’s personal affairs. I don’t agree with the hands-off approach to handling economic affairs, but I do understand it, and I agree with government keeping its nose out of personal affairs. <– The latter is a big part of the wide array of issues that the vast majority of Americans agree upon. I think what we’re seeing now, with more and more old guard conservatives endorsing Obama, is an acknowledgment that the current Republican party doesn’t support these people’s values and interests any longer. An increasing number of Republicans have become appalled by what their party has become, and they’re jumping ship, whether to become officially independent, Libertarian, or to be Republican in name only.

    Here’s my personal take on McCain and Obama. Both are fundamentally decent people, but only one has shown integrity and some semblance of reality in this election– Obama. I’ve read some interesting theories about why McCain seems like an angry, crotchety old bugger during speeches, interviews and the debates, and that’s that he’s really pissed off at the bullshit he’s being forced to spew by his campaign staff in order to get elected. Watch these two clips, and see the complete change in body language and in his smile that he has when he’s relaxed and having fun from the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner:

    The difference is pretty shocking, actually, and it gives me a bit of faith in McCain’s personal character that I’d long since lost. It’s weird, because a lot of more liberal folks like me used to admire him to some extent for sticking to his guns back in 2000.

    Obama is the only politician (aside from Kucinich and Feingold) who I’ve grown to like more the more I hear about him. I have definite different political views on a lot of issues, but I know he arrives at his positions only after a lot of thought and after analyzing pretty much every perspective on an issue. Example– the speech on race, in which he gives a fair ear to and listens to views that I personally think are not worth considering:
    He is among the candidates least beholden to established special interest and industry groups, and actually adheres to his policy not to accept money from their lobbying groups: And he’s been quite clear on what his Presidency will do with outside influence:

    Sorry for the lengthy ramble, but I’ve had a lot of stuff on my mind with the state of the country, the state of the global economy, and the state of civil society… I’m not quite yet willing to allow myself to hope that Obama will win. It’s hard to hope after so much cynicism, and especially after you’ve been let down so many times.

  28. @lizzybee

    Thank you for your comment. I do wish for Barrack Obama to win since any direction that can bring on change is a move in the right direction. We have seen this with our PM, Kevin Rudd. I would like to add one more thing to your list.

    8. A repeal of the Patriot act, NISA and all those other police state type laws implemented due to the false War on Terror.
    9. The impeached of the Bush administration for crimes against humanity.

    All I want is the truth and all I am told on the mainstream media is a whole bunch of lies. I am utterly convinces that JFK was assassinated by the CIA and since that time a cancerous growth has grown in America.

    I do believe that the crime gangsters J. P. Morgan and J. D. Rockefeller (1890-1915) started the destruction of Liberty, Freedom and Wealth in America and the continued greed continues to this day. I also believe that a group of Republicans have been having having sick gatherings at Bohemian Grove for over 100 years.

    This place or it sick rituals is no conspiracy theory. This video shows (especially 2 minutes and 33 seconds into the video) this sickness.

  29. obviously obtuse

    Have just stumbled onto this site from an anonymouslefty blog reference and link to youtube rant. I’m a high school IT teacher in country Victoria and I’m very impressed with angry’s articulation and arguments.
    I believe that voting for the lesser of two evils is so morally fraught that the only decent option is to vote for people who espouse your ideals most closely (For example detention camps for “illegal” immigrant children, originally a labour idea). That means no more realpolitik about who is most likely to get elected.
    Anonymouslefty outlines this argument very forcefully in one of his previous posts. (No link, sorry). Wondering how I could get angry’s arguments to my students. Some of the vehemence would get me into trouble I fear. Have to rephrase them in my own terms I suppose. but Thanks for the inspiration.

  30. obviously obtuse

    Will add:
    Obama’s ideas on Afghanistan and Wall Street are pretty woeful. Do the yanks get to vote for Nader and have preferences spilled out to Obama? I have no idea how the US system works but ignorance of this kind of thing is a big problem in Australia.

  31. TST

    I agree with your opinion, author, but why you are so critic?

  32. @lizzybee (btw, my last comment to you was addressed to your first comment).

    Just reading the last linked speech by Obama at Green Bay, Wisconsin. These are very impressive words of change concerning how capitalism could work but I have one major issue with this. I have known for over 20 year that this type of economics will always lead to disaster since you can only leverage a certain amount from the poor before the whole capitalistic pyramid begins to shutter. I have heard in recent weeks that Greed is a innate instinct. This I argue strongly against since I believe that economic opportunity should be for everyone.

    I see factional reserve banking as the most scandalous thing that capitalism has. We are taught that inflation is just an effect of capitalism but inflation is truly a tax that we all pay and causes the devaluation of ones previous labor and only serves those with true capital in the first place.

    This is why I do question the reality of today’s world since I see a disturbing decay in West Civilization. One where the emotions of hate, jealousy and sadness are out of control and motivate many to be ruled by the impulses of greed, violence or corruption.

    I will be glad to live the day when every single block in the pyramid is destroyed and returns to its more permanent and tranquil nature of sand.

  33. @obviously obtuse

    A few years ago multi party election debates were removed (I think to stop Lyndon LaRouche). Candidates like Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, Chuck Baldwin or Cynthia McKinney (all running for President, 2008) will never be given any mainstream media time. Only if Americans would read blogs like the Huffington Post.

    Here’s a excerpt from Wikipedia:

    “Under the constitution, the manner for choosing electors for the Electoral College is determined by each state’s legislature. Today, the states and the District of Columbia each conduct their own popular elections on Election Day to help determine their respective slate of electors. Thus, the presidential election is really an amalgamation of separate and simultaneous state elections instead of a single national election run by the federal government.”

    It is possible for Mickey Mouse to win the election if enough write in votes are received. To win the election, I believe a candidate must win at least 270 Electoral Colleges.

  34. @THT

    Angry….., a critic, surely not since that requires critical thinking. 🙂

  35. Alan: You bring up the NWO and the Bilderberg group and expect to get away scott free?

    Jason: A little bit of engagement would go a long way.

    E0157H7: As the saying goes – don’t ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity.

    Lizzybee: Thanks for the eloquent response, I don’t think i can add to it 🙂

    Obtuse: My advice is voting can only go so far. In this election (as in most western democracies) there are only two choices and that simply isn’t good enough (I agree with Alan on that despite havign a little dig at him). If you want to improve things, active engagement is the only answer – either within a major political party or within an alternaticve party or start your own movement. Because voting alone won’t change a damn thing.

    And a final one for Alan: You feel better now you had a little dig at me too? 😀

  36. lizzybee

    Almost, Alan. The Electoral College consists of a number of electors that are allocated to each state by the number of Senators (2 per state) and Representatives (number determined by the state’s population). Each state essentially holds an individual election to determine a winner. Aside from a couple of states with some kind of proportional or separate electoral districts, the winning candidate in each state takes all of the state’s electoral votes. It takes the votes of 270 electors to win the election.

    Anyway, re: the Bohemian Grove/Club thing… I’m not sure what that video was supposed to prove. It looks like a bunch of random old paintings and photos in a very typical old building in San Fran. And a lot of close-ups of ornate carpeting. I’ve read a lot of the conspiracy theories about the Bohemian Grove, and I’m not sure how anyone could believe that a bunch of old rich fools getting together and doing stupid things has any import on the rest of the world. I used to work with someone who went to the Bohemian Grove gatherings, and what goes on is apparently a bunch of foolery and fake rituals for pure entertainment, probably a lot like what goes on behind closed doors at Shriner (Free Mason) conventions. In short, nothing worth noting. Well, except that the Shriners run a hospital to get poor disabled children medical care that will help them 😉

    Meh, I used to think there was some merit to some of the conspiracy stuff before I really started to think about it and try to get it to mesh with a lot of the facts out there. It doesn’t. It’s just as messed up as all of the spew that’s coming out now about how Obama’s not a real U.S. citizen and didn’t write his own books (nope, Ayers did that, supposedly), and how he wasn’t *really* born in Hawaii even though he has the birth certificate to prove it. Now, as the world economy is about to collapse, I really don’t care. Because in the long run, it doesn’t matter. What matters is rebuilding a system that will not only sustain itself, but sustain us and the planet.

  37. lizzybee

    Crap, I forgot about FISA 😉 Just a little background, since I think there’s a lot of confusion out there about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The Act was originally intended as a form of judicial oversight and protection for American citizens who might have their communications with people from other countries monitored by our intelligence agencies. Prior to 1978, there was no such law to protect our privacy, and the Nixon administration spied extensively on domestic political groups without the slightest repercussion. If FISA were to be eliminated, our judiciary would have *no* ability to oversee what the agencies are doing and to protect Americans from such abuse.

    The big deal with the updates to the FISA bill primarily hinged on legal immunity for the telecommunications companies after the National Security Agency forced them to cough up records of untold numbers of Americans’ phone calls and to illegally (not even adhering to the lax FISA standards) wiretapping a number of phone lines. I’ve been trying to find good information (non-conspiracy or Alex Jones or prisonplanet-related) about what precisely was different between the original law and its amended version. I know there was some easing of requirements, but others became much stricter, providing better judicial oversight. I think overall, the bill was a mixed bag– loosening some protections and tightening others. But the telecom immunity is really, really hard to swallow.

  38. I have just found an interesting article which suggest that Obama uses hypnotic techniques.

    We need change…., change that we can believe…, because it is only then…., that we together… can work for a better future.

    Yes, fine words, partly my own (who does the real work?), but what has to happen for real change to happen?

  39. @lizzybee

    Regarding Bohemian Grove where you write,

    “I’m not sure how anyone could believe that a bunch of old rich fools getting together and doing stupid things has any impact on the rest of the world.”

    Are these actually yours words since I have heard very similar words before. You use three words to indicate that we are dealing with people who are not dangerous. They are, ‘old’, ‘fools’ and ‘stupid’. Burning a bound effigy of a human on a bonfire in front of an 45 foot owl is not foolish or stupid. Would you describe the real event (not effigy) as foolish or stupid or just plain torture and murder?

    Your use of “I’m not sure how anyone could believe” is your opinion only.

    Concerning the video. I thought that images of naked boys would be shocking to you as they are to me.

    You also write,

    “Meh, I used to think there was some merit to some of the conspiracy stuff before I really started to think about it and try to get it to mesh with a lot of the facts out there.”

    You should read about cognitive dissonance.

    I presume that you believe the government is not out to harm you. What would you think an Iraqi would think of the American government, the reverse maybe?

  40. Angry: And again a bring up the NWO. The Sydney Morning Herald has an article titled:

    Time to build new world order: UK PM

    In part it says:

    “The international financial crisis has given world leaders a unique opportunity to create a truly global society, Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown will say in a keynote foreign policy speech today.”

    “In his annual speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, Brown – who has spearheaded calls for the reform of international financial institutions – will say Britain, the United States and Europe are key to forging a new world order.”

    So again I ask, what is this New World Order?

  41. lizzybee

    @ Alan

    Seriously? “Are these actually yours words since I have heard very similar words before.” Yes, they are my words. The guy I knew who went to the Bohemian Grove was old (70+). He wasn’t stupid, but he could act like a fool. I’m sure most people use similar words describing people who engage in ridiculous mock rituals. Heck, I sometimes use similar words to describe religious fundamentalists.

    “Burning a bound effigy of a human on a bonfire in front of an 45 foot owl is not foolish or stupid. Would you describe the real event (not effigy) as foolish or stupid or just plain torture and murder?”

    Yes, if it were a *REAL* person. But it’s an effigy. People burn effigies all the time. Burning effigies of Bush was a pretty regular hobby around the world for several years. So what? It was a release to some people as a protest. I’m sure the stressed out bankers need a little relief here and there that can’t be gained by abusing alcohol, so they decide to engage in stupidity.

    “Concerning the video. I thought that images of naked boys would be shocking to you as they are to me.”

    What naked boys? The camera was too blurry and out of focus for me to distinguish anything beyond a picture display with a bunch of indistinguishable black and white photos in it.

    “I presume that you believe the government is not out to harm you. What would you think an Iraqi would think of the American government, the reverse maybe?”

    I believe the government is run by a bunch of people who want to extract money out of it in any way they can, but they’re bound by laws that limit how said money extraction can occur. So they conjure up new ways to do it. Sometimes that involves creating new enemies and killing them. Welcome to government, especially the Western Democracies.

  42. lizzybee

    @ Alan

    “Your use of ‘I’m not sure how anyone could believe’ is your opinion only.”

    That is correct. It is my opinion, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who shares it, either. But even if I am, it is my opinion, and I haven’t seen any solid evidence or rational argument that would convince me that my opinion is invalid. You are more than welcome to disagree with my opinion 😉

  43. Anah

    About the racism thing:
    If you’re voting AGAINST someone solely because of the color of their skin, that’s racist.

    If you’re voting FOR someone solely because of the color of their skin, that’s racist.

    We’re supposed to vote for someone because they share our same ideals, not because “America needs a black president”, “I think black people should be given a chance” and other drivel I’ve heard.

    People are stupid.

  44. Proud Republican

    You are leaving out a few facts, chump. How about the fact that Obama’s father was a known radical muslim. How about Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright and all the things he was quoted as saying? Obama quickly tried to quickly cover that up, saying he knew him to speak this way, even though he was his pastor for the past 20 years. LOL!

    Those who registered to vote him in just because he was black and ‘wanted to be a part of history’ are also racist too. I guess I’m a typical racist conservative huh?

    • Shut the fuck up you ignorant brain dead bigoted piece of shit. Haven’t you lying scumfucks gotten sick of meaningless lies yet? Are your miserable fucked up lives really that pathetic? You have lost your right to be allowed in adult company. Fuck off you rancid shit eating waste of protein.

  45. Jacob

    I’ll try to keep this short so I can keep up with your attention span. Sure, there are some people who do not like Obama because of his race, but tell your self this. Would he be elected president if he was white? Not a chance. You see, the democrats use racial tension to shame people into voting for him or they will be labeled racist. Racism has always been in the democratic party be it labeling people by the color of their skin today and use it as a political get out of jail pass to the Jim Crow Laws and Black Codes in the past which they pioneered. Do a little history and deep thinking before calling half of America racist.

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