Barack Hussein Obama – white women aren’t safe!

OK, I should have pulled my finger out and posted this on Friday while it was still kinda relevant.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an outrageous story debunked so quickly.  Mind you, you won’t have to go far to find some right wing nutjob or overly-impressionable simpleton who will still wear blind it’s true.

I’m talking of course about the mildly wacky McCain supporter who invented an absurd story about being attacked by some black dude who supposedly carved a “B” into her face because he was a “B”arack Obama supporter and she was a John McCain supporter.  Not that it’s inconceivable in general terms for an attack of that type to occur.  White Republicans hardly have a monopoly on being cowardly bullies.  It was the specifics that were so absurd.

The story was, in fact, so absurd that for a while I could have been easily convinced that it was a prank and/or satire staged by an Obama supporter.  But it appears she really was a McCain campaign worker.  By the way, I don’t think the McCain campaign had anything to do with this.  Their stoking of racist fears is hardly subtle but even they are slightly less insane than this.  My personal favourite touch was that the “B” was reversed… kind of what you might do if you were really stupid and looking in a mirror while carving a “B” into your own face.

I believe in mental health circles this is known as “a cry for help”. 

I found this story on Friday night and couldn’t believe the absurdity of it.  There was too much material there for me to *not* run with it so I decided to go for a totally overblown satire.  Knowing full well some morons would take it at face value.  Even though I led the description of the video with “Stupid people don’t get satire.”

And I was also amused by the number of people who rushed to comment in the ensuing hours that the story was untrue.  Really?  Lucky I had those internet commenters to save me from thinking for myself.



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10 responses to “Barack Hussein Obama – white women aren’t safe!

  1. haha really!! i dont think i left a comment cause i thought it was pretty self explanitory. very interesting find…

  2. Jase: One of the more fun stories of the week

    Nick: Yes, them nigras chasing our white women are terrible.

  3. Here is the race issue addressed in a feminist fashion as related to the election. Closely look at this site as there is more than meets the eye:

    “Election 2008 – What White Women Want”, a new investigation by Dolly Deadline at

    White women are expected to play a crucial and possibly determining role in the election. Dolly explores this new media phenomenon by interviewing an ‘assortment’ from this group and inviting them to blog about their concerns and hopes for our troubled country.

    What are we to make of this new grouping of women? What does it say about race and feminism?

  4. custador

    What’s fucked up to me is the am ount of Republicans who have blanket labelled the entire Obama campaign and every one of his supporters as “sexist” just because we’re aware of what a complete fucking retard Palin is…

  5. E0157H7

    You should send that video to Fox. I’ll bet they’d give you a show. Leave all the piddly YouTube stuff behind and go for the big money, man!

  6. This US election is the weirdest show I have ever witnessed. I want it to be over but then that is possibly when all hell break loose. I largely believe that the winner is going to be Obama and this is already known. Then on the other hand McCain is the winner and we will see many Americans of African decent causing mayhem believing that this election like the last two were fraudulent. Why do they bother having elections in the first place when they can never be verified as being genuine?

    BTW, before Americans take a stance with my statements, let it be known that Australian elections (Instant-runoff or preferential voting) are practiced very differently, with every single vote (on paper) being counted by hand and observed by scrutineers.

  7. Michael: So there are white women voting? Who thinks up these wacky voter blocs?

    Custador: They are the same people who lose their shit if you label their racist attacks on Obama as racist.

    E0157H7: Excellent plan!

    Alan: I think the two alternatives are (1) Obama gets elected and right wing freakjobs lose it a bit but calm down when nothing cataclysmic happens. Then some racist nutjobs spend time taking shots at Obama. (2) McCain wins and people lose their shit over the election being “stolen”. I think this feeling will be near-mainstream or absolutely mainstream because of the amount of circumstantial evidence thta already exists. And there will be rioting.

  8. Mr. Angry,

    The media has created thought up this “white women” voter bloc as seen at and Dolly Deadline went ahead and explored this creative new category. And it is an important one as in a recent poll white American men still favored McCain by 12 percentage points but white American women were just 1 point more for McCain. Whoever wins these white women wins the Presidency.

    Dolly’s website has a “White Woman of the Day” that you ‘down unders’ should look at:

  9. Well at least white people are finally being listened to!

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